how to get water out of your tablet

How to Remove Water from Your Tablet Safely in 2023?


Everyone has experienced the stress of having their iPad fall out of their hands while browsing the internet in the tub or swimming pool. It's the kind of terrible anxiety that can make anyone freeze. Water easily ruins tables, but there's no need to panic. You can save it if you take the proper measures. This article will outline the procedures required to drain your tablet of water quickly and easily. So let's get started.

Method 1: Use Rice To Remove Water From the Tablet

If water has fallen on your tablet, the most important thing is to take rapid action to remove the water. Removing the water as soon as possible because the longer the water stays inside the device, the more it can damage it. Follow these steps to remove water from your tablet using rice:

Use Rice To Remove Water From the Tablet

1. Turn Off the Tablet

The first step is that you have to power off your device. If your device is powered off, don't switch it on. Switching your device on can cause an electric shock due to the interaction with water. That permanently damages your device, so immediately switching it off is better. 

2. Strip Down the Device

In the second step, you must remove the protective case, back cover, battery, SIM Card slot, and microSD Card slot. However, if any of these components are non-removable in your device, you can skip to the next step. 

3. Wipe the Water Away

The next step is to wipe out your phone completely. You can use a microfiber cloth to carefully remove the water from the slots, crevices, and cracks. Also, clean the things you have removed, such as batteries and sim card lots. Just use a paper towel to dry them; avoid blowing them out because it can harm the device badly. 

4. Pack the Device in Rice

In the final step, you must put your device in a container of uncooked rice. Ensure the rice covers all sides of the device and absorbs all the moisture perfectly. Set it aside and wait at least 48 hours for better results. 

Method 2: Use Silica Gel To Remove Water From the Tablet

Silica gel is a material filled with desiccant and can absorb moisture. It can effectively dry the surrounding environment. Small packets of products such as shoes, vitamins, and beef jerky often contain them. If your tablet experiences water damage, silica gel packets can be a great way to remove moisture and potentially salvage your device. Follow the given steps to see the results:

Use Silica Gel To Remove Water From the Tablet

1. Prepare a container or Ziplock Bag

To begin, you must gather a suitable container or a Ziplock bag. Open silica gel packets and pour the contents into a container with a lid or a gallon-size Ziplock bag.

2. Place your Wet Tablet inside the Container

Next, you must put your wet tablet inside the container carefully. Make sure to cover it thoroughly with silica gel packets.

3. Seal the Container or Bag for up to 24 Hours

Now keep it aside for at least 24-48 hours. The more you seal the container and keep it in the ziplock bag, the better it will be able to absorb the water from your tablet. 

4. Take out the Tablet and Check if It Works

After 24 to 48 hours, remove the tablet from its packaging carefully. To remove any residual, gently wipe the gadget with a dry, clean towel. Now verify if the tablet is functioning properly or not.

Method 3: Use Dehumidifying Crystals To Remove Water From the Tablet

Another common technique for recovering a tablet from water is dehumidifying crystals. These crystals protect electronic devices from water damage by soaking up excess moisture. You may find dehumidifying crystals at any home improvement store. Choose a brand of goods you know is safe and follow the directions on the box carefully. The steps for using dehumidifying crystals are as follows:

1. Cover the Tablet with Dehumidifying Crystals

Place the crystals in a container. Then, cover the tablet dropped in water with the crystals. Make sure that the crystals cover the device completely.

2. Seal the Container

Seal the container tightly. That will create an airtight seal, essential for the dehumidifying crystals to work correctly. Leave the tablet in the container for at least 24 hours.

3. Remove the Tablet from the Container

After waiting 24 hours, take the tablet out of the container cautiously. Use a dry cloth to remove any lingering crystals.

4. Turn on the Device

Once you've removed the crystals, you may test the tablet's functionality by turning it on. If not, try again or have it fixed by an expert.

Method 4: Use Pure Alcohol To Remove Water From the Tablet

If the previous methods have not been successful, here is another solution that may help recover your tablet from water damage. The method utilizes pure alcohol to displace water molecules in your device. To successfully execute the method, please follow these steps:

1. Turn Off Your Device

It is important to turn off your device and disconnect it from the water source before using pure alcohol. Immediately turning off your device is important to minimize potential damage.

