how to check iphone battery health

How to Check iPhone Battery Health? - Simple & Easy Methods


If you are a phone user, you must know how important the phone's battery health is. Usually, the battery of the iPhone lasts for less time compared to other smartphones, for example, Samsung devices. The reason is that the iPhone's battery percentage quickly decreases if you do not use it properly. Along with short battery life, you also have to face unexpected shutdowns and other battery-related issues if you don't take care of your battery health.

It is important to keep checking your battery's health so that you can assess its condition and take measures to avoid potential problems in the future. In this blog post, we have given you several methods to check your battery health and how you can maximize your battery life. Let's find out further!

Method 1: Checking iPhone Battery Health Via Settings

First, we will tell you the easiest way to check your battery health through your settings. Follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Open Settings

Go to the home screen of your iPhone, and click on the Settings app. 

2. Go to Battery

Scroll down in the settings and find the battery option there. Click on it so that you can get all the battery-related information.

3. Check Your Maximum Capacity

There, you will get the "Battery Health" icon. Below that, you will see a percentage, which will tell you how much capacity is left of your original battery. So if your phone is new, its battery capacity will be 100, and if some time has passed since you used it, its percentage may have reduced.

4. Assess the Need for Battery Service

If your iPhone's battery health percentage is more than 80, your battery health is going well, and your phone can hold a long battery life. However, if it is less than 80%, you will also see a warning message stating that the battery of your iPhone has been degraded. Due to this, your iPhone will hold less charge than it used to. So if you're experiencing any battery issues, either replace your battery or upgrade its performance.

Method 2: Checking iPhone Battery Health Via Console App

You can use the Console application on your Mac to know about your iPhone or iPad battery health. Here are the steps to do so.

1. Launch The App

First, you must launch the Console app on your Mac. You can get it through the Spotlight search or the Applications Utilities folder.

2. Connecting iPhone/iPad

After that, you must connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac. You can use your Lightning cable to connect it.

3. Look for the Battery Health Option

Now type 'battery health' on your search bar and search. If you don't get any related results, try to unlock your iPhone or iPad and search again.

4. Check for the Report

After some time, you will see the result in front of you. When you get the result, it will be a detailed report related to the battery health of your iPhone or iPad. It will include the current health status, its capacity, and usage. 

5. Analyze the Results

Now you should consider the status of your battery health. If it says good, it means your battery is fine. If it says fair, you must get your battery serviced, but if it says poor, you must replace it. Apart from this, you can also consider other information that will tell you about your battery level, power consumption, and the apps that are killing your battery time. Now you know all the details of your battery health. Further, you have to take the steps according to the condition of your battery. 

Note: Well, this method is not for the latest Mac OS or iOS version, as these models do not support it. However, you can use this method on the older versions of macOS. If you are using the latest version of IOS or MacOS, you should go for another method.

Method: 3 Checking Battery Status Via CoconutBattery

There is another free app that you can use to check your phone's battery life. It's the CoconutBattery app that can give you accurate information about the battery life of your device. We have given some steps below to check your battery life using this application and analyze the results accordingly:

1. Download CoconutBattery

First, you must download this application on your Mac or IOS device. Go to its original website and download it.

2. Launch the App

After downloading it, you will open it and connect your iPhone to your Mac with the help of Lightning Table.

3. Get Information

Now there, you will get all the information about your battery health. The report will show the battery capacity and cycle count, and you will also know which applications are causing your battery to drain. This information will allow you to take some good steps to make your iPhone battery perform better.

Limitations of CoconutBattery

While this tool can be useful, it does have certain limitations. CoconutBattery provides accurate information only until you perform a device restoration. If you have recently restored your iPhone, the full charge capacity and cycle count may need to be recalibrated. That is because the restore process can reset the data that coconutBattery can retrieve.

Other Third-Party Apps to Check iPhone's Battery

1) Check Your iPhone's Battery Health Via Clean Battery. 

The Clean Battery app is a free tool showing your phone's battery and the current charge percentage. It also displays the number of standby hours, indicating how long the battery would last if you're not using the phone. You can view additional data by tapping the arrow in the upper right corner. That will reveal the standby hours for tasks such as 4G access, 3G access, Wi-Fi access, music playback, and video playback.

Check Your iPhone's Battery Health Via Clean Battery

2) Check Your iPhone's Battery Health Via Zen Battery.

The developer of Clean Battery has made an app called Zen Battery, which serves a similar purpose. The display of this app is more interesting thanks to the dynamic battery that shows the remaining charge and the number of hours the device has been on standby. Users may see how long they can go without charging while using cellular or Wi-Fi, playing music, or watching videos. Furthermore, by tapping the gear-shaped Settings button, users can change the battery's color to one of several available shades, including purple, yellow, blue, pink, and green.

Check Your iPhone's Battery Health Via Zen Battery

3) Check Your iPhone's Battery Health Via Battery Doctor – Battery Saver.

