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Discover the Best 365-day Prepaid Mobile Plans in Australia

Are you looking for a prepaid mobile plan that offers long-lasting convenience and value? Introducing a convenient and affordable solution for prepaid mobile plans in Australia that lasts for 365 days! Several telecom companies in Australia offer a range of monthly data plans with different options. In this blog post, we will analyze various prepaid mobile plans that have a validity of 365 days.

There is a plan for everyone, regardless of your preferences or needs. Whether you want an affordable option or extensive mobile coverage, there is a plan that suits you. Let's start the discussion about the best prepaid mobile plans in Australia that last for 365 days. Explore the top choices for mobile plans that are designed for the long term!

Everything You Need to Know About 365-Day Prepaid Plans!

Do you ever feel tired of paying your mobile plan bills every month? If that's the case, 365-day prepaid plans are a great option instead of regular monthly mobile plans. These plans provide mobile coverage for a whole year without requiring monthly payments. You have to make a payment in advance to get continuous access for a full year.

You will find several telecommunications companies in Australia that provide prepaid plans for 365 days. These plans have different features, including data, calls, and text messages. These plans are designed to meet various needs, allowing users to select the one that suits their requirements the most.

You have full control over your usage with a prepaid plan that lasts for 365 days. You are free to use the data and other things included in your plan whenever you want. But, if you use up all your data before the deadline, you will have to recharge the package again.

One big benefit of these plans is that you don't need to be concerned about making monthly payments, which saves you both time and money. In addition, certain telecommunications companies provide discounts and extra data for customers who choose an annual plan. You can easily find a plan that fits your needs and budget. Why delay? Switch to a 365-day prepaid plan and enjoy convenient mobile coverage without any complications!

Best Providers in Australia for 365-Day Prepaid Plans

The best Australian telecom companies for 365-day prepaid plans are as follows: 

  • Amaysim
  • Coles
  • Woolworth Mobile
  • Catch Connect
  • Boost Mobile
  • Telstra Logo
  • Lebara
  • Optus logo
  • Vodafone
  • Kogan Mobile

The Best 365-Day Prepaid Plans for $150 and Under in Australia

The top prepaid plans that last for a year and cost $150 or less are ideal for people who prefer not to deal with expensive monthly payments. We surveyed the market and created a list of the best-prepaid plans under $150 in Australia that provide excellent value for the price.

1) Coles Mobile Prepaid 

Price: $120 for 365 Days

Coles Mobile's prepaid plan is a good choice for people who want a low-cost plan with lots of data. This plan provides 60GB of data, which is very generous considering its cost. Additionally, Coles Mobiles has a limited-time offer in which you can obtain this plan for only $99. That makes it one of the most affordable choices available. Moreover, this plan offers: 

  • Unlimited calling and texting within the country
  • You can make unlimited calls and send text messages to 15 specific international destinations.
  • You can carry over a maximum of 50GB of data if you recharge before your current plan expires or if you have an active AutoRecharge setup.

2) Kogan Mobile Small - 365 Day Flex Plan

Price: $120

The Kogan Mobile 365 Day Flex Plan is a great choice for people looking for a prepaid plan with a longer duration. This plan provides 120GB of data that is valid for 365 days.

Additionally, the plan includes an extra 40GB of bonus data, bringing the total amount of data to 160GB, which is a substantial quantity. The Kogan Mobile plan is a suitable choice for individuals who require a substantial amount of data. With this plan, users can make calls using VoLTE and Wi-Fi.

Moreover, you can enjoy unlimited standard national calls for a full year. Also, get unlimited standard texts and MMS for 365 days. It also includes a complimentary eSIM card at no cost and can be used exclusively in Australia.

3) Catch Connect

Price: $120 - 365 Day Plan 

Are you in search of a plan that provides a generous amount of data and an exceptional offer? Consider Catch Connect's 365-Day Plan as your ideal option. For only $120, you can get 120GB of data for the first year with this plan, making it a cost-effective option for those who use the internet moderately. 

Additionally, you will have the benefit of unlimited national calling and texting, enabling you to easily stay in touch with loved ones throughout the entire country. Catch Connect offers a 365-day Plan that provides ample data and connectivity at an affordable price. Take advantage of this exclusive limited-time deal by signing up now!

4) Lebara Mobile Extra Small Plan 

Price: $140 - 360 Days

The Lebara Mobile Extra Small Plan offers 80GB of data for 360 days. Although its validity period is shorter compared to the other plans on this list, the plan can still be a viable choice for individuals on a tight budget.

