how to check if iphone is repaired

12 Simple Ways to Check if Your iPhone Has Undergone Repairs

 Are you thinking about purchasing a refurbished or second-hand iPhone? This approach can help you save money but also involves some risks. It can be difficult to determine if you're getting a good deal or being ripped off when many repaired iPhones are available. You can check if an iPhone has been repaired before buying it by considering a few factors. In this blog post, we have provided some tricks and tips to identify a repaired iPhone easily. You can make a well-informed decision when making a purchase. Keep reading for more information!

Factors to Consider to Determine if an iPhone Has Been Repaired

1) Verify the Software

You can tell if an iPhone has been fixed by checking its software. To do this, open the Settings menu and select the "General" option. Check the iOS version by going to the "Software Version" section. The latest version of iOS is currently iOS 16. If the iPhone is an older version, it is likely that it has been repaired and is running an older version of iOS.

how to check if iphone is repaired

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2) Examine for Any Signs of Physical Damage

Do you want to know whether your iPhone is already repaired? Then, you have to check for any sign of physical damage on your phone.

If there is any noticeable sign of damage on your phone, it means your phone is already repaired. Check for any cracks, missing buttons, screen unresponsiveness issues, or any other kind of damage. If you find something wrong or signs of any damage, then it is for sure that your phone has been repaired.

3) Inspect for Any Signs of Water Damage

Another way is to check whether your device has ever been water-damaged. The device must have already been repaired because water damage has many disadvantages and can even damage your phone. To check if your phone has water damage, identify if there are any water sports or signs of corrosion on your phone. Repairs have already been done on your phone if you see any such symptoms.

4) Verify the Serial Number of the iPhone

You can also check your serial number to know whether your device has been repaired. To check the serial number, go to settings and click on general. Choose the About option, and there you will see the icon of Serial Number. The number is written opposite to it. Match your serial number with the serial number written on the box of your iPhone. If there is no repair, your serial number will match the serial number of your box. Usually, the experts change the serial numbers using different tools. 

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5) Verify the Warranty

To determine if an iPhone has undergone any repairs, visit Apple's check coverage website and review the warranty information. If the device is not covered under Apple's limited warranty, it might have been repaired. If the warranty is still active, the device will unlikely be repaired.

6) Verify the Battery Status

The battery life of an iPhone is another indicator of whether or not it has been fixed. If the Battery isn't set properly during maintenance, the Battery's useful life will be reduced. A short battery life could indicate that the phone has been fixed or that the Battery has been replaced.

7) Be Aware of Non-genuine Parts

Apple gives warnings on newer iPhone models if they find unauthorized or fake parts during repairs. This message will let you know that an iPhone has been repaired. It will also tell you if the iPhone you want to buy has been repaired with parts that are not genuine.

The device may show warnings about the display, camera, and Battery. You can find the display and camera warnings on the Settings page. To access it, go to General and then About. On the other hand, the Battery warning can be found in the Battery section of the Settings.

Be Aware of Non-genuine Parts in iPhone

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8) Verify the Camera

If you notice that the photos taken with your iPhone's camera are not as good as before, it could mean that the camera has been changed to a lower-quality one. When fixing iPhones, sometimes the camera must be checked properly, which can cause the quality of photos to decrease. If you can't find it, we suggest using Nicelocal. Nice Local makes it simple to find many phone repair services. That helps you determine if your phone can be fixed.

9) Verify the Screen

Assess the screen quality of your iPhone to find out if any repairs have been made. If you observe a decrease in the sharpness and clarity of the screen compared to its prior state, it may indicate that a lower-quality screen has been installed. Furthermore, observing any dead pixels or discoloration indicates that your screen has been replaced.

10) Verify with Apple

It is recommended to contact Apple directly to confirm if your iPhone has been repaired. By checking its serial number, Apple can verify if your iPhone has undergone any repairs. To contact Apple, click their website's "Contact Us" link. You can access customer service through either phone or live chat. If you live in an area where Apple does not offer repair services, there's no need to fret. Numerous phone repair shops near your location provide repair services, allowing you to check if your phone can be fixed.

11) Verifying the Parts and Service History of an iPhone

The "Parts and Service History" section has been available on iPhones starting from the iPhone 11 model. This tool is designed to identify whether a specific component of an iPhone is classified as a "Genuine Apple Part" or a "Unknown Part." You can be confident that the iPhone has been repaired if it is labeled as a "Unknown Part." Before purchasing a refurbished iPhone, checking the device's information in the Settings app is important. 

Here is the step-by-step process.

  • Navigate to the Settings app and access the "General" settings. 
  • Locate the "Parts and Service History" section in the middle of the page. This segment allows you to verify whether the iPhone battery has been replaced or if the display or camera has undergone repairs using non-genuine parts.

Verifying the Parts and Service History of an iPhone

12) Verify the Model Number of Your iPhone.

The model number of an iPhone contains hidden information that can provide significant insights into the device. Here is a guide on locating an iPhone's model number. Access the Settings application and navigate to General > About. A combination of numbers and alphabets is displayed on the About page next to the "Model Number" field. A model number typically appears in the format "MQ8P2HN/A". The first character can be 'M,' 'F,' 'N,' or 'P,' each representing a distinct meaning. Following is the explanation: 

  • M - Retail unit. The device was purchased new and hasn't been altered after that.
  • F - Refurbished unit. The device is refurbished.
  • N - Replacement unit. This device replaced the original device under warranty replacement.
  • P - Engraved unit. Upon purchase, the device was personalized with an engraving, most likely at the customer's request.

Verify the Model Number of Your iPhone

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In conclusion, verifying if an iPhone has been fixed before purchasing a refurbished model is important. Check for signs of repairs or damage and carefully evaluate the seller's claims about the phone's condition. If you want to maximize your iPhone purchase, a little effort spent researching and being cautious can go a long way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you tell if a second-hand iPhone has been repaired?

The Parts and Service History of an iPhone will tell you about it. Under the device's serial number, go to Settings > General > About and look for the "Parts and Service History" part. Nothing has been put in its place if the part is missing, not even the Battery.

How do you tell if a new battery has been installed in an iPhone?

There are two things you can look at to see if the iPhone's Battery was changed. The Battery's "Parts and Service History" and how long it will last. If the battery life has decreased or the history of the parts indicates "Unknown part," then the Battery has been replaced.

How do you tell if the iPhone screen has been repaired or replaced?

Closely look at the display quality and screen state to see if the iPhone screen has been changed. The screen may have been changed if the monitor has broken pixels or needs to be clearer.

Do companies or other sources sell refurbished iPhones with a warranty? 

The reseller decides how long the guarantee is for a refurbished iPhone. If you have questions about the warranty, you can call the reseller.n However, some reliable third-party sellers also provide warranty on their products. For example, Roobotech in Australia provides a warranty on its refurbished items for 6-12 months. 

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