IPhone 12 Pro Max Back Glass Replacement Cost

Are you tired of looking down at your broken or dented iPhone 12 Pro Max back glass? Little scratches on the back glass are visually useless to ignore. You can have the original shine back on a shoestring; just use something good and cheap! This guide will show you a few inexpensive ways to make your iPhone look new again. We will also explain the cost of having professional help replacing your rear glass and offer some easy DIY tricks if you like being an engineer. No more ugly marks or scratches. Are you ready? Let's get started!

If you wish to check the cost of repairing your iPhone based on the damage, please click the link below and answer some questions related to the work you need to be done. Then, you can find your estimated cost.

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Understanding Back Glass Replacement Costs in Australia

The average cost of repairing your iPhone 12 Pro Max back glass ranges from $100 - $300 in Australia. Another real significance is that top-of-the-line offerings from premium services cost more than others.

Why Seek Professional Help?

There are a variety of ways that an iPhone 12 Pro Max can be fixed. Getting professional help can make the process more expedient and reliable. Successful travel agents know that more than half the value comes from dependable, high-quality service. Engaging professionals is a wise decision. Some of the reasons behind this are:

1) Professional Skills and Abundant Experience:

A professional offers a wealth of skills and experience. They are well-versed in the ins and outs of iPhone repairs, so you can be sure that your device will be handled with precision and care.

2) Good Quality Parts and Tools:

Reputable repair services only use parts and specialized tools from the best manufacturers. This means your iPhone will be restored to its former glory, maintaining its highest performance possible.

3) Repair Warranties:

Many professional repairs come with warranties, which protect your device against unforeseen problems after they've been repaired. This can give you peace of mind and a shield from future trouble.

4) Time Efficient:

Professionals are fast at repairing things. With their professional skills, they can discern problems quickly and perform repairs promptly, minimizing your device's time inoperative.

5) Avoiding New Damage:

A do-it-yourself repair might cause further damage if not done correctly. Professionals know how to perform intricate maintenance without causing any harm so that nothing more goes wrong.

6) Preserve Your Device's Warranty:

A do-it-yourself repair could void your device warranty. Professional repair services ensure that your warranty stays intact; thus, your device will still be covered if other problems crop up.

7) Safety First:

Professionals always follow industry safety protocols during repairs. This includes appropriate handling of delicate parts and adherence to safety guidelines to minimize risks of accidents and damage.

8) Efficient Diagnostic Process:

Professional technicians conduct thorough diagnostic evaluations before starting repairs. This ensures that all latent problems are discovered, resulting in a complete repair.

9) Access to Specialised Tools:

Some repairs may require specialized tools not readily available to amateur handymen. Professional repair services are equipped with the necessary tools, thus maintaining the highest standards of repair work.

10) Customer Support & Accountability:

Many reputable repair services offer excellent customer service. Following post-repair problems, the company responsible gives you a point of contact for assistance; this adds an extra layer of accountability.

For glass replacement in the back of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, seeking professional help has numerous benefits. Despite its advantages, the do-it-yourself approach will still save you some money. However, it also has some pros and cons. 

Customer Support & Accountability:

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DIY Technique for iPhone 12 Pro Max Back Glass Replacement

For the adventurous souls ready to take on the challenge, here's a detailed step-by-step DIY method:

Tools Needed:

  •  Pentalobe screwdriver
  •  Heat gun or hair dryer
  •  Plastic separation tool or picks
  •  Suction cup
  •  Replacement back glass

Step-by-Step Process:

1) Power Off Your iPhone 12 Pro Max:

Make sure to shut off the power on your device only this way to ensure a safe DIY process.

2) Remove Pentalobe Screws:

With the Pentalobe screwdriver, carefully unfasten the screws around the edges of your iPhone.

3) Warm Up the Back Glass:

Apply heat from a hair dryer or heat gun around the edges of your device. This will soften the adhesive and make it easier to remove the back.

4) Use the Suction Cup:

Put the suction cup close to the bottom of the back glass and use a plastic pick to reinsert the gap, allowing easy separation.

5) Carefully Separate the Back Glass:

Slide plastic Pride Picks along the sides carefully to avoid inadvertently damaging anything.

6) Disconnect the Battery:

Once your back glass is opened at least partly, look for and disconnect the battery - for your safety.

7) Remove Remaining Adhesive:

Use a clean surface to remove leftover adhesive on your device and the back glass.

8) Attach the New Back Glass:

In a precise and gentle manner, mount it on your new back glass, Holding it in place with a well-done job.

