Best Guide on How to Get Water Out of the Laptop

Expert Guide on How to Get Water Out of the Laptop

Have you accidentally spilled water on your laptop or thrown it into the water? Oh no, it can be a terrible feeling, but you don't need to panic. If you take some steps immediately, you can save your laptop from water damage. You don't need to go to a repair shop or waste money; follow the steps given in our guide to easily remove water from your laptop and save it from any damage. Let's move on to what can be done!

Stey-by Step Guide to Repair a Laptop From Any Water Damage

Water damage can be very dangerous for your laptop as it can damage all your components, but if you follow our steps, you can protect your laptop from water damage. So let's follow the given steps:

1. Disconnect and Unplug

First, you have to turn off your laptop completely, either press and hold the power button until it turns off, and if you have a charging cable from the back, disconnect it as well. Doing this will protect your laptop from electric shocks because electric shocks will likely happen if water gets inside it while running and stays for a long time. You have to be completely off it to avoid this thing. Please don't put the laptop in sleep mode; you must power it off.

2. Remove External Cables and Dry the Laptop

In the second step, disconnect any external cables or devices connected to your laptops. It could be your mouse, keyboard, external hard drive, or monitor. Now you have to take a water-absorbent cloth with the help of which you can dry the water that has fallen on your laptop. Now you must place your laptop in a shape-up side-down position on top of a towel so that whatever water is inside will automatically drain. Try placing a charging fan next to your laptop to dry it, but don't use a hair dryer, as its heat can damage your laptop's components.

Remove External Cables and Dry the Laptop

3. Clean Your Laptop’s Components

Now if you think the water is affecting the inside components of your laptop, you need to detach your components as well. First, remove the back cover of your laptop with a screwdriver and see which components are affected by the liquid. You can remove as many components of your laptop as possible, for example, its battery or internal hard drive. Use isopropyl alcohol or compressed air to clean and save the components from water damage. Dip cotton swabs in alcohol and rub it gently on the components. The water will evaporate instantly. 

4. Reassemble Your Laptop and Dry It Completely

After thoroughly cleaning and drying all the components, attach them back to your laptop. Ensure there are no signs of corrosion so you don't have any problems later on. Now you have to put your laptop aside in a warm place. Keep it upside-down in the v shape for at least 1-2 hours. And the fact that you have the fan next to it will speed up this drying process. You can also change the position of your laptop to better drain water from inside the laptop. Try turning on the laptop once it gets completely dry. Hopefully, it will run fine, but if it causes any problems, you better take it to the repair shop. 

Reassemble Your Laptop and Dry It Completely

5. When To Take To The Repair Shop

If you have spilled water on your laptop, you can recover it. However, if you have spilled liquid other than water, such as tea or coffee, you must immediately go to a repair shop. It's best if they fix it because they have some tools they can use to fix devices from water damage professionally, but if it doesn't, you'll have to get a new laptop, of course.

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What to Do if You’ve Spilled Water on Your Keyboard?

Apart from laptops, people also accidentally spill water on their keyboards. The issue with this thing is almost as if you dropped water on your laptop. To protect your keyboard from water, you have to follow some tips below:

Step 1: Detach the Keyboard

First, you have to unplug your keyboard from the connected device. Because if your keyboard is connected to your laptop and computer, then power is being transferred to it, and if you press your key at that time, your keyboard can get damaged due to any short circuit. That may also harm the device your keyboard is connected to. Put the towel on the keyboard to absorb the excessive water. 

Step 2: Removing Keyboard Keys

If water spills on the keyboard, it will seep into your keys. So you'll need to separate all the keys on your keyboard, remove their caps, and use a towel to soak up the water. 

Step 3: Drying The Keyboard 

The amount of water that has gone into the keyboard and the keys inside it can be removed as much as possible using a microfiber cloth and a cotton swab. You don't have to move your keyboard too much, which will cause the water to seep further. Don't use tissue paper or a paper tower because, of course, being wet can cause it to leave small particles behind in the nooks and crannies, which could damage the keyboard switches.

