Collection: Refurbished Tablets

This is Roobotech’s selection of refurbished tablets, where quality meets price. We have an extensive stock of high-end tablets that are professionally refurbished to give them a new look. Suppose you need a device to handle work, school, or entertainment. In that case, our refurbished tablets offer great value without compromising quality.

Why Choose Refurbished Tablets?

1) Cost-Effective

The first and foremost benefit of buying a refurbished tablet is the cost. Refurbished tablets are cheaper than new ones, making high-end gadgets available to everyone. You get the latest features and fast processing speed at an affordable price.

2) Eco-Friendly Choice

Buying a refurbished tablet is also a smart move for the environment. When you buy a refurbished device, you are helping in the fight against e-waste. These tablets are repurposed, meaning there is no need for new production, and fewer resources are used up.

3) Quality Assurance

At Roobotech, all the refurbished tablets undergo a comprehensive check and testing process. Our specialists ensure every device is functional and efficient in its use. We replace damaged parts and rigorously test each unit to ensure you receive a product that will perform as well as a brand-new one.

Top Brands Available at Roobotech

  • Apple

We offer a variety of Apple iPads, which are famous for their stylish look and functionality. You can get an iPad at a much lower price, from the latest models to older versions.

  • Samsung

We also have Samsung tablets, known for their beautiful screens and easy-to-use interfaces. Whether you are looking for a new tablet to watch movies or do work, Samsung tablets are a reliable option.

Best Selling Refurbished Tablets at Roobotech

1) Galaxy Tab S4 10.5" (2018) Wi-Fi

The Galaxy Tab S4 5th generation iPad (2018) is a popular tablet with modern features and a sleek design. It was launched in August 2018 and can access fast internet with Wi-FiWi-Fi 5, GSM, HSPA, and LTE. The tablet has a modern design, weighs approximately 482 grams, and has a 10-inch display. It also has a 5-inch Super AMOLED display with bright and colorful screen output.

Running on Android 8.1 (Oreo), it is powered by the Snapdragon 835 chip and is also eligible for an Android 10 update. It features multiple storage configurations and a microSDXC slot for additional storage. The tablet boasts a 13MP rear camera capable of recording videos in 4K. In contrast, the front camera is 8MP for taking selfies and making video calls.

Other features include stereo speakers with AKG tuning, dual-band Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 5. 0, USB Type-C, an iris scanner for security, Samsung Dex for a desktop-like experience, and a 7300 mAh battery with 18W fast charging support.

2) Galaxy Tab S6 10.5" (2019) Wi-Fi

The Galaxy Tab S6 10. 5” (2019) is a popular model with excellent performance and durability. It has a 10.5-inch Super AMOLED display with high pixel density and a respectable screen-to-body ratio for a more engaging experience. It is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset and comes with Android 9.0, which can also be upgraded to Android 12. The tablet has various storage capacities and one more slot for storage.

The main camera has a 13MP wide and a 5MP ultrawide camera, and the front camera is 8MP, suitable for video calls. It comes with multiple connectivity features, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5. It also has GPS and a 7040 mAh battery for extended use. The Galaxy Tab S6 is a great, all-around tablet with plenty of power and features that make it stand out as a premium device.

How to Choose the Right Refurbished Tablet

1) Determine Your Needs

Think about what you will mostly be doing with the tablet. The basic models may be enough for activities such as using the internet or reading texts. However, there may be better choices than this if you intend to use the tablet for gaming, graphic designing, or even as a laptop. In that case, you may need a more advanced model with more features and capabilities.

2) Check Specifications

Consider the processor, RAM, storage, and display size. These specifications will define the tablet's efficiency you want to use for your intended purpose. Choose models with higher specifications if you plan on using your device for complex tasks and running multiple programs simultaneously.

3) Battery Life

Another important aspect is the tablet's battery life. Check that the battery of the selected refurbished tablet can last all day. To learn more about battery durability, look at the customer reviews and the product specifications.

Roobotech's Refurbishing Process

1) Inspection and Testing

All tablets are first checked for defects or problems. Our technicians then perform various tests to confirm that every device is fully functional.

2) Repair and Replacement

Any part that does not meet our quality standards is either repaired or replaced. This may include batteries, screens, processors, and other vital components, thus making the tablet as good as new.

3) Software Updates

All the software on our refurbished tablets is also upgraded to the most recent version. This allows you to access the most recent features and security patches.

4) Final Quality Check

Each tablet to be sold is subjected to one final check. This guarantees that the device you will receive is in good condition and fully functional as soon as you unbox it.

5) Comprehensive Warranty

Our refurbished tablets are backed by a warranty to ensure a worry-free shopping experience. If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.

6) Customer Support

Our professional customer support team will gladly assist you with any issues. Our mission is to deliver outstanding customer service and guarantee customer satisfaction.

7) Trusted Supplier

Roobotech has established itself as a reliable supplier of quality refurbished electronics. Here at our company, we pride ourselves on delivering quality products and services to our customers.

8) Secure Shopping

We assure you that shopping on our website is safe and convenient. We offer multiple payment methods and quick delivery. You can shop confidently, knowing your information will not be compromised.

9) Great Deals

We offer affordable prices, special offers, and promotions only here. Join our mailing list to receive updates on our current deals and specials.

Shop Now From Roobotech

When you buy a refurbished tablet from Roobotech, you are choosing to get a quality product at a discount while being environmentally friendly. Roobotech offers a comprehensive range of refurbished tablets from top brands, has undergone a stringent restoration process, and offers outstanding customer care. Check out our collection today and discover the perfect tablet for your requirements!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a refurbished tablet?

A refurbished tablet has been returned to the manufacturer or seller, fixed, tested, and sold.

Is refurbished better than the original?

It depends. If it has a warranty, a refurbished product can be a good choice because it has been fixed and tested.

What is the disadvantage of refurbishment?

You don't know how the previous owner treated it, and it usually doesn't come with original accessories or a warranty.

What can damage a tablet?

Extreme heat or cold can damage your tablet's battery and screen. Keep it in a cool, shaded place or in an insulated bag.

Why are old tablets slow?

Older software can make your tablet work harder than needed. Go to Settings > Software update or System updates to update it.

Can heat damage a tablet?

Excessive heat can cause data loss, permanent damage, and battery leakage, slowing down your tablet's performance and posing safety risks.