Troubleshooting iPad White Screen With Apple Logo in 2023

Troubleshooting iPad White Screen With Apple Logo in 2023

 Do you know how to fix your iPad when it freezes on a white screen with the Apple logo? Don't stress out over it! You can rest assured that your problem will be addressed efficiently and safely with the help of our expert guide. In the following article, you will learn several methods for fixing this issue. With our advice, repairing the white Apple logo on a white iPad screen will be easy.

What Are the Reasons Behind iPad White Screen?

Do you frequently experience an iPad with a white screen? You're not alone, after all! Users of iPads frequently experience this problem, which has a variety of possible causes. Let's examine the causes of the iPad's white screen in more detail:

  • Hardware issues: Your iPad may experience a white screen of death due to problems like a faulty LCD, a loose connector, a failing motherboard, or a bad circuit connection.
  • Software Problems: Recent iOS upgrades or installing unsuitable apps may cause the white screen problem. Moreover, failure of the jailbreak, factory reset, low battery, unidentified errors, etc. Any of these could cause your iPad's white screen.

Before attempting to resolve the white screen issue, it is critical to determine its cause. Now that you know the potential causes, let's look at some efficient fixes for the white screen on your iPad with the Apple logo. 

8 Best Methods to Solve the Issue of iPad White Screen With Apple Logo

Below we have mentioned the 8 best techniques you can use if your iPad is showing a white screen with the Apple logo: 

  • Disconnect the Charger
  • Restart Your iPad
  • Checking Screen Magnification
  • Applying the Three-Button Option
  • Uninstalling the Problematic App
  • Boot Your iPad Into Recovery Mode.
  • Using Third-Party Software to Solve the Problem
  • Getting Your iPad Into the Dfu Mode

Method 1: Disconnect the Charger

Discover the ultimate solution to your iPad's sudden white screen! One of the possible reasons behind this frustrating problem is often the charging accessories that are not securely connected. But worry not; we have a solution for you! 

  1. Unplug your iPad from its power source by disconnecting the charger and charging cable.
  2. Take a moment before powering up your device again. When you connect the charger again, it will fix the issue of a white screen. 

Try it and see how easy it is to get your iPad back up and running! 

Method 2: Restart Your iPad

Restarting your iPad is the next step you can do. If the screen on your iPad is white, you may quickly fix it by following these steps.

For iPad with a Home button:

  1. Press and hold the Home and Power buttons for ten seconds to restart your iPad.
  2. Continue key pressing until the Apple logo shows.
  3. After that, the iPad will restart on its own.

Restart Your iPad

For iPad without a Home button:

  1. Press the +Volume button, and then let go.
  2. Then, press the Volume Down button.
  3. After that, Hold down the Power button until you see the Apple logo.
  4. The iPad will restart on its own.
Restart Your iPad

So there you go! Holding the buttons for a few seconds fixes the white screen of death on an iPad immediately. 

Method 3: Checking Screen Magnification

The steps to verify screen magnification and resolve the white screen problem are as follows:

  1. Place three fingers on the iPad screen and double-tap them all at once.
  2. Your screen should change back to normal following the double-tap if screen magnification is the cause of the white screen problem.
  3. Switch off screen magnification to stop this problem from reoccurring when your screen returns to normal.
  4. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom and toggle the Zoom switch off to turn off screen magnification.

Method 4: Applying the Three-Button Option

To fix the white screen on your iPad, utilize the three-button approach below:

  1. Press and hold the Home, + Volume, and Power buttons simultaneously.
  2. When the Apple logo appears, you can stop pressing buttons.
  3. Your iPad will restart itself in a few minutes.

Method 5: Uninstalling the Problematic App

If the problem occurs only when you run a particular app, removing that app may be the simplest way to resolve the issue. Here are the steps:

  1. Locate the app icon on the Home screen of your iPad.
  2. Press and hold the icon of the troublesome application until it begins to jiggle.
  3. Tap the small "x" in the upper-left quadrant of the app icon to close it.
  4. A dialog window will appear requesting confirmation before the deletion is performed. Tap "Delete App" to uninstall the application from your device.
  5. Wait a few moments for the deletion to finish.
  6. Please verify that the app has been deleted from your iPad by visiting the App Library or using Spotlight to search for it.

It's that easy! Removing the problematic app from your iPad sometimes resolves the white screen error. Nonetheless, if the issue persists, additional options may exist.

Method 6: Boot Your iPad Into the Recovery Mode

This procedure will erase all iPad data. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. First, install the newest iTunes. If not, download it from Apple.
  2. Open iTunes and connect your iPad via USB.
  3. Recover your iPad now. For 10 seconds, press and hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons. Release the Sleep/Wake button, but keep holding the Home button until you see "iTunes has detected an iPad in recovery mode" on your computer screen. iTunes requires iPad restoration."
  4. "OK," then "Restore." That erases all iPad data and settings.
  5. iTunes must finish restoring. That will immediately install the newest iPadOS version and overwrite all its data.
  6. After restarting, your iPad's white screen should be gone! You may reset your iPad and retrieve your applications and data from here.

