Collection: Macbook Air 2017

Welcome to Roobotech's MacBook Air 2017 collection! Roobotech promises affordable laptops and accessories that meet your needs, regardless of your demands. Whether you're a student hustling through assignments or a professional juggling multiple tasks, our selection of MacBook Air 2017 laptops offers the perfect mix of efficiency and portability. Technology isn't an accessory or novelty: It should be your companion. We understand that you need a device to handle those daily nuisances. And it must be light and slim enough to go with what you're doing. The 2017 MacBook Air will revolutionize your work and entertainment experience with its beautiful design, long-lasting battery life, and efficient performance. Explore more and find your perfect match!

Exploring the High-End Features of MacBook Air 2017 13" i5

1) Processing Power

The MacBook Air 2017 uses a 1.8 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor with upgraded integrated graphics and storage to deliver seamless operation.

2) Vivid Display

Its native resolution of 1440x900 makes every detail vivid on the 13.3-inch display.

3) Memory and Storage

With 8 GB of LPDDR3 SDRAM and a 128GB PCIe-based SSD, users enjoy efficient multitasking and ample storage space.

4) Graphics and Camera

Powered by an Intel HD Graphics 6000 processor, enjoy crisp visual effects. The FaceTime HD camera delivers clear video calls at 720P

5) Connectivity

Stay connected online with built-in 802.11ac WiFi Hardware and accessory options that provide better connectivity.

6) Portability and Design

Weighing just 2.96 lb and with a sleek silver design, the MacBook Air 2017 is lightweight and stylish for on-the-go use.

7) Battery Life

The 2017 MacBook Air includes a replaceable lithium-ion polymer battery with a 54-watt-hour capacity, making it perfect for long trips.

8) Overall Dimensions

The size and weight of the MacBook Air 2017 are perfect: it's 12.8 inches wide, 8.94 inches from front to back, and 0.11 to 0.68 inches measured sideways (it tapers towards both ends).

Why Choose the MacBook Air 2017?

1) Unmatched Portability

The MacBook Air 2017 stands out for its ultra-slim profile and lightweight design. The perfect companion for people who are always on the move, its 13-inch screen is geared for power and floor space economy.

2) Performance

The Intel i5 processor inside this model provides efficient and robust support for everyday tasks such as web browsing, text processing, and media streaming. It's a good fit for students or business people who know they'll constantly use it.

3) Durability and Quality

Apple's commitment to quality ensures that the MacBook Air 2017 remains a reliable option even a few years later. Its aluminum body is not only sleek but also stands up well against the rigors of daily use.

Is the MacBook Air 2017 Still a Good Option?

Of course! It is economically affordable for those already interested in owning a Mac that does not compromise on performance, and this MacBook Air 2017 is especially worthy of mention. It pulls off low weight, good battery life, and maintenance-free systems without obscenely priced Apple sticker shock.

Why Roobotech?

At Roobotech, we specialize in providing high-quality refurbished devices, including the MacBook Air 2017, at competitive prices. We adhere to strict tests to refurbish every machine to restore its primary function and appearance. It's our goal to deliver flawless, tested quality on all our products. Besides that, you will get multiple brands at Roobotech, including Apple, Samsung, Oppo, & Google. You can also buy your favorite tech accessories like Smartwatches, Cables, Covers, Chargers, Headphones, Apple Airpod, Screen Protectors, Holders, Adapters, Portable Hard drives, Power Bank and much more. So grab your favorite devices today!

Buying Refurbished Devices: A Smart Choice?

We all crave the latest and best technology items, which are generally expensive. Refurbished devices such as the MacBook Air 2017 are a great choice. Not only do they bring huge savings, but when bought from reputable retailers like yours, they are as good as new. However, knowing what to look for is essential to getting a good deal.

What to Look For When Buying a Refurbished Device?

1) Certified Refurbishment: 

Always opt for goods with complete certification. The certificate shows that the device has been carefully checked and tested and meets all original specifications made by the manufacturer.

2) Warranty: 

A reliable refurbished device ought to be under warranty. This suggests the seller believes in his own stuff and saves you from further trouble if it's unreliable.

3) Physical Condition: 

The machine should be in good working order, although a few scars are usual. Before you buy, ensure you know about any defects in appearance.

4) Battery Life: 

This matters more on laptops and handsets. Make sure the device's battery life is enough for your purposes or that the batteries have been replaced if necessary. Also, when you buy an iPhone, make sure to check the battery health. 

5) Return Policy: 

A clear and stable return policy can give buyers a sense of trust. You can turn back an unsatisfactory machine if it does not measure up to what was promised as a secure and comforting bonus.

In summary, choosing a refurbished device such as the 2017 MacBook Air makes great sense if you want to enjoy high-end quality and performance without paying the price. By focusing on critical factors, such as certification in warranty point of sale operation and how long it's left before production stoppage, you can find a product that combines all three.

Enjoy Your Purchase!

Choosing a refurbished MacBook Air 2017 from Roobotech means choosing quality, affordability, and sustainability. Whether you're a student, a professional, or just looking for a reliable secondary device, the MacBook Air 2017 is a choice you won't regret.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the MacBook Air 2017 battery last?

With up to 12 hours of life, the MacBook Air 2017 remains on duty all day long—a wonderful relief from what all this meant before.

Will the MacBook Air 2017 be able to run MacOS's latest iterations, which will be coming soon?

MacBook Air 2017 Mac OS is compatible with all of the latest features and protections. However, Apple usually offers OS updates for 5 years after the release of that model. 

Is buying a refurbished MacBook Air 2017 from Roobotech safe?

Absolutely! Each device undergoes a thorough refurbishment process and comes with a warranty, ensuring you get a device that's as good as new.

What are the storage options for the MacBook Air 2017?

The MacBook Air 2017 has various storage options, typically 128GB & 256GB.

Are there any color options available for the MacBook Air 2017 at Roobotech?

The MacBook Air 2017 is available in the classic silver color, embodying the timeless Apple aesthetic.

Is the MacBook Air 2017 suitable for video editing?

While the MacBook Air 2017 can handle basic video editing tasks, those requiring more intensive processing might consider a MacBook Pro for optimal performance.

How does buying a refurbished device from Roobotech contribute to sustainability?

It reduces e-waste and takes a bite out of overall supply chain production, so other people would be more involved and aware of these sets to create for themselves means like ours that are more sustainable.