Collection: MicroSD Cards

Welcome to Roobotech, the top choice for refurbished smartphones in Australia! Here we are offering an exceptional range of MicroSD cards. Our MicroSD cards are ready to provide expandable storage and incredibly fast read and write speeds. They are a perfect solution for photographers, gamers, and tech-savvy people. Browse our collection today at Roobotech and find the ideal SD card to fulfill your requirements. 

Roobotech's Collection of MicroSD Cards

Let's explore our collection of MicroSD cards: 

1. Dynabook Memory Card 64GB

Introducing the incredible Dynabook Memory Card 64GB - the perfect companion for all your photo and video requirements while on the go. Transferring data has become extremely easy, with read speeds reaching up to 80 MBPS, allowing for lightning-fast transfers.

This Micro SD card can work smoothly with various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. You will have ample space to store all your cherished memories, including photos, music, and videos, thanks to the generous 64GB storage capacity.

Additionally, the card has an adapter that enables it to be compatible with SD, SDHC, and SDXC slots. Experience the convenience and versatility offered by the Dynabook Memory Card 64GB. Get yours today!

2. Sandisk 64GB Memory Card

Introducing the Sandisk 64GB Memory Card - a fantastic companion for keeping your cherished moments. You can back up your files quickly and effortlessly with transfer speeds of up to 120MB/s.

You can capture stunning Full HD videos with the UHS Speed Class 1 (U1) & Class 10 rating. That guarantees exceptional performance for video recording.

This memory card is compatible with many devices that support microSDXC, microSDHC, microSDHC UHS-I, and microSDXC UHS-I. It offers great versatility to meet all your storage needs. Make sure you do not pass up on this incredible technology - grab yours today!

3. Sandisk Memory Card 128GB and 64GB

Do you get annoyed with the limited storage capacity on your devices? If you are searching for high-quality memory cards, SanDisk's Micro SDXC cards in 128GB and 64GB capacities are worth considering. These cards are versatile and compatible with various devices, including tablets, cameras, and smartphones. They come in a stylish white color option.

What makes SanDisk different from other companies? The advanced endurance technology of these devices enables them to record and re-record continuously, making them ideal for dash cams and home monitoring systems. You do not need to worry about tough conditions because SanDisk's memory cards can handle any situation.

Enjoy capturing moments in stunning full HD or even 4K resolution without missing any detail. Enhance the storage capacity of your device by opting for SanDisk's Micro SDXC memory cards, conveniently accessible at Roobotech.

Enhance Your Tech Experience with Roobotech Accessories

Enhance your technological experience with the amazing selection of accessories provided by Roobotech! Our MicroSD cards come with incredibly spacious storage capacities. That makes them perfect for securely storing all your important files without running out of space.

In addition, you will get a wide variety of tech accessories that can serve your everyday technological requirements. Check out our screen protectors, chargers, headphones, cables, holders, etc. Visit Roobotech today and explore our extensive selection of collections.

What to Look for When Purchasing a MicroSD Card?

When shopping for a microSD card, keep these points in mind:

Storage Capacity: 

Consider the card's storage capacity to ensure you can store all of your media files easily. You might consider getting a card with a larger storage capacity to prepare for potential needs.

Write Speed: 

Slow writing speeds increase the risk of making mistakes and losing data when recording. For uninterrupted recording, choose a card with a high enough write speed.


MicroSD cards must meet the specifications of each device. Check the manufacturer's website to ensure it will work with your chosen device.

Do not ruin your experience by using a slow or incompatible microSD card. Discover the art of savvy shopping at Roobotech, where you can effortlessly find the ideal solution for all your requirements.

Why Choose Roobotech To Buy MicroSD Cards?

Choosing the right MicroSD card can feel overwhelming. At Roobotech, we take pride in offering our customers the finest selection of MicroSD cards, iPhones, Samsung Phones, Oppo, and Google Pixel Phones. Our lineup features top-notch read and write speeds, ample storage capacity, and unparalleled data reliability. Rest assured; your valuable data is safe with us. Opt for Roobotech to enjoy the best MicroSD cards on the market and experience lightning-fast data transfer speeds and unmatched data security.

Which Micro SD Card is the Best?

Choosing the perfect microSD card might seem overwhelming, but we've worked to make it easier. After extensive research and rigorous testing, we are thrilled to announce that the Sandisk microSDXC Max Endurance 64GB Memory Card has come out on top. Its impressive endurance rating allows it to easily handle heavy usage and surveillance cameras. Whether you opt for the 128GB or 64GB version, you'll have plenty of storage space to meet your needs. Regarding performance, don't compromise - invest in top-quality products that deliver a smooth and reliable experience without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages do microSD cards provide?

MicroSD cards allow you to expand your device's storage. Moreover, they are portable and available at reasonable prices.

What types of files can you use on a microSD card? 

You can store photos and videos on an SD card. They also offer security, allowing you to add a password to protect your data.

How long does a microSD card last? 

A microSD card has the potential to remain functional for ten years or longer. However, the lifespan also depends on how you use it.

Can an SD card affect your phone's speed? 

Using a low-quality SD card can cause delays and frustration, especially when transferring multiple apps to the card.