best external hard drive for PS5

Best External Hard Drive for PS5

Do you need help with the limited space on your PS5 and need to keep deleting games? Stop here! We have researched and compiled a list of the very best external hard drives available for use with PS5 today. Each drive has unique features ranging from fast transfer speeds to massive storage space, delivering unique advantages for the best gaming experience possible. Getting a hard drive is now essential whether you're a light gamer or deeply into it. Check out our list now, and let neither size limitations nor storage capacity hinder your gaming prospects.

List of Top 16 External Hard Drives for PS5

  1. Crucial X6: Elevate Your Gaming Experience on a Budget
  2. WD Black P50: Unbeatable Value in PS5 External Storage
  3. Toshiba Canvio Advance: Unmatched Affordability in PS5 HDDs 
  4. Samsung T7 Shield: Samsung's Best PS5 SSD with Top Speed 
  5. Seagate FireCuda 530: Speed and Capacity in Perfect Harmony
  6. WD Black SN850 SSD: Sony-Certified Excellence at a Remarkable Value
  7. Kingston Fury Renegade SSD: Lightning Performance at a Solid Price
  8. Samsung Portable SSD T5: Unleashing Speed and Elegance for PS5
  9. LaCie Rugged SSD Pro: Unmatched Durability for PS5 On-the-Go
  10. Crucial X10 Pro: Redefining Portability in PS5 SSDs
  11. WD Black P40: The Epitome of PS5 External Excellence
  12. Seagate Game Drive: Sony-Approved Excellence
  13. WD Black D10: Unleashing High-Capacity Power for PS5
  14. SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD: Efficiency Meets Affordability for PS5
  15. Crucial X8: Unrivaled PS5 External Hard Drive Excellence

Crucial X6: Elevate Your Gaming Experience on a Budget

First on the list is the Crucial X6, the budget-friendly external SSD for PS5. For substantial investment in portable SSDs, the Crucial X6 provides an economical lifestyle choice. With the proper purpose and physical capability, there's no reason why you shouldn't take your killer gaming library with you wherever life may lead.   

Crucial X6

WD Black P50: Unbeatable Value in PS5 External Storage

If we talk about the high-value options, the P50 is the obvious go-to external PS5 SSD. However, the P40 is stealing some of its spotlight. Although that may have recently arrived, the P50 remains a robust and high-performing alternative. With nearly as good performance as the P40 and a possibly more wallet-friendly price tag, the WD Black P50 will secure the pinnacle of all your storage without leaving a big hole in your pocket.

Toshiba Canvio Advance: Unmatched Affordability in PS5 HDDs 

The Toshiba Canvio Advance offers an outstanding balance of price and high success rate in a compact form factor. This industry standard demonstrates that you can afford a budget hard drive without compromising quality. While many shoppers max out their credit cards trying to find an HDD fast enough for PS5 games, this one can give you enough space and speed without breaking the bank.

Samsung T7 Shield: Samsung's Best PS5 SSD with Top Speed 

Samsung's famous brand name for top store performance continues with the T7 Shield, which has become special as an external SSD in this PC. T7 Shield is versatile and reliable, building on the excellent example set by its predecessor, the T5. Showcasing Samsung's logo and superior craftsmanship, this PS5 memory card guarantees quality.

Seagate FireCuda 530: Speed and Capacity in Perfect Harmony

The Seagate FireCuda 530 tops our picks for the best overall drive for PS5 gamers, delivering lightning-fast transfer rates of up to 7,300 MB/s alongside ample space with multiple models ranging from 1TB through 4TB capacities. Exceptional write endurance guarantees longevity, while a fantastic heatsink ensures the drive stays cool at those impressive speeds. If you want to expand your PS5's storage with the fastest and most reliable speeds, there is no better place to start than the Seagate FireCuda 530.

WD Black SN850 SSD: Sony-Certified Excellence at a Remarkable Value

Certified as an official PlayStation product and backed by PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny, the WD Black SN850 SSD is Sony-sanctioned. The SSD provides lightning-fast speeds of more than 5,500MB/s. Lightning-quick loading times and a silky-smooth gaming experience are guaranteed. Thanks to its integrated heatsink, it tackles the heat build-up generated during extended playing sessions without any loss in performance. 

