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A Comprehensive Guide to Recharge Lebara Mobile in 2024

Recharge your Lebara mobile easily and quickly! If you need to recharge your Lebara mobile and stay connected with your loved ones, this blog post is for you! For more than 15 years, Lebara Mobile has offered affordable and reliable mobile services to meet customers' needs. Recharging your Lebara SIM card is incredibly easy thanks to their straightforward plans and user-friendly mobile app. Here's a guide on recharging your Lebara mobile using different methods, such as online, through the app, or at physical outlets. Let's get started!

Quick and Easy Methods to Recharge Lebara's Account

 Keep your phone connected without any interruptions by easily adding credit to your balance. It's super simple to add credit to your Lebara account. Here are some simple methods for you to choose from:

Method One: Top up with a Scratch Card or Voucher

Adding credit to your Lebara account is fastest with a scratch card or voucher. Here's a simple and concise way to do it:

  • First, dial *#1345# from your phone.
  • Please input the 12-digit voucher number and press the hash key.
  • After inputting the digits, press the call button. A notification will appear on your screen to confirm that your top-up was successful.

Method Two: Top-Up by Dialing 5588 from Your Lebara Number

You can also add credit to your Lebara account by calling 5588 from your phone. Here's a simple and concise way to do it:

  • First, call 5588 from your Lebara number.
  • Please enter your 12-digit voucher code and then press the hash key.
  • You will receive a notification confirming the successful top-up, and your updated balance will be available for use.

Additional Ways to Recharge Your Lebara Account

In addition to the methods mentioned earlier, Lebara provides extra choices for topping up your SIM card. To recharge, you have the option of using USSD codes, IVR lines, or the MyLebara website. It is important to be aware that if you enter an incorrect voucher or scratch card number, it could result in your top-up service being blocked.

Buying a Lebara scratch card or voucher is a simple process that can be completed online or at a nearby retail store. After obtaining your voucher or scratch card, the next thing to do is to add the credit to your account. You can achieve that by simply following these instructions.

Option 1: Using USSD codes

Recharging your Lebara SIM card can be done easily and conveniently using USSD codes. To enable this feature, follow these simple instructions:

  • Please enter the scratch card number, followed by the ID number, and dial 111.
  • Press the call button to apply the recharge to your SIM card.

Option 2: Using IVR Line

You can also recharge your Lebara account using the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) line. Here's how you can use this method:

  • Contact the IVR line at 1755.
  • Select option 3 to recharge your account using a voucher.
  • Give the ID number of your voucher followed by the recharge PIN.

Option 3: Using the MyLebara Website

This option is great for people who like to top up their Lebara account while they're out and about. With MyLebara's convenient online platform, recharging your SIM card is a breeze, whether you're at home or on the move. Here's how you can utilize this feature:

  • Check out the Lebara website called MyLebara, which you can easily access using your smartphone or computer.
  • Please sign in to your account.
  • Choose the option to recharge using the voucher you bought.

How Do You Check the Current Balance of Your Lebara Account?

To check your Lebara account balance, dial *1345# from your Lebara SIM card and press the call button. You can easily view your balance on your phone's screen. If you need assistance with your Lebara account, you can contact the customer care center through email, Facebook, or phone.

Exploring Lebara's Regular Price $10 Package at Roobotech 

Do you need an affordable plan with ample data and unlimited calls and texts in Australia? Check out the $10 Lebara Regular Price package at Roobotech. This plan includes 3GB of data that can be used nationwide. It's great for casual internet browsing, social media, and occasional video streaming.

Additionally, this package includes unlimited calls to standard national mobiles and fixed lines, allowing you to stay connected with your friends, family, and colleagues easily. You'll also get unlimited calls to 13, 1300, and 18 numbers, along with voicemail to make sure you don't miss any important calls or messages. If you enjoy sending texts and pictures, this plan includes unlimited standard national SMS and MMS.

In addition to Australia, this package includes $3 of international credit for talk and text. This credit can be used for up to 300 minutes of standard international talk time to specific destinations. This plan offers excellent value for your money, whether you're making international calls or doing business while traveling.

The Lebara Regular Price $10 package is a great choice for people seeking a budget-friendly mobile plan with lots of features. This package offers abundant data, unlimited calls and texts within Australia, and international credit, providing all the necessary connectivity while you're on the move.


Recharging your Lebara SIM card is a quick and hassle-free process that can be completed in just a few minutes. Follow the steps in this blog post to easily keep your Lebara account topped up and ready to use whenever you need it. Lebara provides cost-effective and adaptable plans for all your communication and browsing requirements, whether it's local or international calls, text messages, or internet browsing. Lebara is a highly popular mobile provider in Australia, known for its reliable network coverage and competitive pricing. So why waste time? Top up your Lebara account now for continuous connectivity wherever you are!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the easiest and quickest way to top up my MyLebara SIM balance?

The best and easiest way to recharge Lebara is to Utilise our USSD codes. To recharge your SIM, dial *111* followed by the scratch card number and your ID number, then press call. 

What is the SMS method for recharging Lebara?

To recharge, either text your voucher number, 126 172 or call 126 123 from the number you want to recharge.

What is the process for loading data on Lebara online?

Access the Lebara website through your MyLebara customer account. Click on "reload" and choose the desired amount. The Lebara internet platform can identify your SIM card and mobile number automatically.

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