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Mobile Phone Accessories That You Must Have in 2023

There are many mobile phone accessories that are a must have in 2023. Smartphones continue to get more and more sophisticated, giving their users the capability to perform a wide variety of functions. From online gaming to music engineering, more functions mean more accessories.

Mobile phone accessories offer you a way to not only customise your experience with your smartphone but also enhance it. The choices you’re faced with when deciding on mobile phone accessories can be overwhelming. Different brands and varying specifications means it requires a considerable amount of research to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

3 Popular Mobile Accessories

Below are a list of some mobile phone accessories that Roobotech believes are must haves in 2023.

1) Wireless headphones

There are many bluetooth headphone options available for iphones, androids and almost all other smartphones available. While it seems like a logical choice to purchase the same brand as your device, it’s important to know that this is not a requirement.

Apple Airpods can be used with Samsung phones and Galaxy Buds can connect to Apple iPhones. These products are all still bluetooth devices at their core and therefore possess the capability to sync without any major issues. The only drawbacks exist in some of the brand specific features not being available when used with another phone. For example, the Apple Airpods feature easy-sync technology. This allows you to pair them with your iPhone simply by placing them on top of it. This feature is obviously not available when synching with an Android phone and has to be done manually through your phone’s settings.

2) Cases

With smartphones evolving to look more and more similar, phone cases exist as the only real way to customise your phone’s look. A unique case is a mobile phone accessory that makes your phone your own. Allowing it to stand out in a crowd and be easily identifiable for you.

Whether it’s a subtle clear casing or a brightly coloured cover, your cover makes your phone your own. For most of us, however, this isn’t the primary function of a case. Smartphone’s are not cheap or easily replaceable so we want to make sure our precious device is as safe as possible. Many cases come with drop resistant ratings that have been scientifically tested to ensure no damage is likely to occur from a certain height. It’s important to look out for features like raised edges too. These elevated sides prevent your phone’s face from making direct content with the surface it falls on.

3) Screen Protectors

Just like a case or cover, a screen protector is another important mobile phone accessory used in reducing the chance of your phone getting damaged. Protectors come in a variety of materials, such as PET, TPU and glass – each one possessing their own unique set of specs.

PET protectors are made of plastic. They provide sufficient protection against scratches and small bumps but will do little to stop damage from a large impact. They’re an affordable option and do work well for their purpose.

TPU protectors are a different type of plastic. This chemically enhanced material boasts the same PET scratch resistant properties as well as anti-grease and easy-clean abilities. The somewhat elastic properties of this material make it significantly better at absorbing impacts, giving you greater protection than a PET protector. These screen protectors are usually priced slightly higher than a PET protector.

The final option is Tempered Glass. This material is the superior choice. Tempered glass has a more natural, tactile feel. It allows more light penetration to give you a clearer view of your screen and boasts a hardness rating of 8-9H. In the event of a severe impact, it’s likely that this protector will absorb almost all of the impact. Shattering into pieces but leaving your phone screen untouched – as it was designed to do.

Roobotech Has The Best Quality Mobile Phone Accessories For You in Australia

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