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iPhone SE vs. iPhone 11: Which One Should You Choose?

When we think of affordable iPhones, the iPhone SE is usually the first one that comes to mind. But there's another affordable choice that has a larger screen, a battery that lasts longer, an additional camera, and more features. This phone is actually the iPhone 11. The retail price of this product is higher than the third-generation iPhone SE. Both these devices are completely different from each other. 

The new iPhone SE has a powerful Apple chipset, but it has a traditional design, and the display might be too small for some people. However the iPhone 11 is a few years old, but it still has all the features you'd want in a modern phone. If you're having trouble deciding between the two options, we have compared a guide for you. Our guide will help you differentiate between these two options to help you determine which one is more suitable for you. Read on to learn more stuff about it!

Comparison Table of Features of iPhone SE (2022) vs. iPhone 11


iPhone SE (2022)

iPhone 11


4.7-inch Retina HD

6.1-inch Liquid Retina HD


144 grams

194 grams


Touch ID (fingerprint)

Face ID (face unlock)


Midnight, Starlight, Product Red

Purple, Yellow, Green, Black, White, Product Red


Single 12-megapixel

Dual 12-megapixel

IP Rating

IP67 (1m deep for 30 mins)

IP68 (2m deep for 30 mins)


A15 Bionic (6-core)

A13 Bionic (6-core)





64GB, 128GB, 256GB

64GB, 128GB, 256GB


5G (sub-6 GHz)



Up to 15 hours of video playback

Up to 17 hours of video playback

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Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying the iPhone SE

1) Enjoy a Faster Processor

Get the iPhone SE if you want a smaller and more affordable version of the Apple flagship. It offers impressive features and performance. The main reason for that is the A15 Bionic chip, which is the same processor used in the advanced iPhone 13 Pro. When ZDNET's Jason Cipriani tested the iPhone SE, it got a score of 1,731 on the single-core test and 4,316 on the multi-core test. These scores were twice as high as the scores of Google's most advanced Pixel 6 Pro. 

In simple terms, the iPhone SE can smoothly run apps and games and perform multiple tasks without any noticeable delays. The iPhone 11 has a slightly slower A13 Bionic Chip compared to the newer SE. So it's good for the people who want a device that can hold extra burden. 

2) Worthy Investment at a Good Price

It's important to mention that Apple usually provides iOS updates for up to seven years, and the software experience on their phones is the same. If you buy the iPhone SE (2022) today, it will likely receive software updates for a longer time compared to the iPhone 11, which was released three years ago. The SE is a smart investment that should continue to do well for many years. 

It's important to mention that Apple no longer sells the iPhone 11 in their stores, both in-person and online, since they released the iPhone 15 line. If you want to buy the iPhone 11, you'll need to find a third-party seller or get a refurbished device from Roobtech. 

3) Enjoy a Compact Device

There are many mini models available in the Apple line. But you can select the iPhone SE (2022) if you want to enjoy the comfort of a compact device. Even after a long time of release, the iPhone SE continues to be one of the top choices for people looking for a compact, stylish, and affordable smartphone. Many customers are likely to purchase the SE because of its commendable features and nostalgic design. Additionally, the comfortable grip is also a contributing factor.

you can select the iPhone SE (2022) if you want to enjoy the comfort of a compact device.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying the iPhone 11

1) Advancement in iPhone Design

If you want to enjoy the feel of a new and advanced iPhone design, then choose the iPhone 11. The iPhone SE was released in early 2022, and it has very similar hardware to the iPhone SE (2020). Both phones also have the same design as the iPhone 8 from 2017. The iPhone 11 has a similar design to the iPhone XR, using recycled elements from its previous model. However, the iPhone 11 looks different from the SE. 

It has a larger screen that takes up most of the front, and there is a small cutout in the middle for Face ID, which is used to unlock the phone using your face instead of a fingerprint like the older Touch ID sensor. It is also much bigger than the SE, with a 6.1-inch screen called Liquid Retina. If you really enjoy watching stuff on your phone and want the best experience, you might find the bigger iPhone more useful than the SE.

Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying the iPhone 11

2) Excellent Ultrawide Camera Lens

Both the iPhone SE and iPhone 11 are great for taking photos and videos, whether you're using them casually or professionally. However, the iPhone 11 goes beyond with its camera by adding a 12MP ultrawide lens, allowing you to capture stunning landscape photos that will make heads turn. The iPhone 11 has a camera that can see a wider area, up to 120 degrees.

That means it can take pictures of more things and show more of the surroundings than the regular camera. The ultrawide lens can also take close-up shots, known as macro photography, because of its smaller focal length. Overall, the iPhone 11 gives you more options and freedom when it comes to capturing photos and videos.

iPhone SE vs. iPhone 11: Design & Display

The iPhone 11 is larger than previous models, but it's not considered to be a large phone compared to what is considered large nowadays. The iPhone SE is smaller and more comfortable to hold, but its screen is much smaller because of the big borders at the top and bottom.