To determine the remaining power in your battery, download the Battery Doctor - Battery Saver app, which is free. Two payment options are available: a monthly subscription of $9.99 or an annual subscription of $49.99. It is recommended to use the free version as it offers valuable features such as tips for optimizing battery usage and guidance for configuring a convenient quick launch button. Once the shortcut is activated, you can promptly view the average charging time and duration of your phone being plugged in.

Check Your iPhone's Battery Health Via Battery Doctor

4) Check Your iPhone's Battery Health Via Battery HD+.

Battery HD+ is an app that helps you see how much battery power is left on your device. It also has a standby time that may be used for things like making VoIP calls, using a flashlight, or surfing the web over Wi-Fi. By swiping left, you may see the total standby time, charging time, and current consumption. Swipe right if you want to see how long each specific task can stay on standby. If you swipe a few more times, you can also check the temperature and voltage of your battery. Battery calibration, widget configuration, and power-saving advice are accessible via the settings cog on the home screen. Upgrade to the app's premium version and get rid of all advertisements.

Check Your iPhone's Battery Health Via Battery HD+

What Type of Battery Does Apple Use in Their Devices?

Most iPhones use lithium-ion batteries. That new technology allows you to charge your device quickly and lasts for a long time. However, if you don't take care of it, Lithium-ion batteries start to degrade quickly.

Ways to Extend Battery Health 

Now you must be wondering how to extend my battery life, so don't worry! We have given you many such tips here in this article. With the help of this, you can extend your battery life and can also know when to replace your battery.

1. Charging Habits

The first thing you need to change is your charging habits. Check out how many times in a day you charge your phone and how you charge it. Here are some dos and don'ts. 

  • First of all, we have mentioned that you should always use the original charger of your iPhone. Most iPhones are only compatible with their original charger, but if you use any third-party charger, try to get a certified charger. You can use that if it doesn't damage your iPhone battery. 
  • Whenever you charge your battery, be careful not to overcharge it. As soon as it reaches 100 percent, take it off from charging. If you do not do so, it will overheat, and overheating damages the battery life. 
  • Also, always avoid charging your phone in hot temperatures and try to charge them at room temperature.
  • Whenever your iPhone battery reaches 20% or 30%, charge it immediately. Moreover, try to remove your device from charging as soon as it reaches 80 percent. That is the most optimal charging percentage for all the iPhones. 

2. App Usage

Now we will talk about app usage. Many apps on your device affect your battery life. Some of them may be high-end gaming apps or social media apps. There are some techniques to get rid of the apps that are killing your battery life.

  • First, you must turn off automatic app updates, as these updates run in the background when you are not using the phone. These background running apps drain a lot of your battery. So many people sometimes worry that they have not used the phone; their battery is still draining. These automatic app updates are the reason behind it. 
  • When you don't use your phone, try clearing your app history because many social media apps can run in the background if you do not clear them. These can also affect your battery life. 
  • Also, try to shift your phone to black mode. It is because your phone's brightness can significantly reduce your battery life. Moreover, you can also turn off power-intensive features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS when not in use. 

What Are Battery Life Graphs?

The battery screen on your iPhone shows multiple charts that offer valuable insights into the health of your device's battery. The graph shows your device's battery level over the past 24 hours. In this graph, each line represents a 15-minute interval. Dark green lines indicate the periods when your device was connected to a charger. Monitoring the battery level lets you track the efficiency of your device's charge retention.

Understanding Battery Life Numbers:

On the battery screen, you can see a graph of your battery life and your device's typical on/off times. The time your iPhone's screen is on is referred to as the screen-on time, while the time it is off is represented by the screen-off time. By monitoring these averages daily, you can estimate how often you use your phone and how much power it requires.

iPhone Battery Life Numbers

Using Battery Life Data to Improve Battery Health:

To enhance your device's battery health, you can utilize the battery life data provided by your iPhone. If you observe that your device's screen remains active for long durations, you can optimize battery life by adjusting the screen brightness and timeout settings. You can also pinpoint applications that consume a substantial amount of battery and modify their settings to minimize battery usage.

Using Battery Life Data to Improve Battery Health

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Monitoring your iPhone’s battery health should be part of your regular device maintenance routine. Not only does it help prevent unexpected shutdowns, but it ensures that your device is running at peak performance. With a few simple methods provided above, you can easily check your battery health and take steps to optimize your device for extended usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much of the iPhone's battery health will be considered fine?

It is considered fine if your iPhone's battery health is 80% or above. However, you should consider replacing your battery if it is below that. 

If your iPhone's battery health is 75 percent, is it fine?

Replacing batteries once their capacity drops below 80% is generally recommended, although they are not expected to fail immediately. According to Apple, if your phone works fine, you can still use it even with the 85% warning. However, it is recommended to replace it as soon as you can.

What affects my iPhone battery?

The battery life of your iPhone can be significantly affected by the screen's brightness. Having a display that is too bright can rapidly deplete your battery. Similarly, having excessively long screen timeout settings can diminish your battery life.

At what time should I charge my iPhone?

Experts always recommend to begin charging your iPhone when its battery level reaches 25 percent to ensure optimal battery performance.

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