how to get water out of your phone

How to Get Water Out of Your Phone Easily in 2023?


We all have faced this situation when we have just dropped our phones in the water or spilled some liquid on them by mistake. This situation can be quite annoying for almost all users. If you have ever made such a mistake that you accidentally dropped water on your phone or threw it somewhere in the water, you do not need to worry. We have given some methods in the article that help you save your phone from damage, so follow the methods to avoid further problems.

How Can Water Damage Our Phone?

It is a common problem that people often spill water on their phone or accidentally drop it in water, so dealing with this problem can be tricky but possible. Water harms our phones by damaging the inside components, including your screen, battery, or charging pot. If water stays in your phone for a long time, it can cause extensive damage. So it is better to clear it out as soon as possible. 

Due to water damage, you may face problems with your visual quality. It can affect the screen badly and can show you distorted images. Other than that, it can affect the audio of your device or can cause problems with your charging port. Follow the method below to clear your phone from further damage. 

How to Get Water Out of Your Phone: A Step-By-Step Guide

Suppose you have accidentally spilled water on your phone; no need to worry! You can always save it if you take some quick steps. Follow the steps below to give your device the best chance of survival.

1. Power It Down Immediately

The first thing you must do is switch off your phone because it will save it from getting permanently damaged by an electric short circuit. But if your phone is already off, you don't need to power it on. Leave it as it is.

2. Dry the Outside of Your Device

Now you have to dry your phone from outside. You can use any paper towel, towel, or t-shirt to dry your device well and protect your phone from damage. Shake your phone as much as possible so that the water inside your phone can come through the ports. The less water inside, the easier to clear it out and protect it from permanent damage.

3. Use a Moisture-Absorbing Substance

In the next step, you have to remove the water from the inside of your phone; for this, you will have to use a moisture-absorbing substance. Many people suggest using rice to absorb moisture from inside your phone. However, we do not recommend it because it could be a more effective solution. Instead, we will suggest you use the small packets of Silica gel.

You must have noticed that when you buy a new pair of shoes, packets of Silica gel are in the box you can use as your moisture-absorbent substance. Other than that, you can also use dehumidifying crystals to absorb water inside your phone. Now place the phone in a sealed plastic bag with a moisture-absorbing substance you are using. Put that plastic bag in a warm area ( make sure it is not) and wait.

Use a Moisture-Absorbing Substance to Remove Water From Mobile 

4. Wait or Seek Professional Help

Now you have to be a little patient as it will take 24 to 48 hours to dry out the water from your phone completely. When you feel your phone is dry, you can check by powering it on your device. But if you don't want to wait and feel it is not working properly, try to get professional help. Please take it to the repair shop so the experts can dry it professionally to save your phone from damage.

How to Remove Water from a Charging Port: Tips and Tricks

Whenever your phone comes in contact with water, the first thing water damage is your charging port or screen. So if we talk about cleaning your charging port, follow the steps below. That is an easy way to clean your charging port quickly and remove all the water.

1. Turn Off the Device.

First, you must power off your device to save it from any electrical shock. 

2. Remove the Phone Case

And if you have a back cover on your phone, remove it to clear the charging port.

3. Remove the Battery (If You Can)

If your phone has a non-removable battery, you cannot remove it yourself. So you do not need to perform this step. However, if the battery in your phone is removable, you can easily remove it by hand. So remove it with the help of a clean towel and clean the battery space and outside of the battery itself.

4. Wipe Down the Device With a Dry Towel

After that, wipe your entire phone thoroughly with a towel. Try to wipe all the components very carefully so that none of the components move around.

5. Let It Sit and Dry

Once you are done drying your phone properly with a cloth, put it aside for a while. Try wrapping your phone around a towel or placing an absorbent beside it. And keep it in such a way that the charging port of your phone is facing downwards. Moreover, only try to charge your phone once it gets completely dry. 

How to Remove Water Out of Your Phone Speakers?

If your phone's speakers are damaged due to splashing water, then you can listen to music or make phone calls, but you don't have to worry about it. Below we have mentioned an easy method to remove water from your speaker. Follow the given steps to get this problem solved:

1. Use a Cotton Swab

In the first step, you can use a cotton pad to remove excess water from your speakers. Cotton buds will absorb the water and allow you to dry out the speakers further. However, gently use the cotton bud because it may drag the water inside the phone if you push it too hard.

2. Dry Your Phone Out

Now you have to power off your device and place it aside. Position the phone in a way that the speakers are facing down. In this way, the water will flow out from the bottom side. Please keep it in that position for about three to four hours so that it will dry out a bit.

