Can you get AppleCare on a refurbished iPhone?

Can You Get AppleCare On a Refurbished iPhone?

Many people are thinking about buying a refurbished iPhone because new smartphones are getting more expensive. People are also switching towards refurbished devices to save money without sacrificing quality. However, there is one question that comes to the mind of every customer who is going to buy Apple refurbished products: 'Can I get Applecare on a refurbished iPhone?' Technically, the answer is Yes! But, there are certain rules you need to follow in order to obtain AppleCare for refurbished Apple products. In this article, we will provide information to help you understand Applecare for refurbished phones. Let's go!

What are Apple Certified Refurbished Products?

Apple Certified Refurbished Products are used or pre-owned Apple devices that go through Apple's thorough refurbishment process before they are sold. These items were either returned according to Apple's return and refund policies or were used as demonstration units. Sometimes, only a few units are returned because of technical problems. But don't worry; all units go through Apple's strict quality refurbishment process.

The devices are fully functional and are sold as refurbished products. These refurbished products may have some small cosmetic flaws like marks, scratches, or discolorations because they are unpacked and used.

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Benefits of Getting Apple Certified Refurbished Products

  • When you buy an Apple Certified Refurbished product, it means that it has gone through a thorough process to make sure it works properly. 
  • You can save up to 15 percent on the price.
  • If any defective parts are found during testing, they are replaced with new ones to make sure they work properly.
  • They are placed back into special packaging along with the necessary manuals, cables, and other items that were originally included in the unit.
  • The devices include the software that initially came with the device, as well as any additional software that was specifically made for that system. You can click on the "Learn More" button for additional information about each product.
  • These products are assigned a new part number and serial number after being refurbished.
  • Before adding them to the refurbished stock for sale, these products undergo a Final QA inspection.
  • When you buy an Apple Certified Refurbished product, it will come in a new white box and be shipped to you for free. If you need to return it, that's free, too.
  • The process of refurbishing follows similar technical guidelines as Apple's testing procedures for finished products.

Benefits of Getting Apple Certified Refurbished Products

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Guarantee of Quality by Apple

Apple shows its commitment to quality by providing a one-year limited warranty with every Apple Certified Refurbished product. You can choose to buy AppleCare products for extra coverage. Our warranty and AppleCare products are extra protections that you have in addition to the rights given to you by consumer law. Go to the Apple website to find out more about the laws that protect consumers.

What Is Applecare?

When you buy Apple products, they usually come with a warranty that lasts for one year. During that time, you can also get free technical support for up to 90 days. If you want more protection, buy the AppleCare product that matches your device. Apple products are special because they are made by Apple, which creates the hardware, operating system, and lots of apps. That means everything works together really well. AppleCare products are designed to provide you with convenient service and support from Apple experts. That means that you can get help and resolve most issues with just one phone call.

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Can I Buy an Applecare Protection Plan For Refurbished Items?

If you want to get an AppleCare Protection plan, you can only do it when you buy a refurbished Apple product from the Apple Store. To buy an AppleCare warranty, you have to choose the option to see only refurbished products on the Apple Store using RefurbMe. Now, pick the device you want and choose the one that you can buy from the Apple Store.

Is the Applecare Plan Included With the Refurbished Apple Device?

You can choose whether or not to buy the AppleCare plan for a refurbished product. After you have decided which product you want to buy, click on the button that says "Buy now." Clicking on this link will take you to the Apple Store website. Remember to include the AppleCare plan with your order if you want it.


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AppleCare is an excellent choice to think about because it gives you additional security for your Apple products. It includes things like longer warranty coverage, help with technical issues, and some other nice perks. Please remember that when you buy a refurbished iPhone, AppleCare is not included by default. You will need to buy it separately. It's also important to make sure that the refurbished iPhone qualifies for AppleCare by having no existing damage or problems. We strongly suggest getting AppleCare for your refurbished iPhone. That will make sure your phone is well protected, and you can keep using all its features for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I get AppleCare after making a purchase? 

Yes, you can get AppleCare after making a purchase. In many countries and areas, you have the option to purchase AppleCare+ within 60 days of buying your device. If you still need help with purchasing an AppleCare plan, reach out to Apple Support. 

Is AppleCare available on refurbished iPhones from third-party sellers?

No, you cannot get AppleCare on refurbished iPhones from third-party sellers. AppleCare is only eligible for the certified products that are refurbished and sold by Apple only.

What can users expect when they buy an Apple Certified Refurbished Product?

Users can expect substantial and big savings besides getting a product that works well and comes with all the necessary documents. You can be confident that the products will meet Apple's high-quality standards and that any defective components have been replaced with genuine Apple parts.

Can I buy the AppleCare Protection Plan for my refurbished Apple product that is certified by Apple?

All Apple Certified Refurbished Products come with a warranty that lasts for one year. If you want extra coverage, you can buy the AppleCare Protection Plan for your Apple Certified Refurbished Product. The AppleCare Protection Plan gives you extra coverage and support for up to three years on your Apple Certified Refurbished Product.

What to do when the refurbished item I wanted is out of stock? How to get that back when it is in stock again? 

The available stock of refurbished items is usually limited at Apple and other third-party sellers as well. If you find something you like, we suggest you act fast and buy it. Once you finish checking out and the seller receives full authorized payment, the product will be set aside for you. Certain payment methods may take more time than others. Also, please keep in mind that sellers can only guarantee the availability of a refurbished product once they have received your full payment.

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