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Untrackable Encrypted Pixel 5 GrapheneOS Secure(Privacy)

Untrackable Encrypted Pixel 5 GrapheneOS Secure(Privacy)

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Open Box

Spotless device in brand new condition without any scratches comes with all original accessories.

Like New

Cosmetically almost new in appearance. May rarely have micro marks or scratches difficult to see from a normal viewing distance. with 12 months warranty.

Grade A

Cosmetically in top-notch condition with very slight wear and tear. May have some light scratches on the screen or housing. with 12 months warranty.

Grade B

Noticeable wear & tear. There may be a number of marks/scratches on the screen, slight screen discoloration, or housing but these devices are 100% functional and offer exceptional value. with 6 months warranty.

Grade C

Obvious wear & tear. May show a considerable amount of scratching on the screen and dents around the edges, Face-ID may be disabled but are 100% functional and offer the best value for money. with 6 months warranty.

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Refund & Warranty Terms

  • We care about our customers and offer 14 Days free change of mind in case customer is not happy with the purchase.
  • Devices are covered for warranty only, if its return in original purchase condition including all the accessories it came with. Original condition means, no physical damage, no water damage, no sign of misuse, all personal details must be removed, including, iCloud, Google account, Samsung account or any other.   
  • We strongly encourage our customers to back up all the data before returning device. We will not be responsible for any loss of data during replacement.
  • If devices were sent damaged or there were signs of misuse we will grant no refund and device will be sent back to customer.
  • Change of mind return policy is only offered for ‘A grade’, ‘Like New Grade’, and ‘Open Box’ products. All B-Grade and C-Grade and 2 years older phones from release date are exempted from change of mind return.
  • Refunds for purchases made through Latitude Pay, Zip Pay, Credit Card, and Paypal will be subject to a 5% restocking fee. For AfterPay refunds, a 10% restocking fee applies, Even in case change of mind. Full refunds are only applicable to cash purchases.
  • We offer warranty for your purchased products. In case the product is deemed irreparable, we will replace your product within a reasonable time frame that’s is 15 business days. If we are unable to repair your product within a reasonable time frame, we will offer a Store credit or replacement only.
  • All mobile phones come with a warranty unless stated otherwise, whereas for the battery since it is a wear and tear item we provide only 30 days warranty. Any physical damage or water damage or any 3rd party repair will not be covered under the warranty. If the device is not returned in the same condition as it was sold, the warranty may be void.
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GrapheneOS is an open-source custom operating system designed for Android smartphones. It prioritizes security, privacy, and transparency, making it one of the most privacy-focused Android-based ROMs available.



The term "degoogled" refers to the process of removing or avoiding Google services and components from an operating system or software. In the context of custom Android ROMs like GrapheneOS, "degoogling" means building an Android-based system without Google services.


Why you should use GrapheneOS?

  1. Enhanced Security and Privacy: Graphene OS places a strong emphasis on security and privacy. Its development is focused on hardening Android and implementing measures to protect user data and communications. By prioritizing security above all else, it aims to provide users with a robust and private mobile experience.

  2. Privacy-Centric Design: Graphene OS does not include any Google services or proprietary components. This means that your data is not sent to Google, reducing the potential for data tracking and profiling. The absence of Google services also minimizes the exposure to potential security vulnerabilities associated with these services.

  3. Regular Security Updates: The project is actively maintained and frequently receives security updates. This commitment to staying current with security patches ensures that your device remains protected against known vulnerabilities.

  4. Open-Source and Transparency: Graphene OS is entirely open-source, allowing the community to review and contribute to its development. This transparency increases trust and ensures that the ROM's code can be audited for security and privacy concerns.

  5. F-Droid and Aurora Store: While Graphene OS does not come with a pre-installed app store, users can manually install F-Droid, a repository of free and open-source apps. Additionally, the Aurora Store within F-Droid allows users to download free apps from Google Play anonymously, ensuring access to popular apps without compromising privacy.

  6. Compatibility with Pixel Devices: If you own a newer Pixel device, Graphene OS offers excellent compatibility, making Pixel phones some of the most secure and private devices available.

  7. Secure Browsing: Graphene OS includes a security-hardened browser, which can be used to access websites and web-based services securely. This provides a workaround for apps that might be incompatible due to the absence of Google services.

  8. Community and Developer Support: Graphene OS benefits from an active and passionate community. Its developers and community members are committed to improving the ROM, addressing issues, and providing support.

Pros of Pixel with Graphene OS:

  1. Top-notch Security and Privacy: Pixel devices running Graphene OS are known for their exceptional security and privacy features. The ROM's focus on hardening Android and its exclusion of Google services make it one of the most secure options available for privacy-conscious users.

  2. Frequent Security Updates: Graphene OS receives regular security updates, ensuring that your device remains protected against known vulnerabilities. This dedication to timely updates enhances the overall security of the system.

  3. Open-Source and Transparent: Graphene OS is entirely open-source, allowing users to review and verify the code for security and privacy purposes. Its transparency fosters trust within the community.

  4. Active Community and Developer Support: The Graphene OS community is passionate and active, offering ongoing support and development. This ensures that issues are addressed promptly and the ROM continues to improve over time.

  5. Minimal Data Collection: As Graphene OS does not include Google services, there is limited data collection, reducing the risk of personal information being shared with third parties.

  6. Secure Browsing: Graphene OS provides a security-hardened browser, allowing users to access websites and web-based services securely, even without relying on apps that may require Google services.

Cons of Pixel with Graphene OS:

  1. Limited Device Support: Graphene OS is currently compatible only with select Pixel devices that meet strict hardware security requirements. This limitation may exclude users with other device models from experiencing the ROM's benefits.

  2. App Compatibility: Since Graphene OS does not support Google services, some apps reliant on these services may not work correctly or be compatible at all. This can be a significant drawback for users heavily reliant on such apps.

  3. No Pre-installed App Store: Graphene OS does not come with a pre-installed app store, which means users must manually install F-Droid and Aurora Store to access apps. While this enhances privacy, it may be less convenient for users accustomed to traditional app stores.

  4. Reduced Customizability: Compared to some other custom ROMs, Graphene OS may offer fewer customization options and gesture controls due to its security-focused design.

  5. Learning Curve: For users new to custom ROMs or those transitioning from more mainstream Android versions, there might be a learning curve in adapting to the differences and features of Graphene OS.

Pixel with Graphene OS offers exceptional security and privacy features, along with active community support and frequent security updates. However, the limited device support, potential app incompatibility, and reduced customizability should be carefully considered before choosing this ROM. It's essential to weigh these pros and cons against your specific needs and priorities to determine if Pixel with Graphene OS is the right fit for you.

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