How To Get a Specific Mobile Phone Number

How To Get a Specific Mobile Phone Number

Are you bored with your old phone number and want to switch to a new and unique phone number that is easy to remember? If so, then you don't need to worry because we have specially prepared this guide for your better understanding of getting a specific phone number. You don't need to work hard to buy a specific number. That is a simple process in which you have to pay a little extra amount of money to upgrade to a premium number.

You may also wonder, in Australia, which telecom companies offer the service of getting a specific number? In this blog post, we will also talk about mobile providers that offer special phone numbers, how to ask for a specific number, and how much it might cost you. Keep reading to find out how you can make your phone number unique among all the other ordinary numbers.

Can I choose my phone number?

Yes, in Australia, you have the option to select your phone number. Many people prefer to select a type of number known as a 'premium number.' A premium number is a special mobile number that has easy-to-remember or lucky combinations of numbers, like: 

  • 0422 222 222 
  • 0400 123456 
  • 0413 13 13 13

The numbers that are very rare or highly desired are called 'golden' or 'gold' numbers, while the more common ones are referred to as 'silver' or 'bronze' variations. In Australia, the first 4 digits of phone numbers are assigned to different carriers. For instance, numbers starting with 0400 and 0499 are allocated to Telstra, 0401 and 0411 to Optus, and 0404 and 0424 to Vodafone. These initial digits usually need to be customizable. However, if you're willing to pay more, you can get special number sequences for the last six digits that are easy to remember.

phone numbers

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Advantages of Purchasing Custom/Specific Phone Numbers

When you purchase a personalized phone number, you can enjoy many advantages. Some of these benefits include:

1) Assists in Creating a Professional Appearance

A business is known for being trustworthy when it has a phone number that people can trust. It is important to take your easy-to-dial, toll-free, and vanity phone numbers seriously in order to present a professional image.

2) Improves the Reputation of Your Brand

Building a stronger brand is crucial for growing a successful business. One way to enhance your brand image is by using toll-free vanity phone numbers. Having your business name and phone number easily recognizable will assist your customers in identifying and contacting your business.

3) Promotes the Bussiness Connections

Having a phone number that is easy to remember makes it more likely for your clients and potential customers to reach out to you when they need your services for their business. Making it easier for people to contact you allows them to reach you more conveniently. If you have a virtual phone number, you can make international phone calls without spending too much money, and it makes it easier for people to contact your team. 

You don't need to be concerned about sharing or being at your workplace with this. By using a virtual number, you can make and receive calls on your mobile phone without any intermediaries. You can use SMS, text messaging, and other platforms to communicate with customers through multiple channels.

4) Enjoy the Enhanced Capabilities Offered by Voip

VoIP phones have replaced traditional phone lines completely. With regular landline phones, you can only use basic features like knowing who is calling and redirecting calls. Furthermore, using a traditional phone will require you to spend more money on making long-distance and international calls.

But, if you choose a trustworthy VoIP phone service provider, you can enjoy useful features such as having your voicemails turned into written text, sending text messages, having an automated receptionist, and redirecting calls to another number. KrispCall is a trusted and popular company that offers a virtual phone system with advanced VoIP features.

5) Simple to Remember

Choosing a phone number that is easy to remember makes it simpler for you to recall and share your number with customers. But when the number is easier to remember, more customers will memorize it and reach out to you whenever they need your service or want to do business with you!

Choosing a phone number that is easy to remember

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3 Different Types of Specific Phone Numbers

We have provided three different types of phone numbers to help you understand their costs and how they can meet your business needs.

1) Vanity Numbers 

Vanity numbers are phone numbers that let you add a specific word or phrase after the toll-free prefix. They are great for promoting your brand. For instance, a phone number like 1-800-WATCHES is simple to remember and gives people an idea of what your business is about. The typical cost is around $15 to $20 per month.

2) Toll-free Number

Toll-free numbers have three-digit codes at the beginning and don't cost anything for the person making the call. Setting them up is simple, and they make your brand look more professional. Toll-free numbers often start with prefixes like 855, 800, 866, 899, and so on. The typical cost is around $10 to $15 per month.

3) Easy Dial Numbers

Easy dial numbers are phone numbers that have simple patterns. These patterns can include alternating figures or repeating digits. You can use different area codes for your regional offices but keep the same number. For instance, you can use the phone number (814) 888-8888 for one office location and the number (723) 888-8888 for another. Their average cost is $10 per month.