The WD Black SN850 provides excellent value for 1TB of storage for less than $150. By choosing the standard SN850 and going without a heatsink (which will save you more) or going with the new $140 version with an integrated heatsink, you can play your PS5 seamlessly. PS5 owners looking for an unbeatable combination of speed, price, and cooling ability will do well to switch on the WD Black SN850. And remember, it's got the full blessing of Sony.

WD Black SN850 SSD

Kingston Fury Renegade SSD: Lightning Performance at a Solid Price

Kingston's Fury Renegade SSD brings lightning-fast performance to your PS5 without breaking the bank. At up to 6,500MB/s read speeds, expect it to stay on top of much in exchange for all that extra speed. The built-in heatsink means this lousy fellow will relax in your PS5 setup like any other non-exotic accessory. 


No additional cooling products are necessary for compatibility and use with your PlayStation 5. Although a temperature gauge-less version is available to reduce costs, who would choose it? With integrated cooling, Renegade is the best. The Kingston Fury Renegade offers fast storage at a competitive price without complex installation. It provides better value for money and speed than any other contender or at least comes close.

Samsung Portable SSD T5: Unleashing Speed and Elegance for PS5

The Samsung Portable SSD T5 takes pride of place in PS5 external hard drives, and it does so with both form and function. The Samsung 1TB SSD perfectly blends style and compactness, incorporating the company's quality standards based on the above specifications. It boasts exceptional transfer speeds, making it a top-performing device compared to its competitors. Even when playing demanding games such as Returnal and Mass Effect: Andromeda, you won't experience any lag. The T5 requires more than 1TB of storage to meet all needs.

Nevertheless, it is an excellent accessory with outstanding performance and aesthetics. While it may not hold your entire collection, it effectively doubles the storage space available on your PS5. Although its transfer speeds for PS4 games are not the fastest, they are minor shortcomings in an otherwise exceptional product.

LaCie Rugged SSD Pro: Unmatched Durability for PS5 On-the-Go

When it comes to intensive PS5 external storage, the LaCie Rugged SSD Pro is one of the best options available. With a robust design, combined with drop and weather resistance, this rugged external device makes it hard to fault the reliability that is demanded on the go by users. The LaCie Rugged SSD Pro will give your PS5 games peace of mind regardless of terrain or weather conditions.

Crucial X10 Pro: Redefining Portability in PS5 SSDs

The X10 Pro is just another example of the portability of Crucial's hardware. It may be costly as the cutting-edge portable SSD of the Crucial Pro model still makes the grade by its small size factor, plus you can keep it on your keyring. The tiny but powerful Crucial X10 Pro establishes a new standard for portable SSDs, allowing you to take your gaming abilities anywhere.

WD Black P40: The Epitome of PS5 External Excellence

If the ultimate external hard drive is what you are pursuing for your PS5, then the unrivaled champion WD Black P40 stands before you. This portable SSD doesn't come cheap, but with incomparable speed and durability in our extensive testing, it is at the top of many lists. What P40 contributes to all this is brand-new performance and toughness. Even if you can't afford one, it will still be an article well worth your investment as people start demanding ever higher standards in racing machines.

Seagate Game Drive: Sony-Approved Excellence

Seagate Game Drive is the best officially licensed PS5 external hard drive! With support from Sony, it is also perfect for seamless native compatibility and gives the customer one less thing to worry about. Trust Sony and feel the joy of gaming with the Seagate Game Drive--it's the top choice for people who need high performance and official sign-off at their backs.

Seagate Game Drive

WD Black D10: Unleashing High-Capacity Power for PS5

The WD Black D10 is the best high-capacity PS5 external hard drive for people who need that extra "gigage." Its capacity is 8 TB, and its speed isn't wrong either, making it perfect to store many PS5 PS4 games. To convince you more, you need to know that WD Black D10 raises your gaming library to greater heights. It's designed for gamers who want total capacity and power in a portable unit.

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD: Efficiency Meets Affordability for PS5

The SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD is the best cost-effective storage solution for your PS5. For less than $100, this slim device can accommodate 500 GB of data. Stored like this, it holds roughly ten triple-A titles or several mid-budget and indie games. Its main selling point lies in the good speeds it attains--it can move a game like Returnal or Mass Effect: Andromeda within minutes. Furthermore, faster load times differentiate it from the competition, beating even the PS5's internal SSD. However, the available space needs to be more significant. The SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD has proven that performance and affordability can walk hand in hand. It's a small dwelling, just right for about ten smash hits or loads of small-budget and indie stuff.