You may find the iPhone 11 slightly bigger than the iPhone SE. It is taller by half an inch and wider by a third of an inch. However, the display size of the iPhone 11 is 6.1 inches, while the iPhone SE has a smaller display of 4.7 inches. The extra 1.4 inches of screen room might make things like watching videos, reading, and playing games better, but it might be a little harder to hold in one hand. 

There is a significant difference between the screen size, so decide whether you like a small phone with a tiny screen or an iPhone 11 with a larger screen. However, it would be helpful for you to see both options live before making a decision.

Both mobile phones have LCDs and similar quality features such as P3 color, True Tone, and a maximum brightness of 625 nits. The decision here mainly depends on how big of a screen you prefer.


When it comes to performance, the iPhone SE is the clear winner with its faster A15 processor, which is faster than what most users need for everyday tasks. However, the A13 processor in the iPhone 11 is still very good and on par with the processors found in most high-end Android phones. Both phones have 4GB of RAM, Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 6, and a Lightning port for charging. 

Both these phones might be similar when you use them every day. But the A15 processor in the iPhone SE will be supported longer in the future with the latest iOS updates, which is not the case with the A13 processor in the iPhone 11. While the difference in the processor may not be noticeable, the iPhone SE is a better investment for the long term.

iPhone SE vs. iPhone 11 Processor comparison

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iPhone SE vs. Phone 11: Touch ID vs. Face ID

Some people enjoy using Touch ID, while others like Face ID better. If you enjoy using Face ID or are comfortable with it, then choose iPhone 11. However, some users may like the Touch ID feature better. If you prefer using Touch ID and having a physical Home button, the iPhone SE is the best iPhone for you. It's the only one with these features, so it's the only one you should think about buying.

iPhone SE vs. Phone 11: Cameras

When comparing cameras, the iPhone 11 is expected to be more flexible and capable than the iPhone SE. The iPhone 11 has two lenses: one that takes regular pictures and another that takes wider pictures. Both lenses have 12 megapixels. On the other hand, the iPhone SE only has one lens that takes regular pictures, also with 12 megapixels. The iPhone 11 has a feature called night mode that helps take better pictures in low-light situations. However, this feature is not available on the iPhone SE. 

The iPhone SE has some camera features that the iPhone 11 doesn't have. The most important one is Photographic Styles, which are like filters that you can apply to a photo before taking it. You can adjust the contrast and warmth settings on your camera, which allows you to give all your photos a consistent appearance. You have a few ready-made choices to choose from initially, but you also have the option to make your own. The iPhone 11 might be a good choice for people who love taking photos, but we want to try out the new iPhone SE camera before we make a final decision.

camera comparing between iPhone SE vs. iPhone 11

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Battery Life

There are no specific test results for how long the iPhone SE's battery lasts, but we think the iPhone 11 will have a longer battery life. Apple says that the iPhone 11 can play videos for approximately 17 hours, while the iPhone SE can play videos for around 15 hours. 

When we tested the iPhone 11, the battery lasted for about 5.5 hours. But the newer version of the iPhone SE, called the second-generation, had a battery that lasted for only 217 minutes or about 3.6 hours. The new iPhone SE has a battery that lasts 20 percent longer than the previous model, but it doesn't last as long as the iPhone 11.

Apple doesn't give us the specific size of the battery in each iPhone, but they give us an estimate of how long it will last depending on how we use it. According to Apple, the iPhone SE battery can stay charged for around 15 hours of video watching, while the iPhone 11 can last for about 17 hours. 


Both phones can be charged without wires using Qi technology, with a maximum charging speed of 7.5 watts. They also have fast charging, so you can get a 50% charge in only 30 minutes if you use a 20W power adapter. Neither of the phones has MagSafe, so they can't work with accessories that attach magnetically or charge wirelessly at a faster speed.

The iPhone 11 is capable of playing Dolby Atmos audio, while the iPhone SE does not have this feature. The device also has a U1 Ultra Wideband chip that helps it accurately locate AirTags or detect when it's close to a HomePod mini. The IP68 rating means it can handle water really well. It can be fully submerged in water up to 2 meters deep for 30 minutes. On the other hand, the IP67 rating means it can handle being submerged in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.

Cellular Connectivity

It's important to know the main differences between the new iPhone SE and the iPhone 11. In terms of connectivity, the iPhone SE can connect to 5G networks, but the iPhone 11 can only connect to 4G networks. The iPhone SE can only connect to LTE networks using sub-6GHz bands, not the super-fast mmWave bands that can offer speeds of over a gigabit per second.

