Collection: Headphones

At Roobotech, we know that music is essential to you. That's why we have a collection of headphones that fit the needs of all kinds of listeners. Whether you love music or need something for your daily commute, we have various wired and wireless options from different brands. So, you can find the perfect headphones that suit you.

Wired vs. Wireless

  • Wired Headphones: 

With wired headphones, you'll get unparalleled sound quality, plus the simplicity of not having to charge them. They're always ready for everything. All you need to do is plug them into a music source. Therefore, they're perfect for studio work, DJin, and when you want the best sound quality.

  • Wireless Headphones: 

Our wireless headphones offer the ultimate convenience if you constantly move. Free of the cord's restraint, they allow flexibility and mobility. Wireless headphones will always stand by you, whether you are working out at home or just going about your day. Thanks to advances in Bluetooth technology, the gap between wired and non-wireless sound quality is narrowing daily.

Roobotech Recommendations

After many rounds of testing and lots of feedback from users, this time, we've collated just two of our best offerings:

  • For Audiophiles, try our high-fidelity wired headphones instead. They're so comfortable and have phenomenal sound, you won't believe it.
  • For Active Lifestyles, our range of wireless headphones fits securely and is water-resistant—perfect for your workout commute.

Benefits of Each

  • Wired Headphones: 

Wired Headphones offer sound quality that's hard to match. Moreover, an exceptional detection of zero latency during gaming or video sessions in Smooth sound, combined with the convenience of not needing to be charged, makes them suitable for all-day listening.

  • Wireless Headphones:

Wireless Headphones emphasise portability, convenience, and freedom. With better battery life and excellent coverage, they're prepared to fit into your fast-moving lifestyle easily.

Top Picks & Bestsellers

Roobotech's Finest: 

Welcome to our hand-picked selection of the headphone collection, which has received rave reviews and high sales. These standout options will suit everyone's needs, giving you a superb sound experience tailored to your tastes.

Best Sellers:

  • Samsung Galaxy Buds+ True Wireless In-Ear Headphones - SM-R175 - A favourite among users, these Buds deliver crystal-clear audio with long-lasting comfort. At just AUD 199.00, they're perfect for those seeking premium quality without breaking the bank.
  • Beats Powerbeats Pro: It is ideal for athletes and young, dynamic individuals who want a snug fit and audio quality that matches their simply argumentative lifestyle. At AUD 379.00, they are an investment in our daily hustle, accompanied by song.
  • Google Pixel Buds A-Series - Experience Google's seamless integration and crisp sound quality for just AUD 219.00. These are a smart choice for Android users looking for reliable, true wireless earbuds.

Best on a Budget:

  • Baseus Earphone Bluetooth Encok—This Bluetooth earphone is only $180 (AUD 29.00). Its noise reduction is so good that it rivals Bose earphones. It even reduces your risk of being robbed awake to almost nothing.
  • Y-19 Earwired Headphones - Just for AUD 24.99, let looks deliver solid sound quality that these headphones are a pure plug-and-play choice.

The Premium Selection:

  • Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro - At 199.00 AUD, these buds offer an immersive sound experience and active noise cancellation (the best), and music buffs will adore them.
  • Pixel Buds Pro - At 299.00 AUD, Google's premium offering combines exceptional sound with hands-free Google Assistant access, making it a top selection for tech lovers.

Roobotech's Innovative Connectivity Solutions:

Besides our extensive lineup of headphones, Roobotech now proudly presents groundbreaking Bluetooth eKnock and Type-C Lightning adapters. These gadgets are perfect for resurrecting wireless devices. Transform your audio output quality or easily sync your devices with our Bluetooth eKnock adapter. Make them work together as one. Our Lightning adapter ensures a fast and stable connection for your Type-C devices. Thus equipped, you can trust Roobotech to let you stay in touch with the world through your wireless devices in any way that suits you best.

Whether you want a top-of-the-range audio experience, a good value purchase that does not stint on quality, or an entry-level headphone with cool app-based features, Roobotech satisfies all these requirements. After each purchase, you can rest assured that good quality and satisfaction continue as standard with a Roobotech headphone product.

Why Buy From Roobotech?

Ease, Variety, and Security: At Roobotech, we believe in simplicity. With our easy-to-use website, finding the right headphones for you. is simple. We offer a wide selection from leading companies to ensure you are getting both quality and innovation. Our customer reviews and suggestions can help point you in the right direction, ensuring that every purchase is not merely an investment in a product but your new favourite way of playing music. Roobotech offers competitive prices, warranty choices, and top-notch customer support.

Ready to Discover Your Perfect Beat?

Look through our catalogue, see which ones appeal to you and find the beat that speaks to you. At Roobotech, your music will always be straightforward to hear right next to you.