can i convert my lebara sim to esim

Can I Convert My Lebara SIM to eSIM?

Lebara, a well-known telecom service provider, has introduced eSIM to their customers as a flexible solution. Lebara offers the eSIM service for postpaid and prepaid subscriptions in much the same way as the old SIM card technology. Users can use the eSIM abroad, where they regularly use their SIM cards, and they won't see any differences. If you are a Lebara user, switching to eSIM from traditional SIM cards is easy. On the other hand, new customers would request the Lebara eSIM from their dealer if required. Read on to find the easy steps to convert your Lebara SIM to eSIM for an enhanced user experience. 

Methods to Convert Lebara SIM to eSIM 

Converting your Lebara SIM to eSIM is an efficient way of keeping your phone number while using a digital SIM card. With the official website and purchasing an eSIM plan, you can easily switch to eSIM. Follow the methods below for a hassle-free conversion process.

Method 1: Using Official Website and Compatible Mobile Device

Step 1: Register on the Lebara Official Website

Head to the Lebara website and click the "Login" button at the top right. You'll see a "Register" option on the login page. Click on it to register on Lebara. Enter your email address and your password. You will be asked to confirm your password. Click on "Register" to get registered.

Step 2: Link Phone Number With Account and Get ICC ID

The website will then ask you to link your phone number with your account. Provide your Lebara SIM phone number to the website to complete the process. The website will email you the ICC ID you need to swap your SIM card.

Step 3: Download the Sim Profile on Your Mobile Device

Download the SIM profile to your mobile device. This process works on a compatible mobile device (iPhone XS or newer) equipped for eSIM. With iOS, you can scan the QR code on the email they sent you to download the profile. This will automatically configure the eSIM.

Step 4: Convert to eSIM on Your Mobile Device

Go to Settings on your mobile device, then tap Mobile Data. Tap "Convert to SIM" among other options such as "mobile data" plan. After the eSIM is activated, wait patiently until all eSIM installation steps have been finished.

Step 5: Remove Physical Sim From Your Mobile Device

Once your iPhone is fully connected to eSIM and you've confirmed everything is in working order, remove the physical SIM card from your iPhone using the SIM card ejection tool or a paperclip.

And that's it! You've finally converted your Lebara SIM to eSIM. The process is fun; you can repeat it as often. Plus, now that you've done it once, you'll never have to call your carrier again. 

Remove Physical Sim From Your Mobile Device

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Method 2: Convert Your Physical Lebara SIM to eSIM by Purchasing a Plan

Step 1: Get a Lebara eSIM-Capable Plan

Get started by getting a Lebara eSIM-capable plan. Lebara has a range of plans, from 30 days to Long Expiry and data-only, all supported on eSIM. You can buy one online and select eSIM at checkout. 

Step 2: Check Your Device Compatibility 

Before you proceed, make sure your device can handle eSIM. Almost all modern smartphones are eSIM compatible, but double-checking the details of your particular device is a must. You can consult your device manual or the manufacturer's website. 

Step 3: Activate Your Lebara Plan Online 

Once you have bought your Lebara plan, you need to activate it online via Lebara's activation journey. This will usually involve providing some personal details and choosing a plan.

Step 4: Get QR and Confirmation Codes

You will get two emails from Lebara when you successfully activate your plan. The first email will have a QR code you need to scan; at this point, your eSIM will be started. The second email will contain a 4-digit confirmation code, which you must enter during the eSIM activation process.

Step 5: Scan the QR Code

Use your smartphone's camera to scan the QR code on the first email sent by Lebara. This will kick off an eSIM activation process on your device.

Step 6: Enter the Confirmation Code

When prompted, enter the 4-digit confirmation code from the second email sent by Lebara. This code verifies your identity and confirms that you can activate the eSIM.

Step 7: Your eSIM Is Ready

Your eSIM will activate and be ready for use after you enter the confirmation code. You will now have two active numbers on your device, one from your physical SIM and another from the eSIM. Lebara's eSIM allows you to have two numbers on your device!

Enter the Confirmation Code

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Manually Convert eSIM on Apple and Android Devices.

If you're having trouble scanning this QR code to download that eSIM profile into your smartphone, follow our step-by-step directions, and you'll be fine.

On Apple Devices

Instead of scanning the QR code on an Apple device, go to Settings > Cellular. Then choose ""Add cellular plan," and on the next page titled "Add Cellular Plan," input the SM-DP address and activation code (activation code is nicknamed. These data are confirmed in the operator's emails where your eSIM is as the SS sent) and confirmation code sent by the carrier respectively. Lastly, tap "Add Cellular Plan" to complete the setup.

On Android Devices

There's no need to take a snapshot of that QR code on an Android device. Go to 

Settings, then Connections and SIM Manager. On the next page, select "Add eSIM." Then, when prompted to choose your device (phone), tap the QR code scan icon. On-screen from this time (i.e., into camera mode), Select, however, type the SM-DP address, activation code, and confirmation code from the operator's email. Finally, press "Add plan to Phone so that the eSIM profile is set up successfully."

Remember to check all the information accurately for any mistakes or typos because even the smallest of errors can lead to network problems. And now you have a complete eSIM profile on your device without needing QR code scanning.

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Lastly, converting your Lebara SIM to an eSIM might appear daunting. But with the proper steps, you can do it quickly. Consider the fact that not all devices are currently compatible with eSIM. So check your device's specifications before purchasing to enjoy eSIM facilities. Follow the proper steps in this guide and enjoy the advancements of the digital world!

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is an eSIM?

An eSIM (embedded SIM) means you don't need a physical SIM card. This tiny chip in your device is all you need for your plan. If your plan is activated on an eSIM, it works like a physical SIM.

Can't I use an eSIM with my smartwatch?

You can't use the Lebara eSIM in your smartwatch for cellular data. However, they are currently working to make eSIM-compatible smartwatches.

Can I convert my SIM to eSIM on my own?

Yes, of course! You can follow these steps to convert a physical SIM into an eSIM easily.

Is Lebara a good network in Australia?

Lebara is ideal for prepaid mobile phone plans because it offers excellent value for money. If it's international calls and SMS values you're after, then this telco shines amongst many others. Suppose you have friends and family overseas or are traveling in Australia. Then Lebara delivers the most facilities for your buck.

Can you use additional eSIMs with your device? 

Some devices support one or more eSIM profiles, depending on whether your device has these characteristics. Therefore, be sure to study the device specifications before using multiple eSIMs.

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