iPhone Accessories You Can’t Live Without

iPhone Accessories You Can’t Live Without

One of the most appealing features of iPhones – and modern smartphones in general – is the wide array of functions they’re capable of. Even without the addition of any third party apps, the iPhone 13 Pro allows you to record 4K video, take studio quality photographs, perform basic word processing functions and, of course, send messages and make phone calls. Add in all the features that can be utilised and unlocked with Apps and the possibilities are almost endless. From online gaming to movie editing, you’ve got a wide range of applications for your device. No longer requiring four or five different pieces of technology – the iPhone makes it easy for you!

So, with all of this at your fingertips (quite literally!), it can become overwhelming. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most essential iPhone accessories available at the moment, that will allow you to get the most out of your device.

Apple AirPods

Whether you’re working out or working from home, Apple AirPods make things just that little bit better. Removing the tangled cords issue that plagued earphone users for decades, these wireless buds are easy to pop in and pop out. With their seamless synchronisation process, you’re able to use these AirPods straight out of the box. Simply place them on top of your iPhone for a few moments and they’re paired – ready to go!

Wireless Charging Pads

Charging pads are a must have iphone accessory. You won’t need to fumble around looking for that loose charger cable when you’ve got one of these on your nightstand. Simply sit that phone on top of the pad and you’re set! Wireless charging saves on the wear and tear your iPhone’s charging port will experience during its lifetime, keeping your device in a better condition.

Screen Protectors and Phone Covers

Extend the lifespan of your phone with a high quality phone cover and screen protector. We take our mobile devices with us everywhere we go. That means a lot of moving around and a lot of opportunities for damage. One mistimed movement of your fingers can send your iPhone hurtling towards the floor, into the sky or even underwater. While Roobotech does provide quick and affordable phone repair services, we highly recommend investing in some high quality protection for your phone to avoid the hassle.

Power Banks

The battery life of modern iPhones continues to improve. Advancements in technology mean you’re able to do more and use less, however, sometimes it’s still just not enough. If you’re spending a large amount of time gaming or watching movies you may find that you’re often in need of a charge by the middle of the day. Power Banks eliminate all the stress of trying to locate a charger and power outlet by putting the power in your hands. Carried with you, you’ll feel at ease knowing that you’ve always got a back up power supply for your phone.

Affordable Accessories In Melbourne

Roobotech provides a wide selection of accessories for iPhones, Samsung Galaxys and many other mobile devices. From phone cases to wireless earphones, we’ve got it all. Specialising in refurbished phones, our online store offers you affordable options for many new models. Shop online today!

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