9) Reconnect the Battery:

Reconnect the battery, ensuring it's firmly set in before you continue.

10) Reassemble and Power On:

After installing the new back glass on the iPhone, Remount screws power up. You are done with replacing your 12 pro max back glass by yourself!

Reassemble and Power On

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Pros and Cons of DIY iPhone 12 Pro Max Back Glass Replacement

Replacing the back glass for an iPhone 12 Pro Max is a serviceable thing to do yourself. It will save some money and give you a feeling of accomplishment. But please make an informed analysis before plunging into this hands-on method.


1. Cost Savings:

On the plus side, it can save you money. You only pay for the replacement part and tools if you do it yourself.

2. Learning Experience:

A DIY repair provides a good learning opportunity. The delicate innards of your machine become much more apparent to your eyes after that, and you gain more technical knowledge.

3. Flexibility and Convenience:

Diy repairs can be done at your own speed and your own timetable. It offers the independence of when and where to repair the damage!

4. Empowerment:

Successfully completing a DIY repair can be empowering. The satisfaction of fixing your device with your own hands is a rewarding feeling.


1. Risk of Further Damage:

If you lack expertise, you risk damaging your computer system even more. Messing up tools, using the wrong procedure, or lack of professional advice could lead to more problems in the future.

2. Quality of Repair:

Quality on par with professional services can take time to achieve. The replacement part may not measure up to OEM components and may undermine overall performance.

3. Voiding Warranty:

DIY repairs may cancel a service warranty on your device to be able to do it yourself economically. If your iPhone is still under warranty, using professional service agents is best to avoid possible complications.

4. Time and Effort:

Repair requires time. If you have never done it before, spend a few hours learning the procedure and become familiar with it. Nothing perfect is at risk of extending repair times or even having them prolonged because of errors.

5. Lack of Specialized Tools:

Some equipment calls for tools outside the easy reach of the DIY enthusiast. Buying these tools to meet such special requirements raises a repair's overall cost without justification for single use.

While DIY can mean savings and the satisfaction of viewing work as a particular challenge, it has difficulties. Consider your technical background, the complexity of what you hope to mend, and the associated dangers before taking it upon yourself. If you need more time, seeking professional advice will reliably prolong a repair period.

Lack of Specialized Tools

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Feel free to choose professional help or do it yourself, but your iPhone 12 Pro Max is at a new beginning. So, let's compare costs and consider the benefits of professional services over doing things yourself. Catch the thrill of owning an iPhone restored to new and shiny by yourself! Good luck!

Frequently Asked Question

On average, how much does replacing the back cover glass of an iPhone 12 Pro Max cost?

Repairs may range from AUD 100 to 300, based on the repair provider's actual quote, location, and the quality of glass required.

Is changing the back cover glass cheaper than formal repair services myself?

DIY can be relatively cheap, but it requires skill and precision. Professional services may cost more, but the quality and expertise are guaranteed.

Can the glass replacements that are used in professional repairs be trusted?

Reputable repairers use high-quality OEM (original equipment manufacturer) components, guaranteeing these replacements' resistance and long life.

What do I need to change the back glass on my own for beginners, and is it okay?

You need a heat gun, suction cups, plastic picks, and other minor bits. Easily practiced by beginners, this activity can be accomplished quite slowly or quickly.

Is a guarantee offered for back cover glass repair, and how much will it affect the total cost?

Warranties differ with repair providers. Some are valid for 6 to 12 months. The effect on total cost is small, but the guarantee provides peace of mind.

Aftermarket parts can be used for the back glass on the replacement to save costs?

Though a cheaper option, aftermarket parts may sacrifice quality. To ensure the best performance and longevity, OEM parts are much more sensible to use.

Inside a professional back cover glass replacement, how long does that last?

This may vary, but most professional services can accomplish the replacement within a few bell-ringing hours, achieving a rapid delivery.

Is damage from water included in back cover glass replacements of warranty?

Usually, no one ties this together. The back cover glass replacement warranty covers purely physical damage. It does not cover water damage, so checking with your repair service is essential.

Are there additional charges in the costs for professional back glass replacements?

Some providers may charge a diagnostic fee of about $35, which is included in the total cost. These and other service fees should be checked before any work begins.

Can the back glass be replaced by someone with no prior experience in phone repair?

Beginners can undertake this, but it must be done carefully. After all, using the correct tools and a trustworthy guide will lead to successful back glass replacement.