Collection: iPhone 6 Series

Welcome to Roobotech's curated collection of the iPhone 6 Series, a step back into the rich legacy of Apple's evolutionary journey in smartphone technology. Whether you're an Apple enthusiast, a tech historian, or simply looking for a functional yet budget-friendly iPhone, our iPhone 6 Series lineup promises to cater to your specific needs. Now, dive into the iconic world of Apple's iPhone 6 series, where timeless design meets reliable performance.

Refurbished iPhone 6 Series: A Step Back in Time

The iPhone 6 Series showcases Apple's technological prowess with sleek designs, robust performances, and a signature user-friendly interface. Explore Roobotech's collection of refurbished iPhone 6 Series devices to find the perfect fit for your preferences.


iPhone 6 refurbished

iPhone 6 Plus refurbished

iPhone 6s refurbished

iPhone 6s Plus refurbished


4.7-inch display

5.5-inch display

4.7-inch display

5.5-inch display


A8 chip

A8 chip

A9 chip

A9 chip


Single 8MP camera

Single 8MP camera

Single 12MP camera

Single 12MP camera

Additional Features 

Revamped design, solid camera capabilities, affordable entry into the Apple ecosystem

Larger 'phablet' size, improved battery life, optical image stabilization for camera

3D Touch, enhanced A9 chip for greater performance

3D Touch, enhanced A9 chip, larger 'phablet' size, improved camera capabilities

Capture the Moment with the iPhone 6 Series.

The iPhone 6 Series offers exceptional photography with its 8-megapixel rear and 1.2-megapixel front cameras, while the iPhone 6s series features a 12-megapixel rear and 5-megapixel front for capturing precious moments with vibrant colors.

Unmatched Reliability with Apple's A8 and A9 Chips

The iPhone 6s' upgraded A9 chip and A8 CPU in the iPhone 6 Series provide smooth multitasking, gaming, and seamless app use, despite being old.

Trustworthy Privacy and Security Features

iPhone 6 Series offers Touch ID for secure authentication, safe purchases, and enhancing privacy on Apple devices.

4G LTE Connectivity

iPhone 6 Series offers steady 4G LTE connectivity, ensuring stable download and upload speeds, ensuring reliable and consistent connectivity with the world.

Buying Your iPhone 6 Series Device: Helpful Tips

  • Explore the various iPhone 6 Series models' features and specifications to understand which suits you best.

  • Ensure you buy from a trusted retailer like Roobotech to guarantee quality and authenticity.

  • Consider storage capacity, color preference, and compatibility with your carrier before purchasing.

  • You can visit our store for a hands-on look at our iPhone 6 Series smartphones.

Rediscover the iPhone 6 Series with Roobotech 

If you're looking for a reliable source of refurbished cell phones, go nowhere else than Roobotech. The phones they offer are of outstanding quality, and the attention given to their presentation is remarkable. All of their phones showcase a dedication to ease of use and stylish design. Roobotech covers you whether you're looking for an iPhone or another brand. Their smartphones are cutting-edge in processing power, battery life, and visual appeal. Apple Pay and other such services have made purchasing and conducting other financial operations simpler. If you need a smartphone, go no further than Roobotech.

Frequently Asked Questions about iPhone 6 Series Smartphones

How can I confirm that my refurbished iPhone 6 Series device is genuine?

You can verify the authenticity of your iPhone 6 Series device by checking the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number on Apple's official website or consulting with Apple Support.

Can my iPhone 6 Series device be used with any carrier?

Our iPhone 6 Series smartphones are unlocked, allowing you to use them with any carrier. However, it's always smart to check with your carrier to ensure complete compatibility.

What is the expected battery life for my iPhone 6 Series device?

Battery life depends on the model, usage patterns, and device settings. However, the iPhone 6 Series is designed to last a full day under normal usage conditions, keeping you connected all day long.

Can I access Apple services like iCloud, iMessage, and FaceTime on my iPhone 6 Series device?

Absolutely! Our iPhone 6 Series smartphones fully support Apple services like iCloud, iMessage, and FaceTime. Simply log in with your Apple ID and enjoy all the benefits available to new iPhone users.

Experience the Classic Innovation of the iPhone 6 Series with Roobotech

Rediscover Apple's rich history and upgrade your mobile experience with the iPhone 6 refurbished Series. No matter your needs, you can trust Roobotech to provide quality devices that offer great value. 

So why wait? Step back into the classic era of Apple smartphones and relive the innovation of the iPhone 6 Series today!