Method 7: Using Third-Party Software to Solve the Problem

There is no need to be concerned if the white screen problem on your iPad remains after attempting the preceding approaches. TunesKit iOS System Recovery is professional and reliable software that can resolve up to 150 iOS-related difficulties, including the white screen issue. It is compatible with all iOS versions, including the most recent iOS 16, and nearly all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Here's how to use TunesKit iOS System Recovery to solve the iPad white screen:

TunesKit iOS System Recovery

  • TunesKit iOS System Recovery may be downloaded and installed on your Mac or PC.
  • After starting the software, connect your iPad to the computer with a USB cord.
  • Select the "Standard Repair" mode after clicking the "iOS System Repair" button.
  • Check the model name and iOS version of your iPad. Click the "Download" button to obtain the firmware package to fix your iPad.

TunesKit iOS System Recovery

  • Wait till the firmware package download and verification are finished.
  • To resolve the white screen issue on your iPad, press the "Repair" button.
  • Be patient and wait for the program to repair your iPad. If you unplug your iPad from your computer during the procedure, your device may be bricked. Here, you have completed the solution.

TunesKit iOS System Recovery

So, get this excellent app now and simply repair your iPad's white screen!

Method 8: Getting Your iPad Into the Dfu Mode

You may put your iPad into DFU mode using iTunes to refresh the iPadOS version. Remember, though, that doing so will erase your iPad's data and settings, so you should probably back up your device beforehand.

iPads With a Home Button:

  1. Sync the device with a computer by plugging it into a USB port and launching iTunes.
  2. Press and hold the Power and Home buttons simultaneously for at least 10 seconds after turning off your iPad.
  3. Press and hold the Home button instead of the Power button to force the screen to go black.
  4. If the "Plug into iTunes" prompt reappears, continue the process above until the prompt disappears completely.
  5. If your iPad is in DFU mode, iTunes will ask you to restore it. To restore your iPad, just stick to the on-screen prompts.

Ipads Without a Home Button:

  1. If your iPad doesn't have a Home button, launch iTunes on your PC.
  2. Quickly press and release the Volume up and down buttons.
  3. Press and hold the Power button to bring up the Power Off slider.
  4. Press the Power button for two seconds to switch off your iPad, then release it.
  5. The Power button must be held down for many seconds, followed by the Volume Down button.
  6. Ten seconds on the Power button, followed by five more seconds on the Volume Down button.
  7. Your iPad has entered DFU mode if the screen turns dark. If it isn't, go back and do it again.
  8. To restore your iPad, click iTunes and follow the on-screen prompts.

The white screen should no longer appear once you have finished the restore procedure and restarted your iPad. If you've tried all other possibilities and the device is about to break, you should attempt this.


Hope this guide helped you solve this problem proactively. Avoid costly mistakes and irreparable harm while fixing tech issues like an iPad white screen with the Apple logo. We've simplified the procedure so you can concentrate on other tasks! Knowing how to resolve a white screen with an Apple logo can give you the confidence to fix future issues. Troubleshoot well!

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a white screen on an iPad?

There can be several reasons, including a lack of storage, incompatible software, bugs, an old version of iOS, software-related problems, or hardware issues like a cracked LCD screen.

How can I solve an iPad's stuck Apple logo boot loop without losing data?

A hard reset is one quick repair for an iPad stuck in the reboot loop. Hold the Sleep/Wake and Home keys simultaneously for roughly 25 to 30 seconds to restart the iPad. If this doesn't work, try doing it again an hour later.

What happens if your iPad is stuck on a loading screen?

Stay calm, and don't worry if your iPad's loading screen seems to be stuck! You can restart your iPad by pressing and holding the home and power buttons for 10 seconds. Wait till the Apple logo appears. Once it's done, you will see that your problem has been solved! You can also enhance your iPad's performance by charging it if it's not working properly. Low battery levels can cause loading and performance issues. Moreover, optimize your iPad's performance by resetting your network settings, clearing your cache and cookies, or restoring it to its original factory settings.

What is the Apple white screen of death?

The "White Screen of Death" on an iPhone is a very serious technical problem. Most of the time, it happens when someone tries and fails to hack the device or update the software. You might be able to fix the problem by doing a hard restart or a restore, but the best way to prevent it is to take precautions.

Why is my iPad showing the Apple logo but not turning on?

Your iPad may be stuck on the Apple logo for several reasons. Software issues caused by failed updates or damaged operating systems are the most prevalent. Try rebooting or resetting your device. If the problem persists, there may be a hardware issue, such as a broken battery or logic board, so take it to an authorized service provider. In such circumstances, professional help is needed to minimize additional damage.

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