Step 4: Set It Aside

After cleaning everything well, you should put your keyboard in a sunny warm place. Put a charging fan next to it to speed up the process. Put your keyboard aside for at least 48 hours so that any remaining water inside can be cleaned, and due to sunlight, water will evaporate.

Step 5: Plug It Again

When you feel your keyboard is dry, shake it once more before plugging it in. If you notice any water drops coming out, replace the keyboard in a sunny area for 24 hours. Once your keyboard is completely dry and water-free, reconnect it to your device to see if it works properly.

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Is Rice Affective To Dry Your Laptop?

Many people ask if the rice can dry your laptop from water damage. First, rice can never effectively clean a material that can cause stickiness or corrosion. Even if water has fallen on your laptop, it must have soaked down enough and penetrated your keys or internal components. So rice is ineffective for them as well. That is because they cannot reach there nor have the strength to clear the water which has seeped deep inside your laptop.  

Also, using rice to dry your laptop can create more problems because it can leave behind some residue, like grains or small particles, that can get stuck in the laptop's components. For example, USB ports or other openings of the laptop will be very difficult for you to clean and can cause further damage.

It's best not to use rice and other absorbent materials because they don't work well to protect laptops from water damage. Laptops are large and have more chances of getting water inside them. To clear water inside them, if you still have to use an absorbent material, you can use silica gel packets. But the methods we have told you above are the best to use because they are the ones that you can easily follow and save your laptop from water damage. If you have any doubts, take your laptop to a repair shop and get your laptop repaired by an expert.

Is Rice Affective To Dry Your Laptop?

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Is There Any Waterproof Laptop?

There is currently no laptop on the market that is entirely waterproof. However, some companies or manufacturers advertise that their laptops are resistant to spills or water, but this does not indicate that they can be fully immersed in water without damage.

You may find rugged laptops more resistant to water and other liquids in the market. These portable computers are commonly utilized in areas like construction and the military where extreme conditions exist. However, you must perform quickly to follow the steps if you spill liquid on your laptop. Shut it off and disconnect it from its power source. To drain the liquid, take out the battery and invert the laptop on a flat surface.

If the laptop's keyboard is infected, remove it from the device and clean it independently. While no keyboard is waterproof, most are protected against accidental spills. A spill is less likely to damage a mechanical keyboard than other types. To avoid further damage, please do not use a hairdryer or any other heat source to dry the laptop. Instead, waiting 24 hours for the laptop to dry out completely before powering it back on would be best.

In conclusion, there is no truly waterproof laptop, but there are ways to lessen the impact of an accident or other water exposure. You can improve your laptop's odds of surviving a spill if you're proactive and act quickly.

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Removing water from a laptop may seem impossible, but knowing what you're doing is simple. The trick is to act quickly while remaining calm. Take your time with things by pressing the power button too quickly or reaching for the hair dryer. Take your time and hire a reliable expert if necessary, but be sure all the water is gone. A protective case and avoiding contact with liquids are two preventative measures you should take with your laptop. Following these guidelines allows you to keep using your favorite device without paying for a brand-new one. Remember to keep your laptop running smoothly for years with the right care.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I remove water from my laptop?

To drain your laptop, invert it and lay it on a towel or microfiber cloth to allow the water to drain. Letting your laptop dry in the air for 24 hours is recommended for optimal results. Moreover, avoid placing your device in rice.

Is it possible for a laptop to survive a spill of water?

In most cases, if water damage is not extensive, immediate drying can often restore your laptop to full working condition. If not, a repair may be necessary shortly. Due to the potential damage caused by water, repairing water-damaged electronics involves replacing the affected hardware components.

Is it safe to use a hair dryer to dry my laptop?

No, using a hair dryer to dry the laptop is unsafe after the water has entered it. Its heat will cause more damage to the internal components. 

Is it safe to use a fan to dry a laptop?

Yes, you can consider utilizing a fan or a can of compressed air. However, it is advisable to refrain from using a hair dryer as it may pose a risk of static shock or overheating internal components, potentially leading to damage.

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