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Cost of Replacing an iPad Screen – Ultimate Guide

Have you ever dropped your iPad and found the dreaded cracked screen staring back at you when picking it up? We've all been there. The cost of replacing a damaged or shattered screen for an iPad is an issue that many users face now. But it is also important to understand how much money is fair to spend on replacing or fixing your iPad’s screen. This article will discuss the key factors that determine screen replacement cost and offer useful advice on how to choose correctly. Regardless of whether your iPad is an older model or the newest version, we have all the information to restore it without spending a fortune. So, without further delay, let’s discover the cost of replacing your iPad screen. 

Average Repair Costs for Broken iPad Screen

Following is the list of repair costs for various iPad models:

  • iPad Mini: The screen repair cost is the lowest for these iPads, which is around $79-$199. 
  • iPad ( 5th & 6th generation): It will cost you around $109-$149. 
  • iPad ( 7th, 8th, & 9th generation): The screen repair will be around $149- $249. 
  • iPad (10.2): If you have this model, screen repair is less costly at $150. The device offers great value for a solid iPad experience.
  • iPad (9.7): Repairing the screen would cost only $120! It is a good price for one of the leading iPad formats.
  • iPad Pro (10.5): This model costs $300 in Screen Repair. It is a sound investment for an iPad that provides the right compromise between performance and size.
  • iPad Pro (9.7): With the introduced repair price of $290, this model has both professional characteristics and a more acceptable screen size.
  • iPad Pro 11: This model’s repair cost is usually around $390. It can also range between $249- $449. It's high, considering the rich features that this iPad has.
  • iPad Air 2/3/4/5: The price for these models is the same at $280. Worthy of such investment includes the iPad Air series, which is known for its lightweight and powerful features.

But keep in mind that screen repair can really also extend the life of your iPad if it is of high-quality repair. Otherwise, you will start facing problems after some time. Secondly, you can consider Roobotech repairs in Australia to fix your broken iPad screen. Their low-price and high-quality repairs ensure that you get the best deal for your repair. Run your iPad without slowing down and save money!

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Important Factors to Consider Before Replacing an iPad Screen

Some factors will help you to make a good decision regarding replacing your iPad’s screen. These include: 

1) Identifying Your iPad Model

To begin with, determine the iPad model you have. There are different screen sizes and shapes for each model, which influences the repair price. Your iPad model is on the back of its casing or in settings (Settings > About). This step is key to saving money and time wastage. For instance, Roobotech serves different models such as the iPad Mini, 5th to 9th generation iPad, and Pro sizes of both 11 inches and 12.9 inches. It is also worth noting that repair costs are significantly different in various models.

2) Understanding Part Costs and Quality

Replacement parts play a major role in the quality and price of replacement. You may find cheaper alternatives, but they are of different quality. Roobotech ensures the installation of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts that are of better quality and come with a warranty. Cheaper, generic parts can save you money in the short term, but they rarely come with a warranty and rarely last long.

3) Checking Repair Warranties

Check whether the repair is guaranteed. A warranty won’t cover accidental damage, but it does give you protection in case of the Screen failure. Reputed stores such as Roobotech usually give a 6-12 month warranty on parts that they fit. This comfort of mind is something to take into account when deciding where your iPad needs repair.

4) Types of iPad Screen Damage

Damaged Glass is the most common issue. It is like a cracked glass, which resembles a cracked windshield. Though the iPad may still function, the touch screen can be unreliable. On the other end, damaged LCD is less common but more severe. The damaged LCD distorted images, colored lines, or black splotches. It will cost you more than a damaged screen. 

5) Seeking Discounts & Special Offers

Prior to committing to a repair, check out for any discounts or deals. Smaller local shops may offer things like coupons or special deals, and companies such as Roobotech have gift cards and occasional discounts. In addition, look for coupon codes on the internet or try to find out whether your insurance can cover some of the repair costs.

Discounts & Special Offers for ipad

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Deciding Between iPad Screen Repair or a New Purchase

When your iPad screen breaks, it's time to make a decision: replace the screen or purchase a new iPad. Let’s take a look at the most important factors to allow you to make up your mind.