How Do We Know if the Phone Number Is Currently Available or Not?

If you want to know if a phone number is available, the best thing to do is contact your service provider. They can tell you which numbers are available and if any of them match the number you want. You could also try calling the number you want, but please be polite and respectful. Nobody likes someone rude or annoying.

Once you get your desired number, you can keep it. You can keep a new number for as long as you want because it's against the law for a telecom company to take it away from you. It's also easy to switch to a different phone company and keep your number. When you switch, just let the new company know that you want to transfer your number, and they will take care of the rest.

How Do We Know if the Phone Number Is Currently Available or Not?

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From Whom Can We Buy a Specific Phone Number for Business and Personal?

Here are some ways you can find and purchase a specific phone number for both your business and personal needs. Make sure you know the steps to follow when buying a specific phone number.

a) From Telecom Operators

To buy a phone number, the easiest thing to do is get in touch with your current phone company or any other companies you're considering. Usually, the person in charge provides you with a unique phone number that is called "Special Service."When you decide to reach out to customer support, a representative will help you get a personalized phone number that meets certain guidelines for specialization.

You will get details about how it works and how it can vary among different providers. They will inquire about the exact phone number you prefer and the reason behind your request. Afterward, they will check if the number you chose is available or if they can generate and give you one.

b) Through Google Voice.

Google provides free services through an app called "Google Voice." You have the option to select your phone number with Google Voice. After you make a Google Voice account, you can use it to call people easily, send text messages, and leave voicemails for any phone number in the world.

How to Choose a Specific Phone Number?

If you want to know how to buy a specific phone number, there are some important tips to keep in mind for choosing a phone number that is easy to remember.

1) Choose a Number That Represents Your Brand

Adding your product or company's name to your business number can have a significant impact. Think about selecting a special phone number that includes your brand name. For instance, you can use the phone number 1-800-MAKEUP for businesses that sell cosmetics.

2) Take Advantage of Using Multiple Phone Numbers

Using different phone numbers for different advertising channels can help you figure out which channel is bringing in the best leads. It is a good idea to purchase multiple phone numbers instead of just having one.

3) Choose Local Toll-Free Phone Numbers

Toll-free numbers are a great option for your business when you start selling online or expanding to different places because they are recognized worldwide and offer a safe and smart choice. If your business only operates in one area, consider using local vanity numbers to create a strong bond with your customers.

4) Choose a Number That Is Simple to Remember

If the customer has difficulty dialing the phone number, then your efforts to purchase a custom number will be successful. Make sure you pick a number that is simple to remember and dial.

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Top Providers in Australia Offering Specific/Gold/Silver Phone Numbers

Want to know where you can purchase special phone numbers? Here are a few well-known companies in Australia that provide business phone systems with different types of phone numbers:

1) Optus Gold Numbers

The telco doesn't openly tell customers how much things cost, but Optus does let customers ask for and buy special phone numbers. In earlier times, individuals used to refer to them as 'golden numbers.' You can choose a specific pattern, the next number in line, or something easy for you to remember. 

The amount you need to pay will be different based on the specific change you want to make. To get one, go to an Optus store. Optus doesn't give an exact number of choices clients have for configurations, but if you want to switch to a golden number, they will charge a fixed administration fee of $132. 

2) Vodafone Gold & Silver Numbers

Vodafone customers can choose to upgrade to a number that is difficult to find but easy to remember. The telecommunications company offers two types of premium numbers: gold and silver. Gold numbers cost $275, while silver numbers can be purchased for $55 upfront. 

Along with the cost of the premium gold or silver number mentioned earlier, Vodafone also requires a one-time fee of $19.95 if you want to change your mobile number. If you want to ask for a special gold or silver phone number, you can call 1555 from your Vodafone device. If you're using a different phone, you can call 1300 650 410 instead. 

3) Telstra Gold & Silver Numbers

If you're a Telstra customer and you want to change your phone number, you might have to pay a fee of up to $400 before making the change. Telstra offers customers different types of phone numbers, including gold, silver, and bronze options. The prices vary based on the specific combination of numbers you want.

