How to Connect Apple Pencil to iPad: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

How to Connect Apple Pencil to iPad: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Do you want to know how to connect your Apple Pencil to your iPad and transform your work and creativity? If you are an artist or someone who loves to take notes & want to know about the syncing theory of different Apple Pencils, this article is best for you. Grab your Apple Pencil and iPad, and let's unlock the full potential of this dynamic duo, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. This guide will demonstrate how to connect an Apple Pencil to an iPad, allowing you to make the most of these exceptional tools, whether you're a student or an artist. Take note and get creating and exploring right away!

Things to Consider Before You Begin

  • Make sure your iPad has the latest software available.
  • Verify the compatibility of your Apple Pencil with your iPad model even before purchasing and connecting.
  • It is better to charge your Apple Pencil before you use it.
  • The steps to connect the Apple Pencil vary for first and second-generation Apple Pencils, so it is better to identify your model first.
  • If you pair an Apple Pencil (1st generation) with an iPad (10th generation), ensure you have the necessary USB-C to Apple Pencil Adapter and a compatible cable like the USB-C Charge Cable.
  • After pairing, personalize settings to optimize your Apple Pencil experience.

Apple Pencil Compatibility Guide

Apple Pencil (USB-C) 

Compatible with:

  • iPad Air (4th generation and later)v
  • iPad (10th generation)
  • iPad mini (6th generation)
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (all generations)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation and later)

Apple Pencil (2nd generation) 

Compatible with:

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation and later)
  • iPad mini (6th generation)
  • iPad Air (4th generation and later)
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (all generations)

Apple Pencil (1st generation) 

Compatible with:

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st and 2nd generation)
  • iPad (6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th generation)
  • iPad (10th generation)*
  • iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • iPad Pro 10.5-inch
  • iPad mini (5th generation)
  • iPad Pro 9.7-inch

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Steps to Pair Your Apple Pencil (USB-C):

  1. Update the software of your iPad to IOS 11.1 or later.
  2. Open the end of the Apple Pencil (USB-C) by sliding it.
  3. Connect a USB-C cable into the slot.
  4. Plug the other end of the cable into your iPad. That's it!

Steps to Pair Your Apple Pencil (1st gen)

  • First, remove the cap from your Apple Pencil and insert this accessory into your iPad's Lightning port. It will display a notification on the screen. Then, you tap Pair.

Steps to Pair Your Apple Pencil

  • Next, you must set up the Apple Pencil by clicking the phone Settings.
  • Now you can see the charge of the Apple Pencil and adjust its settings.
  • Turn on the Only Draw with Apple Pencil option if you prefer using your fingers to navigate and the Apple Pencil just for drawing or writing.
  • Switch on Scribble to modify the handwritten text in a text area to type.

  • Try Scribble to practice writing in a text field and see it change to type.

  • Tap the left-corner swipe to turn it on or off, take screenshots, or open Quick Note with your Apple Pencil. That will work even if you're using Only Draw with Apple Pencil.
  • Tap the Right Corner Swipe to turn it on or off, take screenshots, or open Quick Note with your Apple Pencil. That will work even if you're using Only Draw with Apple Pencil.

Now, you can pair your Apple Pencil with your iPad!

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Steps to Pair Your Apple Pencil (2nd gen)

  • Connect your Apple Pencil to your iPad by attaching it to the side using the magnet. Just hold the Pencil against the iPad.
  • Click Pair.
  • You can now start using your Apple Pencil by tapping Settings.
  • See the battery level and adjust the settings for the Apple Pencil at your convenience.

  • Change double-tap settings.

  • Slide Only Draw with Apple Pencil: Use only Apple Pencil for drawing.
  • Turn on Scribble - turning handwritten text into type.

  • Try Using Scribble to Improve Writing.
  • Turn on or off, taking screenshots with the left corner swipe.

  • With a right-corner swipe, turn Quick Note on or off.

Discover the Benefits of Using an Apple Pencil With Your iPad:

Taking notes is simple when you're working with the Apple Pencil.

  • Effortlessly convert handwriting to text.
  • Input or modification of text becomes convenient.
  • Make beautiful drawings at any time.
  • Capture screenshots intuitively
  • Easily add annotations to your photos.
  • You can sign documents digitally.