Best 365-Day Prepaid Plans

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Best 365-Day Prepaid Plans $200 and Under in Australia

Here is a compilation of the top prepaid plans that span 365 days and are priced at $200 or less.

1) Catch Connect 

Price: $200 - 365 Day Plan 

Catch Connect's 365 Day Plan is perfect for users who require a large amount of data, as it offers a generous 260GB of data for the first year. That includes 200GB as a standard allowance and an additional 60GB as a bonus. The plan offers unlimited talk and text within the country, as well as international talk and text to 36 specific countries.

2) Lebara Mobile

Price: $200 - Small 365 days Plan 

Lebara Mobile's 360-day Medium Plan is a great option for budget-conscious users. With this plan, you get 180GB of data at a discounted price of $200. The plan includes unlimited calls and texts within the country and also allows for international calls and texts to 15 specific countries.

3) Amaysim 

Price: $170 - Unlimited 150GB Long Expiry 

The Amaysim Unlimited 150GB Long Expiry plan is ideal for people who mainly use their mobile devices for browsing and streaming. It costs $170 for a 12-month renewal. Furthermore, the plan includes unlimited standard calling and messaging to all networks in Australia, along with international calling and messaging to specific countries. 

4) Everyday Mobile 

Price: $170 - Prepaid Long Expiry Recharge

The Everyday Mobile Prepaid $170 Long Expiry Recharge provides 125 GB of data that lasts for a full year. One of the main benefits of the plan is that you can get a 10% discount on eligible purchases at Woolworths stores every month by linking your Everyday Rewards card.

5) Coles Mobile 

Price: $200 for Prepaid 365 Days Plan ($169 - Limited Time Offer)

Coles Mobile's Prepaid $200 for 365 Days plan provides users with 200GB of data at a price of just $169. The plan offers unlimited talk and text within the country, along with an additional 10GB of data every month through auto-recharge.

6) Kogan Mobile Medium 365 Day Flex Plan 

Price: $180

The Medium - 365 Day Flex Plan from Kogan Mobile costs $180 and includes 200GB of data, which includes a bonus of 42 GB. The plan offers unlimited talk and text within the country, as well as international talk and text to 42 specific countries.

Kogan Mobile Medium 365 Day Flex Plan

Best 365-Day Prepaid Plans $300 & Under in Australia 

In Australia, telecom companies provide prepaid plans that come with different data allowances and validity periods. Opting for the appropriate prepaid plan can result in long-term savings. Here are some prepaid plans that have a duration of 365 days and cost $300 or less:

1) Kogan Mobile Extra Large - 365 Day Flex Plan 

Price: $300

Kogan Mobile provides 500GB of data per 365-day renewal. With the current deal, you can get $100 off Kogan Mobile devices and 500GB data (including 14 GB bonus data) for only $300. This plan has no hidden fees or lock-in contracts, and you can enjoy unlimited standard national calls and texts.

2) Boost Mobile

Price: $230

Boost Mobile's $230 Prepaid plan provides 170 GB of data per 12-month renewal. With the current deal, you can get 170 GB of data on your first recharge and 160GB from the second recharge. This plan includes unlimited standard national calls and texts, roaming in selected countries, and data-free music streaming with Apple Music.

3) Lebara Mobile Large Plan - 360 days

Price: $300

Lebara Mobile's Large Plan offers 425 GB of data per 360-day renewal. This plan includes unlimited standard national calls and texts and unlimited standard international calls to 15 selected countries. It also has data-driven bonuses, such as an extra 20GB of data per month when you recharge $30 or more in one transaction via auto recharge.

4) Everyday Mobile 

Price: $220

Everyday Mobile's Prepaid $220 Long Expiry Recharge plan provides 200GB of data per 365-day renewal. With the current deal, you can get 10% off an eligible Woolworths shop in-store every month when you link your Everyday Rewards card. This plan includes unlimited standard national calls and texts and auto recharge for hassle-free renewals.

5) Optus Flex Plus

Price: $320 

Optus Flex Plus offers 260 GB of data per 365-day renewal. You can get this plan for $240 on their flash sale, which runs until October 26, 2023. After the initial recharge, the plan reverts to the standard price. This plan includes unlimited standard national calls and texts, roaming in selected countries, and data-free music streaming with Spotify and Google Play Music.

