Refurbished iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 11

Refurbished iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 11: Which is a Better Choice?

Do you want to buy the latest iPhone model at a reasonable rate? If yes, we recommend buying a refurbished iPhone 12 or iPhone 11. These models offer high specs, and their prices lowered after the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 were released. To clarify these models, we have provided a detailed guide in which we have compared all their specs to analyze which model is the best. Now, you can also make a wise decision after learning about the similarities and differences among these models and then decide which one best fits your needs. Read on to learn more about it!

Comparison Table of Refurbished iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 11


iPhone 12

iPhone 11

Battery Type

Li-Ion 2815 mAh, non-removable

Non-removable Li-Ion 3110 mAh

Fast Charging



USB Power Delivery



Wireless Charging

Qi fast wireless charging 15W

Qi wireless charging 7.5W

Battery Life (multimedia)

Up to 17 hours

Up to 17 hours

Battery Life (talk time)

Up to 65 hours

Up to 17 hours


Apple A14 Bionic (5 nm)

Apple A13 Bionic (7 nm+)


Hexa-core (2x3.1 GHz Firestorm + 4x1.8 GHz Icestorm)

Hexa-core (2x2.65 GHz Lightning + 4x1.8 GHz Thunder)

Primary Camera

12 MP, f/1.6, 26mm (wide),

1.4µm, dual pixel PDAF, OIS

12 MP, f/2.4, 120˚, 13mm

(ultrawide), 1/3.6"

12 MP, f/1.8, 26mm (wide),

1/2.55", 1.4µm, dual pixel PDAF, OIS, 12 MP, f/2.4, 13mm (ultrawide)


Glass front (Gorilla Glass), glass back (Gorilla Glass), aluminum frame

Front/back glass, aluminum frame

Display Size

6.1 inches

6.1 inches

Display Type

Super Retina XDR OLED, HDR10, 625 nits (typ), 1200 nits (peak)

Liquid Retina IPS LCD, 625 nits max brightness

Display Protection

Scratch-resistant ceramic glass, oleophobic coating

Scratch-resistant glass, oleophobic coating

Display Resolution

1170 x 2532 pixels, 19.5:9 ratio (~460 PPI density)

828 x 1792 pixels, 19.5:9 ratio (~326 PPI density)

Selfie Camera

12 MP, f/2.2, 23mm (wide), 1/3.6" SL 3D (depth/biometrics sensor)

12 MP, f/2.2, 23mm (wide), SL 3D camera

Video Recording

4K at up to 60fps

4K at up to 60fps

What Are the Similarities Between the iPhone 11 And iPhone 12?

The following are the common features between refurbished iPhone 11 and iPhone 12:

  • Both devices feature a Retina Display with 6.1-inch screen size. Moreover, these devices feature True Tone technology, Haptic Touch, P3 wide color, and a max brightness of 625 nits. 
  • They have an A-Series Bionic chip that offers the fastest performance.
  • Their dual camera features a 12MP wide and ultra-wide lens with Night mode, two times optical zoom range, optical image stabilization, and Deep Fusion. 
  • Both offer Face ID and a long battery life of up to 17 hours of video playback.
  • High-quality build of aerospace-grade aluminum 
  • Lightning connector
  • 4GB of RAM, and storage options include 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB
  • Model colors include Black, White, Black, RED, Green, and Purple.

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Detailed Comparison of Features: iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 11

1) Design: 

First, we will consider the design of both models. You will see differences as well as similarities among them. The design of the iPhone 12 is similar to previous models like the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5. It has flat edges and sharp corners. However, the iPhone 11 still gives a stylish and modern look with its round edges like the iPhone 8 Plus, making it look more premium. Both devices have a smoother and lighter design, making them easier to handle and carry around. You will get different classic colors, with each model presenting exclusive color options. Overall, a little innovation and small changes make the refurbished iPhone 12 an improved version of the refurbished iPhone 11. 

iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 11

2) Display:

The refurbished iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 are different regarding their displays. The iPhone 12 has an excellent Super Retina XDR OLED display screen. It can show HDR10 and Dolby Vision, making the colors vibrant with a maximum brightness of 1200 nits. The device's screen size is 6.1 inches and has a screen-to-body ratio of 86%. That means the screen takes up a large portion of the front, providing an enjoyable viewing experience. In addition, the screen has a glass overlay made from Gorilla Glass. That makes it very durable and resistant to scratches. 

On the other hand, the iPhone 11 uses Liquid Retina IPS LCD technology. Both models have True Tone technology that ensures the display is accurate and the colors look good, even with different lighting. But still, the iPhone 12 wins over the display because it has a higher resolution than the iPhone 11. It comes with 1170 x 2532 pixels, while the iPhone 11 has 828 x 1792 pixels. 

The display of the iPhone 12 is very impressive, with a pixel-per-inch density of 460. However, the iPhone 11 LCD screen still provides excellent display quality with a high pixel density of 326 pixels per inch. The iPhone 12 has a haptic touch feature, making it feel more real and interactive. The iPhone 12 is the best choice for people who want a better contrast ratio, darker blacks, and more vibrant colors.

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3) Camera: 

In terms of camera, both iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 are alike. These devices offer two cameras: one is a 12MP ultrawide lens, and the other is a 12MP wide lens. These cameras have PDAF and optical image stabilization. The camera on the iPhone 12 has a wide sensor with a faster f/1.6 aperture that is better at taking pictures in low light. 

