Is Samsung Still the King of The Galaxy?

Is Samsung Still the King of The Galaxy?

When it comes to choosing a new or refurbished smartphone, there are two big brands on the top of everyone’s list, Apple and Samsung. While there exists many other smartphone manufacturers out there – from Google to Huawei – that can perform in a similar way with their own impressive features, they just don’t hold the consumer confidence of these two giants of the industry.

The Apple iPhone is the only smartphone capable of running their own iOS (iPhone Operating System) however many of Samsung’s direct competitors use the same Android operating system as they do. So, what makes Samsung stand out from the pack? Is it their long history producing these sorts of digital devices or is it a superior level of technology that makes their product so desirable? As rumours start to circulate about the Samsung Galaxy S23, we take a look at what makes the Galaxy series so special.

The History of Samsung Smartphones

Samsung’s smartphone journey began in 2009. With the release of the original Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500, users were given the ability to browse the internet, use YouTube and check their email. Soon after this, in 2010, came the arrival of the official Galaxy S series.

Losing the clickable bottom buttons of its predecessor, this model featured a more sleek design that utilised as much space as possible for the touch screen. Increased memory and a faster processor meant this new model had the hardware to match the improved Android operating system. The years after this saw the release of the S2, S3, S4 and onwards until 2019’s S10. It was at this point that Samsung, surprisingly,  jumped ahead to the S20! Why did they choose to skip over model names S11 to S19? Company representatives have explained that the brand wanted the S20 to coincide with the year it was released – 2020. In  a nod to the future of the Galaxy series, their models would be aligned with their year of release from then on.

Samsung Galaxy vs Samsung Note

Soon after the release of the Samsung Galaxy S series saw the brand venture into new territory with the Samsung Note in 2011. Featuring a very large (for the time) touch screen and the inclusion of stylus pen, the Note was positioned as somewhat of a smartphone-tablet hybrid. Intended to be used more for writing, note taking and planning, the Note was aimed at a more professional market. As the models advanced, however, we saw more and more features in common with the Galaxy S series. So much so that the Note was discontinued in 2020, with the Galaxy Note 20 being the last model produced.

Refurbished Samsung S22 Ultras At Roobotech

Samsung continues to find ways to innovate their smartphones and smart devices in order to produce the best user experience for their customers. Always looking to push the envelope, it’s their reliable hardware and sophisticated features that keep people coming back year after year. If you’re interested in purchasing a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S series or a refurbished Samsung Note, visit our online shop today. Roobotech offers you a huge selection of some of the best refurbished phones in Melbourne.

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