6) Amaysim (UNLIMITED 200GB Long Expiry)

Price: $220

Amaysim's UNLIMITED 200GB Long Expiry plan offers 200GB of data per 12-month renewal. This plan includes unlimited standard national calls and texts and unlimited standard international calls to 28 selected countries. It also has data rollover, which means that unused data is added to your next recharge.

Amaysim (UNLIMITED 200GB Long Expiry)

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Best Data-Only 365-day Prepaid Plans in Australia

Here is the list of the best data-only 365-day prepaid plans offered by various telecom companies in Australia. These plans are perfect for people who need a reliable internet connection for a whole year without worrying about monthly recharges.

1) Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband Go 

Price: $160

The Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband Go plan is ideal for users who need a large amount of data. This plan provides ample data, 70GB in total, for various online activities such as browsing the internet, streaming videos, and playing games. Additionally, if you activate before November 27, 2023, you will receive 100GB of data on your initial recharge, which includes a bonus of 30 GB. This offer is ideal for individuals seeking a cost-effective solution to fulfill their data requirements.

2) ALDI Mobile Data Plan

Price: $95

ALDI Mobile provides an affordable data-only plan for budget-conscious users. You can enjoy 30GB of data for an entire year for just $95. This plan is ideal for individuals who use the internet lightly and primarily for social media browsing and email checking.

3) Optus Prepaid Data Only SIM

Price: $130

Optus provides a 365-day prepaid plan that focuses on data and offers competitive rates. This plan offers 80GB of data, making it ideal for users who require a dependable internet connection for streaming and browsing. The Optus Prepaid Data Only SIM can be purchased exclusively online. Check out the website for further details.

4) Vodafone Prepaid Mobile Broadband Recharge

Price: $150

Vodafone has a great data-only plan available for users who need a decent amount of data. This data plan, offering 75GB of data, is ideal for users seeking a dependable internet connection for streaming music or TV shows.

Overall, the Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband Go is the top choice for a data-only plan because it offers a large amount of data and a generous recharge bonus. If you have limited funds, the ALDI Mobile Data Plan is a good choice. In Australia, you can easily find a data-only prepaid plan that meets your specific needs and budget for a full year.

Vodafone Prepaid Mobile Broadband Recharge

What to Look for in a 365-Day Prepaid Mobile Plan?

Many telecommunication companies in Australia provide a variety of prepaid mobile plans that last for 365 days or one year. Each of them offers unique features and advantages. However, when selecting the most suitable option, consider the following factors:

1) Options for Recharge

There are prepaid mobile plans available in different durations, including long-expiry options. The most common options include the 365-day or one-year recharge, 180-day, and 90-day choices. Before choosing a specific plan, it is important to have a clear understanding of the duration and terms associated with the recharge. 

Some telecom companies provide one-year recharge options that expire on the activation date, but they only last for less than 365 days. Being able to comprehend the available choices allows you to select the one that best fits your requirements.

2) Inclusions and Importance of Data

When choosing a prepaid plan that lasts for a year, it's important to consider the value and the amount of data provided. To effectively compare the options, it is recommended to calculate their monthly costs and included features. An example is Kogan's Small Flex Plan, which provides 80GB of data for a year at a cost of $120. It means you will be charged $10 per month and receive 6.6GB of data. Gaining a clear understanding of these offers will assist you in making an informed decision.

3) Options for Carrying Over Data

Telecom companies offer different data rollover or data banking options for long-term prepaid plans. Certain providers offer limited data banking, while others allow users to carry over all unused data by recharging before the expiration date. Before signing up, it is important to have a clear understanding of the data rollover options in order to make the most of the available data.

4) Options for Automatic Recharging

Extended-duration plans can be convenient, and certain companies provide automatic recharge choices. These are perfect for people who want to refrain from refilling their balances when they run out of credit. It is important to have a clear understanding of the additional fees for exceeding data limits imposed by different companies. 

Certain companies have a pricing structure based on the amount of data used, typically charging per megabyte. On the other hand, some companies provide the option to store data indefinitely, known as lifetime data banking.

Advantages of 365-day prepaid plans

Prepaid plans with a one-year expiration period offer certain advantages:

  • It's really convenient and hassle-free to pay for a whole year of inclusions upfront.
  • This plan is perfect for people who want to avoid recharging or paying monthly bills.
  • Having access to all the data at once provides more flexibility and empowers the user to control its usage.
  • A one-year expiration also gives you more control over how you use the plan.