2. Gather The Necessary Supplies

To utilize pure alcohol, you'll require a container equipped with a lid that may completely immerse the tablet. Additionally, you'll need a sufficient amount of pure alcohol. Pure alcohol can be purchased from various chemical supplies stores or online retailers. In addition, it is necessary to have lint-free, clean towels or cotton swabs.

3. Submerge Your Device

Please ensure that you fill the container with a sufficient amount of pure alcohol to cover your tablet completely. Please place your device in the container and ensure it is completely submerged in the alcohol. It is recommended to keep the device in the alcohol for a minimum of five minutes to ensure proper absorption.

4. Remove Your Device From The Alcohol

Please remove the device from the container after submerging it in alcohol for at least five minutes. The alcohol helps to displace the water inside your device, allowing you to remove it without causing additional damage.

5. Dry Your Device

After removing the device from the alcohol, you can use a clean, lint-free cloth or cotton swabs to dry it. It is advisable to avoid using heat sources such as hair dryers or ovens, as they can potentially cause additional damage to your tablet. 

Pure alcohol is a highly effective method for eliminating moisture from your tablet. However, this method can be effective when all other methods have yet to be successful. Pure alcohol can be harmful if consumed or exposed for long periods. It is important to handle it with care when following this method. If you cannot remove the water from your device, it is advisable to seek professional assistance.

Go To A Repair Shop

Accidents happen, and water damage to electronics is more common than we realize. Some electronics can handle a splash, but others are worthless when wet. If your tablet is slightly wet, there are ways to prevent further harm. Turn off your gadget immediately to avoid short-circuiting. Next, use a dry cloth to clean it without getting water in the crevices. Let your tablet air-dry for 24 hours before turning it on. Putting it in a bowl of uncooked rice or silica packets may help absorb moisture, but not always. 

When you think your tablet is hopeless after becoming wet, please take it to a nearby repair shop for a second assessment. Technicians can use parts of your tablet that are no longer working, like the storage section or camera, to get useful information or to use it on other devices. They can tackle water damage with the right equipment and cleaning products. They can also diagnose your gadget and recommend fixing it or moving on. A skilled repair specialist can give you peace of mind that you've done everything possible to save your tablet.

What Is the Science Behind Using Rice?

Why should one use rice, or how does it function? The solution can be found in the chemical composition of rice grains. Greater surface area is possible due to the numerous tiny air pockets within rice grains. The air pockets are tiny sponges when the device touches rice, soaking up moisture. While other drying agents, such as silica gel, don't produce dust, rice can and will cause damage to your device.

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Accidental water spills on electronic devices can be troublesome, particularly when protecting an expensive tablet. If you take immediate action after the incident, you can salvage it. It is important to power it off promptly to ensure the safety of your device. Please carefully adhere to the provided removal instructions and utilize the appropriate tools. It is recommended to allow the tablet to air dry naturally for a minimum of 24-48 hours. 

By taking proper care, it is possible to restore your device's complete functionality and prevent expensive repairs or replacements. It is always recommended to take preventive measures to avoid any mishaps. It is advisable to keep it away from potential liquid sources and consider investing in a waterproof case to protect your tablet from liquids. That will help ensure the safety of your tablet and prevent any damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the consequences when a tablet gets wet?

When a tablet comes into contact with water, it has the potential to damage its circuits or potentially cause a mild electric shock. When water seeps in, it will affect all its components. You may experience image distortion, audio problems, or charging issues. It is recommended to act quickly and remove as much water as possible.

Will electronic devices work if they get wet?

Yes, the electronic devices can still work properly after getting wet if you secure them in time. Remove all the water from its components immediately and take preventive measures to avoid further damage. 

How to know if the tablet has water damage?

Several indicators can help you determine if your tablet has suffered water damage. These signs include a part of the tablet not functioning properly after being wet, discoloration or moisture under the screen, a blurry or fuzzy display, a cracked speaker or microphone, or the activation of a water damage indicator on your device.

How can I remove the moisture from my Samsung tablet?

The charging port will sound an alarm and provide instructions if you connect your device while it is wet. Until the charger is removed, the alert will continue to sound. If moisture or water is in the port, gently shaking the gadget can assist. 

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