Is the iPhone 14 Waterproof?

Is the iPhone 14 Waterproof?

Does the iPhone 14 have water resistance? Many people often wonder about this. The answer is yes, the iPhone 14 is water-resistant, but it's important to note that it's not entirely waterproof. That indicates that it is able to endure being immersed in water for a certain period, but it is not advisable to keep it submerged for long durations.  

According to Apple, the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max are all designed to be water-resistant. They can withstand being submerged in water up to 6 meters deep, as per the IEC standard 60529. It's worth mentioning that the ability of a product to resist water may decrease over time, and any damage caused by water is not included in the warranty.

 It's important to be cautious with the iPhone 14 and water. Moreover, it's recommended to avoid fully submerging or exposing it to excessive water. Overall, it's a helpful feature that protects your phone from accidental water damage, but it doesn't mean you can use your phone without any worries while swimming.

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iPhone 14 Waterproof Test

Tech enthusiasts are buzzing about the newest iPhone model, the iPhone 14. Many people are worried about whether the new iPhone 14 can withstand water. Some hands-on tests were conducted on the iPhone 14.

1) Waterproof Test:

Testing the iPhone 14 for water resistance involved two steps. First, the phone was exposed to running water, and then it was fully submerged underwater. Following the test, the phone was completely cleaned and showed no apparent harm on the outside or inside. Therefore, we can confidently state that the iPhone 14 can withstand water.

2) Milk Test: 

Next, the phone underwent a test involving milk. The object was soaked in milk and then rinsed off with running water. Once again, there were no apparent signs of damage on the phone.

3) Beer Test:

Finally, the phone was put to the test by being exposed to beer. Someone accidentally spilled beer on the phone, but it was quickly cleaned and dried. The phone was still working fine, with no visible damage.

4) Submerged Test:

The submerged test was conducted by keeping the phone submerged in water for half an hour. Once the test was over, the phone was removed from the water and examined. The phone remained undamaged both on the outside and inside, and it continued to work properly after the test.

To sum up, the iPhone 14 is not only resistant to water, but it can also handle being exposed to liquids like milk and beer. Before charging your phone, it's important to take proper care of the charging port to prevent any short circuits.

Submerged Test

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What to Do if Your iPhone 14 Accidentally Gets Wet?

Did you accidentally drop your new iPhone 14 in the water? Stay calm! Here's what you need to understand in order to save your device.

Step 1: Take It Out of the Water Right Away.

Keeping your phone underwater for longer periods can cause more damage. So, you have to remove it from the water immediately.

Step 2: Power It Down

Hold the power button on the side of the phone and slide the displayed button to turn off the device. Take this step to prevent the phone from short-circuiting and causing more water damage.

Step 3 - Dry the Exterior

Use a cloth to clean your phone. Additionally, dry any openings, such as charging ports and SIM card slots.

Step 4 - Avoid Plugging in or Pressing Buttons

Avoid plugging your phone into the charging port and pressing buttons. It might make your phone worse.

Step 5 - Let It Dry

Put the device in a dry, well-ventilated spot to dry. Also, avoid using heat, like a hairdryer, as it can harm the phone. Lastly, you have to wait for 48 hours before turning it on again.

Step 6: Test Your Phone

After waiting for two days, switch on your phone and plug it in to check if everything is functioning correctly. If you encounter any issues or if it doesn't work, reach out to Apple Support for help. Act quickly when your iPhone gets wet. Delaying can lead to increased harm. Remain calm and carefully follow the steps to save your device potentially!

Test Your Phone

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Waterproof Vs. Water-resistant 

There often needs to be more clarity between the terms waterproof and water-resistant. A key difference between the two is how well they can withstand water. A water-resistant device can handle water to a certain degree, but it is not meant to function when fully submerged in water. However, a waterproof device can still work even when submerged in water. 

When it comes to waterproof products, various levels indicate their ability to withstand immersion in water for different durations. Prior to purchasing a device, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the appropriate level of waterproofing. Generally, devices that are resistant to water can tolerate water to a certain degree, whereas waterproof devices can still work even when fully submerged.

Does Depth of Submersion Affect Waterproof iPhones?

The label on your iPhone is designed to be waterproof, so you don't have to worry if it gets wet from spills or shallow water. It's important to note that submerging your iPhone in water beyond a depth of 6 meters can cause it to become wet and potentially damaged.

Additional factors, such as the strength of water and its temperature, can also impact the water resistance of your iPhone. It is advised to avoid using your iPhone for swimming or diving in deep water, even if it claims to be waterproof.

Remember that while your iPhone can withstand accidental splashes and brief water submersion, it is not intended for prolonged exposure to water. It is crucial to know the depth at which your device is submerged and avoid going beyond its limits in order to prolong its lifespan.

Does Depth of Submersion Affect Waterproof iPhones?

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Activities to Avoid With Your iPhone

The iPhone 14 is built to withstand water, but there are some water-related activities that you should refrain from doing with your phone. Engaging in underwater activities like scuba diving and snorkeling can harm your phone because of the depth and pressure. Similarly, exposing your phone to chlorine-rich pools and hot tubs may impact its functionality and internal components. Excessive exposure to water or chemicals can cause damage to your phone. Be cautious and leave your phone behind or store it safely when doing water activities. Prevention is better than fixing problems later.

Will Apple Repair My Device with Signs of Liquid Damage?

Are you curious if your Apple device that got wet can be fixed? Unfortunately, Apple's standard warranty does not cover liquid damage. However, If you have purchased AppleCare+ for your device, it may provide coverage for accidental damage, such as liquid damage.

With AppleCare+, you get two chances per year to fix or replace accidental damage. If your device gets wet, you can bring it to an Apple store and buy a new one at the normal cost.

It's crucial to know that liquid damage can be severe and may cause harm to your device that the warranty or AppleCare+ doesn't cover. If your device is damaged by liquid, it's best to bring it to an authorized Apple service provider as soon as possible for evaluation and repair.

Will Apple Repair My Device with Signs of Liquid Damage?

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The iPhone 14 is not fully waterproof; instead, it is water-resistant, as stated by Apple. You can use the iPhone 14 in rainy conditions or near water without worrying about damage. However, it is not completely resistant to water and should not be kept underwater for an extended period. If it does get wet, make sure to wipe it dry quickly. Take precautions to protect your iPhone from water damage in order to ensure its safety and longevity. We hope you now have all the information about the water-resistant feature of the iPhone 14!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the iPhone 14 withstand water?

The iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max can resist water, but they are not completely waterproof. These words may seem similar, but they have different meanings. The iPhone 14 models are IP68 certified according to IEC standard 60529.

Is it safe to use my iPhone 14 in the shower?

The iPhone 14 series is water-resistant with an IP68 rating so that it can handle accidental spills or splashes. Short contact with water is okay. According to Apple, it is not advised to shower with your phone intentionally.

Is iPhone 14 waterproof for taking photos underwater?

Yes, you can take pictures underwater with the iPhone 14, but only at a depth of one to two meters, so be careful. The newest iPhones are rated IP68/IP67, so they can handle being submerged in water for 30 minutes at 2 meters deep and 30 minutes at 1 meter deep.

What happens if my iPhone 14 gets wet?

After getting wet, disconnect all cables and wait for your iPhone to dry before charging it. Using wet accessories or charging can harm your iPhone. Charge for at least 5 hours before using a Lightning or USB-C cable or accessory.

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