1) Cost of Repair vs. New

It is usually cheaper to repair a screen than to purchase an iPad. If you have a small budget and the repair cost is low, it makes sense to have replacement screens.

2) DIY Repairs: Risky or Rewarding?

Thinking about a DIY repair? Be careful - iPads are complex. One misstep, and you could end up in an even worse situation. The repairs done by professionals are safer and more secure.

3) Urgency Matters

Are you in need of your iPad right away for work or to stay connected? Repairing a screen takes less time compared to purchasing and installing an iPad replacement. 

4) Warranty Considerations

Got a warranty? Does it include screen damage? It could result in free or discounted repairs. However, Buying a new one will cost more at that time. 

5) Emotional Connections

If you have an emotional attachment to your laptop, the repair of the Screen could seem right since it would preserve those memories.

6) Think Green

Fixing your iPad is environmentally friendly and reduces electronic waste. 

7) Performance Check

Does your iPad continue to work efficiently? If it copes with your daily chores seamlessly, repairing the Screen may suffice to maintain smooth functioning.

8) The Desire of New Tech

The fancy new iPads are tempting. But ask yourself: Do you actually need the upgrades? If you are satisfied with your current iPad, then repair could be the answer.

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Why Some iPad Screen Repairs Cost More Than Others?

The replacement costs for iPads are very high because, in some models, the LCD and touch modules are fixed and cannot be disassembled. The price for these models is higher because the displays have to be replaced even if they are not damaged. For other models, we can substitute the Screen on its own, resulting in a substantially lower price. Unfortunately, Apple does not tell buyers this when they buy a device.

The replacement costs for iPads

Excellent iPad Screen Replacement Services by Roobotech in Australia 

At Roobotech, we strive to offer the best services to our clients, and that is why we use only OEM parts in screen replacement, which ensures that your iPad has its original screen quality restored. Our technicians are skilled and trained professionals who replace the screen of your iPad, iPad Pro, & iPad Air with accuracy and precision, paying attention to every detail.

As screen damage can be particularly annoying, we provide an easy-to-use screen replacement service with 6-12 months of physical damage’s warranty. Furthermore, we offer our repairs at reasonable prices, beginning with a minimum cost of $35 to ensure that our customers get value for their money.

Roobotech technicians can solve both a cracked screen and touch screen malfunction caused by water damage. We also provide an alternative OEM aftermarket screen for a lower price, with similar quality and no exact specifications guarantee as those of your device. Check out the website to learn about more services!


Replacing an iPad screen is a relatively expensive process yet it can be far more cost efficient than buying a separate device. The price to repair the iPad screen will depend on several factors such as the type of device, degree of damage done and location where it is repaired. It is important to research the correct repair company. With the correct repair company, and with a little bit of research you will see that your iPad is in good hands again for no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of replacing an iPad’s glass screen?

The replacement cost of glass on iPad models also varies from one to another, with factors such as damage extent and repair location determining it. It can cost from $100 to $400 and more.

Is the replacement of an iPad screen a feasible option?

If the repair cost is much lower than a new iPad and the device meets your needs, replacing the Screen will be a budget-friendly solution. But what should be done with an outdated iPad having a cracked screen when the cost of repair is quite high? It may be more practical to buy a new one.

Why is iPad screen repair so costly?

The price of repair for an iPad screen may vary drastically based on a number of factors, including iPad type, amount of damage inflicted, and whether you have AppleCare+. Going to an Apple Store is usually more expensive than selecting one of its authorized repair stores in your location.

Is it okay to use your iPad with a broken screen?

If you believe the iPad or battery is damaged, stop using it because it may lead to overheating or serious injuries. Do not operate an iPad with a cracked screen since it may cause injuries. However, if you worry about scratching the surface of the iPad, then use a case or cover. 

Should an iPad be repaired or replaced?

The repair cost is half or two-thirds of what it would cost to replace your device, so investing in a new iPad could be beneficial.

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