Remove Water Out of Your Phone Speakers


3. Use a Hair Dryer

Using a hair dryer is not recommended, but if you use it carefully, it is fine. However, that can speed up the drying process but use your hair dryer on the lowest settings. Put it away from the front for at least 6 inches and then move it around the speakers to dry them. Ensure not to use the dryer too close to the device or at the highest settings because it can also cause permanent damage. 

4. Use Rice or Silica Gel

Again, put the phone aside and add some absorbents around it. You can use rice or silica gel. Choose whatever is available then and leave it for 1-2 days. Hopefully, it will clear the water, and your phone will start. 

What Are the Professional Methods to Remove Water From a Phone?

Have no fear if you're at wit's end with your water-logged device! There are professionals out there who can help save your phone. These services utilize a combination of heat and vacuuming to eliminate moisture within the device. The process typically takes a few hours, and you can expect to have your phone back later that same day. While this option may seem pricier than the DIY route, saving your beloved device from permanent damage can be worth it.

Professional Methods to Remove Water From a Phone

Important Tips to Keep in Mind

  • It is advisable to wait until your phone is completely dry before charging it to prevent any potential damage.
  • Avoid using a vacuum or compressed air; they may accidentally push the water deeper into your phone.
  • Invest in an affordable waterproof case or bag to save hundreds of dollars for water-related accidents.
  • If your phone continues to malfunction despite attempting these steps, it is advisable to seek assistance from a professional to resolve the issue.
  • Furthermore, it is always safer to prevent rather than to cure. It is advisable to prevent water exposure or accidental drops to ensure optimal device protection.

What Will Happen if the Phone Gets Saltwater Exposure?

The submersion of a mobile device in saltwater can significantly damage its internal circuits and hardware components. This effect may be due to saltwater's extraordinary electrical conductivity and corrosive nature. Even if the phone seems to work after being dried, there may be damage that only becomes apparent over time. To reduce the potential for enduring harm, it is essential to quickly cleanse the phone with the help of fresh water and baking soda, power it down, and get it repaired by an expert. It is advised to keep your phone away from saltwater bodies to prevent harm.

What Will Happen if the Phone Gets Saltwater Exposure?

Is It Good To Blow Dry Water-Damaged Phones?

There is a common belief that using a blow dryer to dry a water-damaged phone is an effective and immediate solution. Blow-drying your phone can cause more harm than good in reality. It is because the heat can potentially damage your device's internal components.

Moreover, it is improbable that it will effectively eliminate the moisture from your phone's interior, where the actual damage can occur. If your phone has come into contact with water, it is best to power it off and seek assistance from a professional promptly. Avoid the potential of worsening the issue by refraining from using a hairdryer to dry it.

Can Rice Fix Water-Damaged Phones?

Although placing a water-damaged phone in rice may be a convenient solution, alternative methods are available to repair phones exposed to water. Rice can absorb moisture, but it can also cause dust and dry starch into the crevices of a phone, which could cause further damage. Removing rice from the charging port or headphone jack can be challenging as it may get stuck in these areas.

Additionally, alternative techniques such as gently wiping the phone, utilizing a vacuum, or using a drying agent can effectively resolve the issue. However, taking action and seeking professional assistance is crucial. It is important to remember that prevention is crucial. Investing in a water-resistant phone case can help you avoid potential problems.

Rice Fix Water-Damaged Phones

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In conclusion, it is essential to promptly and cautiously remove water from your phone to prevent any additional harm to the device. Investing in water-resistant phone cases and sleeves is wise, as prevention is better than cure. If your phone accidentally falls into water, it is advisable to power it off and remove any external accessories before drying. If none of these methods show successful results, it is advisable to seek assistance from a professional to decrease the potential for permanent damage. These tips can help you save your phone and avoid losing data or facing financial strain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get water out of my smartphone screen?

You can put rice around the phone as it is the most affordable technique. It will absorb the water which is present inside the phone's body. However, many people do not recommend it because there is a risk that rice can get stuck in your device's ports. So as an alternative way, use silica gel sachets. They are better at absorbing moisture than rice.

What are the alternative ways to dry my phone without rice?

Select a product that dehydrates. Oatmeal, Instant couscous, crystal-based cat litter, Silica Gel Sachets, and synthetic desiccant packets are all viable substitutes for rice. Place your phone inside a spacious container along with a drying agent. Let it sit for 2-3 days. After that, power on the device to see if it works. 

Can I use a hair dryer to dry my phone?

If your phone comes into contact with any liquid other than clean water, such as soda or pool water, manufacturers suggest rinsing it with tap water and allowing it to air dry. However, Apple and Samsung discourage using heating sources, such as blow dryers, for drying your phone.

How long will a phone take to dry?

It will take around 2-3 days to dry your phone completely if you use an absorbent to dry it. 

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