If you want to change your phone number, but you're not upgrading your plan at the same time, you may have to pay a fee in addition to the initial cost of getting a premium number. Telstra is no longer advertising bronze numbers on its website. But if the number you want is still available, you'll need to ask about it.

4) Amaysim Premium Numbers

You can obtain a premium phone number even if you are not subscribed to a big telecommunications plan. Amaysim is a company that offers phone services and uses the Optus network. They also offer customers the choice to switch to premium phone numbers if they are available, and it won't be too expensive.

If you decide to upgrade to a premium number on an Amaysim plan, you'll need to pay a one-time fee of $30. Additionally, there is a $20 fee for changing your number. If you need to change your amaysim phone number, you can contact the company's customer service team through Live Chat or email and ask for a special number.

Amaysim Premium Numbers

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Is It Possible to Change the Phone Number?

Yes, even if you don't want a special phone number, most phone companies still let you change or update your phone number. If you have a good reason, like identity theft, data hacking, or harassment, you might not have to pay a fee to change your number. When you join a new service, you don't need to keep your old number. You can get a completely new number without any extra cost. 

You can change your phone number with any of the three main providers given above- Optus, Telstra, and Vodafone - for any reason you want. Contact their customer support team and get the details about it. However, smaller service providers may only allow you to change your phone number in certain situations. If you use Felix Mobile, they will only change your number if someone is bothering you or harassing you. Woolworths Mobile is not very clear and says that there are certain situations where they allow you to change your phone number. 

What to Do When Your Service Provider Doesn't Allow You to Choose a Special Number?

First, you can try contacting your service provider through a phone call or online chat to get the information you need, even though there are expenses involved in personalizing your phone number. Most telecom companies usually hide this information in complicated terms and conditions or obscure sections of their websites. For instance, Optus has a small amount of information that you can access. However, Amaysim stands out from the rest because it offers a convenient number builder feature when purchasing a plan online. One possible solution to address this issue is to:

  • Ensure that your existing plan is a SIM-only plan without any contract.
  • When your current month is finished, please cancel your phone plan.
  • Please select a new plan without a contract and with only a SIM card from the available providers. You can also choose your phone number and pay the required fees.
  • If you're still looking for a different provider, you can transfer your new custom number to the new provider.

The process might take a while, but it could be worth it to achieve the desired number. Remember, in certain situations, you may need to pay $400 in addition to any other expenses related to purchasing a new phone plan in order to obtain the desired phone number. In this situation, Amaysim is the most affordable option because you can purchase a SIM card online. You have the choice to select a phone number at no cost or for just $30. Additionally, you can transfer that number to another plan if you decide to switch. But overall, Amaysim does well in customer reviews, so you might choose to stay with them.

What to Do When Your Service Provider Doesn't Allow You to Choose a Special Number?

What Is the Average Cost of Getting a Custom Number? Should I Pay for a Custom Number?

The cost of getting a custom number can range from $30 to over $400, depending on the company you choose. It can be more difficult if your service provider doesn't allow you to personalize your phone number. That means that if you really want to have a unique number, you would need to switch to a different service provider temporarily and then switch back again. It can take several days to complete, and many people find the waiting time unacceptable. Changing your mobile phone number to something unique can be expensive, but it might be worth it for people who want better data plans from their preferred provider and a phone number that they will remember for a long time.

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If you want to create a strong brand image, it's a good idea to spend money on getting special phone numbers. These days, lots of companies are providing custom phone numbers at affordable rates. We have also talked about some of them earlier. Follow the guidelines we have given above in order to get the right special number. Now, anyone can buy a phone number that is easy to remember and great for your business without having to spend a lot of money.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it usually take to activate a selected mobile phone in Australia?

When you switch your phone number, it may take some time for your new premium mobile number to become active. It might take around four hours and is typically done during specific business hours. Make sure to confirm with your provider when you ask them. 

Are there any rules or limitations when it comes to selecting a mobile phone number in Australia?

Yes, there are guidelines for selecting a phone number in Australia. You can't choose a number that someone else has already picked. Occasionally, a number can also be "isolated." When a service is disconnected, the number is kept on hold for six months. That allows the owner to reconnect with the same phone number. After six months, the number will be returned to the original provider and can then be used by another person. If someone's phone number is suspended due to harassment, it might be put on hold for 12 months.

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