That means that even though you will experience faster performance with 5G using frequencies below 6GHz, the LTE network on the iPhone 11 will be almost as good. Not everyone needs to have 5G, and you may only notice a small improvement in performance. Right now, 4G should be enough, but it might be unconventional later on. 

Cellular Connectivity

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You can get the iPhone SE in black ("Midnight"), white ("Starlight"), and ProductRED. On the other end, the iPhone 11 comes in black, white, ProductRED, yellow, purple, and green. Almost every color is the same as the iPhone SE, plus three more options. When it comes to choice, there is only one winner here: iPhone 11. 

iPhone SE (2022) vs. iPhone 11: What is the main difference?

The main difference between the iPhone SE and the iPhone 11 is that the iPhone SE (2022) is smaller and lighter than the iPhone 11. The iPhone SE model is easier to hold, making it more comfortable to use with just one hand. However, the iPhone 11 has a bigger screen, which makes watching things on it feel more engaging.

Another big difference between the two phones is how they use biometric authentication. The iPhone 11 uses Face ID to recognize faces, while the iPhone SE (2022) uses Touch ID to recognize fingerprints. Also, the iPhone 11 has a camera lens that can capture wider shots, while the SE (2022) does not have this feature.

When it comes to maneuvering around on the iPhone, the iPhone 11 uses gestures, like swiping and tapping, to control navigation. On the other hand, the iPhone SE (2022) still has a physical button that you can press to navigate. The SE (2022) is less expensive than the iPhone 11, which makes it a good choice for people who want to save money.

It's important to mention that the iPhone SE (2022) is a newer version and will get software updates for a longer time compared to the iPhone 11. However, the iPhone 11 has a battery that lasts longer, which could be important for people who use their phones a lot.

In the end, it all comes down to what you like and what you need when deciding between the iPhone SE (2022) and the iPhone 11. Both phones have great features that cater to different types of users, whether you prefer a bigger screen, longer battery life, or a more compact design.

iPhone SE (2022) vs. iPhone 11: What is the main difference?

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Advantages and Disadvantages of iPhone SE (2022) pros and cons


  • It has a reasonable cost
  • The iPhone is small, lightweight, and easy to carry. 
  • It has a classic button design and supports 5G connectivity with C-band.
  • It has a quick Apple chip.
  • The camera is excellent for taking pictures during the day and recording videos.


  • It seems old-fashioned because it has an LCD screen instead of an AMOLED screen.
  • The screen size can be too small for some people. 
  • The battery is not as good as other competitive models.
  • Lacks night mode and ultra-wide lens.
  • The base storage is limited to 64GB.

Advantages and Disadvantages of iPhone SE (2022) pros and cons


  • A dual-camera system with two lenses
  • Special mode for taking photos in low light conditions.
  • The speakers make a lot of noise.
  • Quality design and excellent color options.
  • Face ID is quick and dependable.
  • Reasonable prices


  • The screen quality is not very good
  • The charging speeds are very slow.

Advantages and Disadvantages of iPhone SE (2022) pros and cons

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Conclusion: Our Recommendation

If you want to use it for everyday purposes, the iPhone 11 is a better option because it has a longer battery life. However, there are also other benefits to consider, such as a bigger screen, easier navigation through gestures, and the inclusion of an ultra-wide camera. But if you like a compact and old-style iPhone, then consider the iPhone SE. You can enjoy the nostalgia for that button, and it also costs reasonable, perfect for budget-friendly buyers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which phone is superior, the iPhone SE or the iPhone 11?

The iPhone 11 is a better option. This device has a bigger 6.1-inch high-definition screen, a battery that lasts longer, and a camera with two lenses that can take photos in low light.

What is the reason for the iPhone SE being priced lower than other models?

The reason why the iPhone SE is affordable is because it uses reasonably priced components. Many of them are borrowed from older models. For example, the screen in the new iPhone SE is the same as the one in the iPhone 8, which is four years old. However, the cameras in the new iPhone SE are from the iPhone 7.

What are the main differences between the iPhone 11 and the 3rd generation iPhone SE?

The iPhone 11 has a bigger screen that goes from one edge to the other, measuring 6.1 inches. It also has a resolution of 1792 by 828 pixels. However, the iPhone SE 3 has a smaller screen size of 4.7 inches. It also has a lower resolution of 1334-by-750p and thicker bezels. Moreover, both phones have Haptic Touch and True Tone technology.

Should I buy an iPhone 11 in 2023?

Yes, even in the year 2023. The iPhone 11 is still a really good phone and is still valuable. This phone has a great camera, which is all you need. Moreover, it lasts a long time on a single charge.

What are the disadvantages of using iPhone SE?

The 5G network in the iPhone SE does not work with mmWave technology. Moreover, the camera on this iPhone model is not as good as the cameras on more expensive models. You may also notice that the battery life of smaller iPhones, like the iPhone SE, is not as good as that of larger iPhones with bigger batteries.


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