Refurbished iPhones – a Good Value Investment

Refurbished iPhones – a Good Value Investment

The market for used phones in Australia has experienced considerable growth over the past few years, with experts estimating over 300 million units to be shipped globally by 2023. Modern refurbished phones are a safe and reliable option when looking for a new smartphone. Whether it’s a refurbished iPhone or a refurbished Samsung, Roobotech have a variety of previously owned and demo phones that function as good as new. A refurbished phone is a smart investment that saves you money.

What is a Refurbished Phone?

Refurbished phones are mobile phones that have been previously owned by somebody else. They might be demo models, privately used or damaged phones that are purchased and restored. If their process is anything like here at Roobotech, they’re rigorously assessed for  individual quality and functional issues. The newly acquired iPhones, Androids and other smartphones are then repaired, graded based on their condition and sold to the public with a guarantee of quality.

Refurbished Phones vs Second Hand Phones

Refurbished phones and second hand phones are not the same thing. While some second hand phones may have been previously refurbished, and some refurbished phones might be second hand – this does not make them inherently the same thing. Refurbished phones have been professionally restored and handled with care. A skilled technician has used safe and reliable parts to bring a refurbished phone as close to new as possible. A second hand phone purchased from a private reseller online, or in person, rarely offers any such guarantee of quality. With no comprehensive assessment taking place, it generally poses a higher risk for the buyer.

Are They Safe to Use?


Yes. All refurbished phones sold at Roobotech are quality tested. You can be sure that everything we make available for sale is completely safe and has passed our strict checklist. Whether they’re demo model phones or come from private trade ins, they have been thoroughly tested for safety.

Can I trade In My iPhone at Roobotech?

Yes. We accept a variety of different types of phones for trade in at Roobotech. Simply bring in your apple trade in phone and we’ll assess it for damage. Providing you with a fair and competitive trade in price. Trade in phones are an integral part of the refurbishing process and we can’t function without our loyal customers bringing in their old phones.

Popular Refurbished Phones

Tips to Look Our for When Buying

  • Always shop from a reputable seller like Roobotech.
  • Research the phone models beforehand so you know exactly what you want.
  • Ask about anything you’re unsure of. At Roobotech, we’re eager to answer any questions you have about any of our products
  • Inspect it physically if you choose. We’re always happy to reserve your product for you, to purchase in person if you’d like to get a better look at it beforehand.

Roobotech’s Refurbished Phones

Refurbished phones are a great option for anyone looking for a budget friendly option for a new smartphone. The best place to buy refurbished phones in Australia is right here at Roobotech. Whether you’re looking for iphone repairs, phone accessories, screen replacement or refurbished demo phones in Melbourne, we’ve got you covered.

Visit us at our convenient St Kilda location or follow the link below to purchase your refurbished phone today.

Roobotech’s Range of Refurbished iPhones Australia

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