Crucial X8: Unrivaled PS5 External Hard Drive Excellence

The PS5 external hard drive competition winner must be the Crucial X8, as it offers competitive pricing, rapid speeds, and ease for various user requirements. Some people claim that as an external hard drive, it does everything well enough to fit into everyone's lifestyle. Does it meet all sorts of users' needs? Buy your new Crucial X8 for PS5 and enjoy the balance of performance and practicality.

Method to Install a New Hard Drive on Your PS5

Installing a new hard drive in your PS5 is challenging but will be simple. For installation, you need to have a screwdriver & follow the below-given steps: 

  1. Open the slot of your PS5 to take out the old hard drive.
  2. Now, insert the new solid-state drive (SSD) into the slot.
  3. Lastly, put your console back together.

Confirm that the new SSD works with your PS5 (sometimes you must add a heatsink). With a heatsink, the disk does not get so hot. As a result, it doesn't work well and is apt to die prematurely under heat. That makes it crucial for the PS5, which has to be capacious.

When everything is ready, the installation is relatively easy. PS5 will show how to set up the new SSD once it's in. Now, you can browse your new games with peace of mind.

Method to Install a New Hard Drive on Your PS5

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Ultimately, picking the best external hard drive for your PS5 comes down to speed, storage, and price. Choose something that has a good combination of all three that fits into your budget and needs. With the speedy Seagate FireCuda 530, the WD Black SN850 SSD that was established explicitly as PS5 certified by Sony, and the affordable Kingston Fury Renegade SSD that is read for all of the latest games, you're sure to find the best one for you. No matter which you choose, you can expand your PS5 storage and never miss out on the latest games ever again.

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Frequently Asked Question 

Is 1TB SSD enough for the PS5?

For most gamers, a 1TB internal SSD will be the best balance of price and performance. That will give you just over 1.5TB of usable space and save you from paying the exorbitant prices currently being asked for 2TB and higher variants. For some models, it's the price of a whole PS5!

A 1TB model is a good starting point if you expand your storage externally. However, a larger capacity model can save you money during the sale seasons. In particular, high-quality 2TB and larger SSD models may be available at prices similar to their smaller counterparts.

If you are willing to sacrifice some speed to get the maximum extra storage space, however, an HDD will give you plenty of space for a much lower price. In particular, 4T and 5TB models will provide you with more storage space than you ever need. 

Is an external SSD or HDD better for PS5?

If you're wondering which is better for your PS5, we recommend using an SSD. Solid-state drives outperform hard disk drives, and they're slowly becoming more affordable, so you aren't just getting a better bang for your buck today. HDDs may still have a lead in capacity, but with SSDs, you're futureproofing your setup.

Is it worth buying an external hard drive for my PS5?

Yes, If you're looking to expand your current game storage and desire the ability to take those games anywhere you do, then picking up one of the best PS5 external hard drives is well worth the investment. There are plenty of external SSD drives if you decide you want better performance than you might have experienced on your PS4, and always remember that an external hard drive isn't explicitly destined and is only for game storage; if you find yourself frequently moving clips and media from your PS5 to your computer for content creation, then an external SSD will make the transfer of whole games at once an absolute breeze.

Can I use any external hard drive for the PS5?

You can use most USB-powered external hard drives. You may have to ensure it's formatted correctly, which usually requires wiping any existing data. It's a painless process: once you've got it plugged into the USB 3.0 port at the back of the PS5, it'll ask to format the drive if necessary, so do ensure you're moving any existing data off the drive first.

What is the maximum size of a PS5 SSD?

The PS5's M.2 storage slot previously supported a maximum of 4TB, but the latest firmware beta update has been revealed to keep up to 8TB. That's double the existing storage capacity, and as exciting as that might sound, you may need help to fill all that space, especially considering how large these drives are. Remember, 8TB drives can be expensive, so for most players, a 1 or 2TB PS5 SSD will be more than enough to futureproof a gaming experience.

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