Is it worth repairing my phone?

Is it worth repairing my phone?

It can be quite a difficult decision to decide whether to repair or replace your phone. While you may have a special relationship with your current model and all the memories associated with it, the prospect of a brand new phone with better features is a tantalising offer.

Repairing your phone is a good option if you’re not quite ready to take that next step of purchasing a new or refurbished handset. Roobotech offers iPhone and Samsung phone repair services at it’s conveniently located St. Kilda shop.

Can all phones be repaired?

No – but – a phone will have to have experienced quite severe damage to be classed as unrepairable. Most modern smartphones are made with fairly durable materials. Many also have water resistant capabilities and other features that make them quite a resilient piece of technology. In most cases, the damage occurs to the screen or rear glass from a direct or angular impact. These issues are easily fixed without any major concerns. Battery replacement is also a common issue. This involves swapping out the old faulty battery for a brand new one.

How long does it take?

It depends on the phone. Each job can take between hours and days. Some situations may warrant additional parts that need to be specially ordered. Roobotech offers a convenient online tracking system to check the status of your repair. Booking in an appointment on the online system will guarantee the quickest possible way to get your phone fixed. There’s also a quick quote system available for you to gauge approximately what the repair will cost you.

Can I repair it myself?

It’s not recommended. It’s not as easy as it looks! Phone repair is a delicate art best left to professionals. Taking apart a phone requires very specific tools and knowledge in order to avoid damaging the phone further. In cases of battery repair, you also risk dealing with hazardous materials if there has been a leak.

How do I stop my phone from getting damaged?

Invest in a good case and screen protector. Roobotech has a wide range of mobile phone covers for Samsung and iPhone phones. Cases with raised edges offer good screen protection by preventing direct impact. The most common causes of damage are drops and falls so any barrier cushioning the phone is a good idea.

If you have an iPhone or Samsung  in need of repair, head into Roobotech St Kilda to have your phone assessed. Don’t forget to use the easy online quote and booking system before you do.

Thinking of skipping the repair and just going for something new? check out the clearance section to pick up a refurbished phone at a great price.

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