Apple Pencil Not Connecting to iPad: Troubleshooting.

  1. Connect Apple Pencil to iPad:
  • For Apple Pencil (2nd generation), secure it against the magnetic side of your iPad where the volume buttons are located.
  • For Apple Pencil (1st generation) and iPad (6th to 9th generations): Remove the cap and insert the Apple Pencil into the Lightning connector on your iPad.
  • For Apple Pencil (1st generation) and iPad (10th generation): Connect your Apple Pencil to your iPad using a USB-C cable and the USB-C to Apple Pencil Adapter by removing the cap.
  1. Restart your iPad and attempt pairing again.
  2. Navigate back to Settings > Bluetooth and ensure your Bluetooth is turned on.
  3. Under My Devices, try finding Apple Pencil and then tap it and Forget this Device.
  4. Reconnect your Apple Pencil with your iPad and tap the Pair button whenever it appears.
  5. If you do not see the Pair button, allow your Apple Pencil to charge for 1 minute, then reconnect and wait for the Pair button.
  6. If you still do not see the Pair button, contact Apple Support.

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How Do I Connect the Apple Pencil 2nd Gen to My iPad Pro?

Put down the Pencil on the Magnetic connector on the side of the iPad, and it should pair automatically. If the Pencil does not appear in Bluetooth Settings, it may not have connected or has discharged its battery, making it invisible to the iPad.

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In conclusion, pairing your Apple Pencil with an iPad is an easy process that lets you quickly tap into creativity and productivity. Whether you're scribbling on documents or unleashing your inner artist, the Apple Pencil and the iPad provide a seamless, natural experience. Just ensure your gadget combination works and has current software, and follow this guide for the pairing steps. Call up Apple Support if you do get stuck. Otherwise, get connected with your Apple Pencil today and explore all it offers alongside your iPad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Apple Pencil 1 connect to the iPad Pro?

Yes, it can, but only specific models of the iPad Pro are compatible with the First Generation Apple Pencil. Compatible models include iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st and 2nd gen), iPad Pro 10.5-inch, and iPad Pro 9.7-inch. You'll need to use the Second Generation Apple Pencil for later models.

How to activate an Apple Pencil?

To activate an Apple Pencil, you must attach it magnetically or plug it in. Repair it each time you use it for good measure.

How can I connect my Apple Pencil to my iPad?

Use Bluetooth to pair your Apple Pencil. Ensure Bluetooth is on in Settings. Attach the Apple Pencil to the magnetic connector on the right side of your iPad.

Why isn't my Apple Pencil working on my iPad?

If your Apple Pencil isn't responding, try these steps:

  1. Charge your Apple Pencil.
  2. Reconnect it to your iPad.
  3. Repair your Apple Pencil with your iPad.

Which iPads work with Apple Pencils?

iPad (10th gen), iPad mini (6th gen), and iPad Air (4th gen onwards) support Apple Pencil (USB-C).

How can I see how much battery is left on my Apple Pencil?

To check your Apple Pencil battery:

  1. Connect it to your iPad or a power adapter.
  2. Add the battery level widget.
  3. Swipe left to right on your iPad to see the battery status.

How can I repair my Apple Pencil?

The Apple Pencil cannot be repaired. If it's under warranty, consider seeking assistance at an Apple Store. Note that the warranty doesn't cover accidental damage.

Apple Pencil connection or charging issues?

Try turning Bluetooth off and on or repair it with your device. Update iPad. If still not working, consider getting a new Apple Pencil.

If the Apple Pencil isn't working when connected; what should I do?

  1. Restart iPad.
  2. Forget and reconnect the Apple Pencil.
  3. Charge Apple Pencil.

How do I reset an Apple Pencil?

To reset your Apple Pencil, unpair it from your iPad by going to Settings > Bluetooth > select the 'i' next to Apple Pencil under My Devices > Forget this Device. Then, repair it with your iPad.

How can I activate my Apple Pencil?

To activate your Apple Pencil, connect it to your iPad through Bluetooth, and it is always ready when paired. Bluetooth will go into Sleep Mode if off, but a slight nudge will wake it up.

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