Disadvantages of 365-day prepaid plans

Prepaid plans with a one-year expiration period offer certain disadvantages:

  • Paying for prepaid plans upfront can be costly in the initial stage, which may not be ideal for certain users.
  • The primary factor that determines your payment is typically the amount of data included in your plan.
  • Every month, it's important to ration your data to ensure you stay supplied before your plan expires. Make sure to keep track of your usage to stay within your limits.
  • If you use up all your data before your plan expires, you'll have to recharge your plan ahead of time, which can be quite inconvenient.
  • Although having all of your data upfront may be preferred by some individuals, it may only be suitable for some.

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Conclusion: Should I Get a 365-Day Prepaid Plan?

Overall, if you have the financial means to cover the initial cost, it may be worth considering these plans. It's also beneficial to calculate the monthly cost breakdown and compare these long-term mobile plans with other prepaid options to determine if there are better value options available elsewhere. We have mentioned almost every provider in Australia with their various plans that come under respective budgets. Choose the one that suits you best for your needs and budget!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the differences between prepaid and postpaid?

Prepaid mobile phone plans are payment options where you pay in advance by purchasing a recharge in-store, online, or setting up auto-recharge. You make a payment in advance before using it. On the other end, Postpaid mobile phone plans require you to pay a monthly bill after using the service.

Do prepaid mobile plans cost less?

It can vary, but typically, prepaid plans are less expensive than postpaid plans. Postpaid plans offer more value for the money you pay each month.

What happens after the expiration of the prepaid plan? 

Once your prepaid plan ends, you will need to subscribe again if you wish to continue using your phone. Certain plans allow you to carry forward any data that you haven't used if you renew your plan. To find out if this feature is available, take a look at the terms and conditions of your plan.

Is a 365-day plan more affordable?

Prepaid phone plans that last for 365 days or 1 year can have a higher initial cost, but they may be more affordable compared to monthly plans. However, the disadvantage of this affordability is that they usually provide less value when considering the cost per gigabyte. You are spending less, but the value you receive is lower.

Do providers offer plans with unlimited data that lasts for 365 days?

Currently, there are no prepaid plans available that offer unlimited data for an extended period. If you want to have data without any extra charges or limits, you will need to choose a postpaid provider such as Felix or Dodo.

What occurs if I ignore using all of my data?

Usually, Australians who choose a prepaid mobile plan with a long expiration period, such as the ones mentioned on this page, will lose any remaining or unused data when the plan's expiration date comes. However, certain service providers offer a feature known as data banking or data rollover. As long as you fulfill the specified requirements, a portion of your data will be transferred to your next recharge.

What does a long-lasting prepaid plan mean? 

A long-lasting prepaid plan is a recharge that remains valid for more than one month. A month is typically the standard time for inclusions and bills to reset. Anything above this is considered unique and falls under the category of 'long expiry'. The most commonly chosen long-lasting plans will continue for either six or 12 months. That means you have the option to pay for an entire year of phone service in advance.

Do prepaid credit cards have an expiration date?

Yes! In Australia, prepaid plans have a specified time limit for credit usage. Once the plan expires, you will no longer be able to make calls, send texts, or use data. To optimize your credit, select a plan that offers data rollover. When you renew your subscription, any data from previous periods that you haven't used will still be accessible. Please review the terms and conditions for more information.

What is the duration of a prepaid plan?

The expiration dates of prepaid plans in Australia can vary. Certain plans have a lifespan of 24 hours, whereas others, such as the ones listed here, go for 365 days. Typically, plans expire within 28-31 days and require renewal. Prepaid plans in Australia usually have expiration dates of 7, 10, 20, 30, 90, 365, or 180 days.

Which provider offers prepaid plans that include unlimited data?

Vodafone offers prepaid plans with unlimited data. These plans provide a specific amount of high-speed data and then offer unlimited data at a reduced speed of 1.5Mbps. 

What are the differences between a prepaid plan and a pay-as-you-go option?

A pay-as-you-go (PAYG) plan is a prepaid plan where you buy credit as you go. You can use this credit for calls, texts, and data, and you will be charged at a fixed rate. The PAYG credit usually expires after one year. PAYG plans are a good option for people who don't use their mobile phones often and want to save money. But if you use your phone often, especially if you want to use mobile data, the charges for pay-as-you-go will accumulate quickly.

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