iPhone Xs Max screen replacement

With its brilliant 6.5-inch Super Retina display, the iPhone XS Max can be a heartbreaker when its screen gets damaged. Whether from a fall or other accidents, the screen is broken, so a replacement must be sent to an experienced technician. This blog is for people who repair iPhones, DIY lovers seeking to test their skill at swapping out a screen, and those who are usually interested in technology and want to know the cost of replacing the iPhone XS Max screen.

iPhone Xs Max screen replacement

In this guide, we will walk you step-by-step through replacing a screen for the iPhone XS Max. Such steps will make this process go smoothly; in the end, you will have a phone that is as good as new. What's more, after this preliminary, we will give you current cost estimates so that you can decide whether to repair it yourself.

If you wish to check the cost of repairing your iPhone based on the damage, please click the link below and answer some questions related to the work you need to be done. Then, you can find your estimated cost.
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Cost of iPhone XS Max Screen Replacement

About cost, the replacement screen price will differ widely based on the supplier and whether you choose an original or aftermarket part. When writing, an iPhone XS Max replacement screen ranges from $100 to more than $ 300. Suppose you add in professional repair services (which entail labor costs).

However, DIY screen replacement can mean substantial savings for you. Remember to include expenses for necessary tools and any inconvenience when considering costs. Many people enjoy doing it this way and see these expenses as worth the skills development gains that come with such an approach.

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Easy DIY Guide to Replace iPhone XS Max Screen

Before we start, fixing an iPhone requires patience, accuracy, and property. When in doubt, it is best to take things to the professionals. If you're self-motivated and adequately equipped, iPhone XS Max screen repair should be quite an experience that makes people happy.

Necessary Tools:

  • Pentalobe screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Tri-point screwdriver
  • Spudger
  • Suction handle
  • Tweezers
  • Opening picks
  • New iPhone XS Max replacement screen

Always start by turning off your iPhone to prevent short-circuiting or other electrical issues during the repair.

Step-by-Step Screen Replacement

  1. Remove the Screws: Begin by removing the two pentalobe screws located on either side of the charging port.
  2. Open the Display: The suction handle should be attached to the edge of the screen. Gently pull upwards until a small gap is created, and then use an opening pick: Slide the pick through these gaps around the edges and touch back the screen's adhesive.
  3. Disconnect the Battery: Use a Phillips screwdriver to unfasten and remove the screws holding the battery connector bracket. Next, you can use the spudger to be located from its socket on the logic board for convenience when taking off this step assembly.
  4. Remove the Display Assembly: Remove the screws securing the display cable bracket and use the spudger to disconnect the display cables.
  5. Transfer Components: Carefully remove and transfer components such as the earpiece speaker, front sensor assembly, and home button to the new display.
  6. Attach the New Screen: Connect the display cables to the logic board, secure the cable bracket, and reconnect the battery. Check to make sure all fittings are secure and that everything fits snugly.
  7. Reseal the Display: Align and push it into place by resealing the edges.
  8. Finish Up: Lastly, attach and tighten the pentalobe screws.

That's it! You've successfully replaced your iPhone XS Max screen.

Step-by-Step Screen Replacement

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Professional Service: iPhone XS Max Screen Replacement at Roobotech Repairs

At Roobotech Repairs, contact the professionals to avoid replacing the screen yourself. Some have years of experience in this field, and almost all will guarantee that your phone is as new as it is when it leaves our store.

The Process at Roobotech Repairs

  1. Lowest Diagnostic Cost: We start with a $35 diagnostic to assess your iPhone XS Max condition.
  2. Genuine Parts: Only OEM parts are used for replacements to ensure the best performance.
  3. Expert Technicians: Our team comprises Apple-certified technicians who are experts in iPhone repairs.
  4. Quick Turnaround: Most screen repairs are completed within the same day.

Pricing at Roobotech Repairs

  • OEM Replacement Screen: $220 (includes installation)
  • Aftermarket Replacement Screen: $140 (includes installation)

Prices will fluctuate based on the availability of goods and may be altered at any time without notice. You can contact us to know about the current pricing or promotions today!

Warranty and Customer Satisfaction

  • Warranty: We provide a 6-12 month warranty on all screen repairs. No warranty would be made for water-damaged phone repair.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our mission is to provide reliable repair services with exceptional customer service.

Remember, at Roobotech Repairs, we treat your device as our own. Why not pop into our store or email us on our website for a hassle-free repair experience?


Changing the screen of an iPhone XS Max sounds daunting. In fact, the instructions are clear, and one can certainly accomplish this task with a calm mind. You are saving costs, learning about technology, and taking the satisfaction from rejuvenating a piece of dead metal. So this is perfect for the youngsters out there. Continually evaluate the risks, work thoroughly, and weigh the advantages and disadvantages before repairing anything. Your iPhone XS Max screen takedown may be about to begin, or we hope it provides some valuable insight alike for freshly minted pros entering DIY repair or those in search of new knowledge about the process of replacing an iPhone XS Max screen-- either way - good luck out there!

Frequently Asked Questions

What signs show that the iPhone XS Max needs a new screen?

Suppose the screen on your iPhone XS Max develops unsightly cracks or fragmentation. If the touch function becomes unresponsive, flickers, or discolored, you should replace it soon. Another thing to watch for is any physical damage or peculiar changes in the screen's operation.

How much is the screen for an iPhone XS Max?

What you will be charged to replace the iPhone XS Max screen does depend on some things, such as location and carrier. Usually, it is between $150 and $300. The price may also depend on the replacement screen quality and whether you go with Apple's official Service or a third-party repair center.

Can I replace the iPhone XS Max screen or seek professional help?

Although some people with experience may try to do it themselves, professionals strongly discourage the replacement of iPhone screens by inexperienced people. iPhones are sophisticated devices, and mishandling them can cause damage. A competent technician has the proper knowledge and tools for a safe and efficient screen replacement, reducing the risk of side effects.

How long does it take to replace the iPhone XS Max screen?

Depending on the repair shop and their busyness, various companies generally install the iPhone XS Max screen on different schedules. Usually, it will only take about 1-2 hours. Nevertheless, some repair centers require payment for expedited services to speed up the process.

Will I have to worry about my iPhone XS Max warranty if I get the screen replaced?

If your iPhone XS Max is still under warranty, check with Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider before contacting a third-party company. In some cases, non-Apple repairs may void the warranty. The warranty will expire once the device wears out. In this case, many users solve their problems with third-party screen replacements to save money.