Additionally, the iPhone 12 has an improved image processing system. This system provides excellent dynamic range and accurate color representation. It also has features like Smart HDR 3, which makes the colors in photos look even better. 

You can use night mode on all three cameras of the iPhone 12, including the 12MP front-facing camera. The quality of videos has also improved because of the Dolby Vision features. That makes the scenes look better by balancing the colors and making the range of brightness more dynamic. 

Conversely, the iPhone 11 does not have Dolby Vision for recording videos. It only has Night mode available on its wide camera.  Both phones have an identical front-facing camera capable of shooting 4K video at 60 frames per second. The iPhone 12 has a different camera design compared to other phones. It has a powerful processor and can take great photos in low-light conditions. That makes it better than the iPhone 11. Even though the camera design could differ slightly, the iPhone 12 significantly improved over the iPhone 11 because of its remarkable low-light skills and outstanding processing power.

Camera: iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 11

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4) Processor:

Regarding the processor, the iPhone 12 outperforms the iPhone 11. The iPhone 12 uses the A14 Bionic chip, a very advanced and high-performing chipset. The device has 6 strong Firestorm cores and 4 efficient IceStorm cores. On the other side, the iPhone 11 has the A13 Bionic chip, which is also a great processor but not as advanced as the A14. The iPhone 12 has a GPU with four cores, while the iPhone 11 has a GPU with three cores. Different things make the iPhone 12 faster and more efficient than the iPhone 11. That is especially noticeable when it comes to activities that require a lot of effort, like playing games and editing photos.

5) Battery:

Battery-wise, there are important differences between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 11. The iPhone 12 has a non-removable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2815 mAh. On the other hand, the iPhone 11 has a slightly bigger battery with a capacity of 3110 mAh. However, both phones have similar battery life when watching videos and listening to music.

The iPhone 12 has a fast charging feature. That means the battery can reach 50% charge in only 30 minutes. That is possible because of the 20 W charger. In addition, it can be used with Qi magnetic fast charging. That lets you easily and quickly charge your phone. You don't have to wait long for your battery to recharge. The advanced processor of the iPhone 12 can help to save the battery life better.  Moreover, it charges fast and manages power smartly. That makes it a great choice for people who use their phones or are always on the go.

Battery: iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 11

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6) 5G vs 4G: 

The iPhone 12 series supports 5G, but the iPhone 11 only possesses 4G. The iPhone 12 has a feature called millimeter-wave (mmWave) 5G technology. That helps it connect to the internet faster and more efficiently, especially in cities. Regarding 5G networks nationwide, their speed may be better or worse than the fastest LTE signals. But, it is expected that 5G technology will improve a lot in the next few years. That makes the iPhone 12 a good option if you want to make sure your investment stays up-to-date. Additionally, it is important to note that the iPhone 12's 5G connection affects its battery life. Compared to the iPhone 11, which works on 4G, the iPhone 12 lasts about two hours less.

7) MagSafe:

If you're considering switching from the iPhone 11 to the iPhone 12, one important thing to note is that the iPhone 12 has MagSafe technology. Try out the amazing convenience of MagSafe, which provides wireless charging that is now easier, quicker, and safer than ever. The iPhone 11 doesn't have this feature. However, the iPhone 12 now offers the option to purchase a MagSafe charger. This charger makes charging easier and more convenient. If you want an advanced smartphone, consider getting the iPhone 12 with MagSafe.

MagSafe: iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 11

Final Thoughts:

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 are great options, but the last choice depends on your money and what you want. The iPhone 12 has a better A14 Bionic processor, can connect to 5G networks, and takes better photos in low-light conditions. Ultimately, the iPhone 12 has a stylish and attractive design with larger displays in all models. The refurbished iPhone 11 is still a great option for people with limited money. Its performance is still impressive, even in 2021. Ultimately, what matters most are your preferences and priorities. If you can get an upgrade and have enough money, you should think about getting the iPhone 12. If you like how the iPhone 11 works and want to spend less money, it's still a good choice.

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The refurbished iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 have advantages and disadvantages. However, the final decision ultimately depends on individual preferences and financial considerations. If you prioritize having the most up-to-date technology and are willing to invest extra funds, the iPhone 12 is ideal. However, if you are willing to compromise on some features and prioritize saving money, the iPhone 11 remains an excellent choice. Both phones boast impressive camera capabilities, excellent battery life, and fast processing speeds. Whether you opt for the iPhone 12 or 11, you will receive a top-notch device with essential features to keep you connected and enhance your productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the iPhone 12 better than the iPhone 11?

Based on the specifications, the A14 Bionic chip in the iPhone 12 has six cores and is 40% stronger than the A13 Bionic chip in the iPhone 11, which has four cores. Using it every day can give you a slight improvement, but it's especially helpful for playing games and using other demanding apps.

Are there major differences between the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12?

The iPhone 12 has improved features. It has a newer Apple A14 Bionic chip,  MagSafe charging, 5G cellular connectivity, and a stylish design. The display is also better protected with a Ceramic Shield front.

Should I upgrade from iPhone 11 to iPhone 12? Is it worth it?

The iPhone 12 is good at performing tasks. The Apple A14 Bionic processor is newer, slightly faster, and smoother. Additionally, the iPhone 12 will be better able to receive updates from Apple and keep its performance intact over time. The iPhone 12 can connect to 5G networks, but the iPhone 11 Pro cannot.

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