How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster

How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster: Best Tips & Tricks

It can be quite frustrating to have to charge your phone constantly. Despite advancements in battery life, it is still probable that you will need to recharge your phone at least 2 times a day. The transition to USB-C cables has significantly reduced the time required to charge your device. However, there's no need to worry, as various tips, tricks, and technology can help alleviate the inconvenience of charging. Discover these charging hacks given in this blog that you can use daily. Read further to know more details!

1. Keep Your Device Cool

Phone overheating is a common issue, impacting a phone's battery lifespan and charging time. When the phone becomes hot, the processors slow down and cannot hold the increased workload. That leads to higher energy consumption, which hinders the charging process. It is necessary to ensure that your device remains cool while charging.

There are several methods to maintain the cool temperature of your device. You can turn off the background apps and charge your device in a location not exposed to direct sunlight. Moreover, you can also consider removing the case from your phone.

2. Disable Background Apps Processing

Some apps on your phone are updating automatically in the background. That process can drain your phone's battery very quickly. It can also slow down your charging process. You can turn off the background apps process. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Turn off. Now you will see a clear change in your charging speed. 

3. Turn Off Your Phone 

There is another effective method to make your phone charge faster. This method involves turning off your device. If you turn off your device while charging, it will charge much faster. The reason is that no power will be used when you charge the battery. One disadvantage is that you will not get important calls or messages. 

Turn Off Your Phone

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4. Avoid Using the Phone When Charging

If you want to keep receiving notifications and can't turn off your phone to charge it faster, try to minimize its usage while it's plugged in. If you use the phone when it is charging, that will slow down the charging process. Using intensive apps, such as games, can cause your phone to heat up, slowing the charging process and potentially harming your battery over time. That may also result in overheating, and then it will affect the charging process badly. 

5. Turn On Airplane Mode

Your network signal can also cause draining of your device's battery. If weak signals are coming from your phone, they will consume more power. It may also result in faster battery depletion. You can perform a simple solution by activating Airplane mode to optimize your phone's charging speed. 

Testing indicates that it can decrease the duration required for a complete charge by 25%. Swipe up the control bar and tap the Airplane mode icon. You also have the option to navigate through Settings > Network and Internet > Airplane mode. Remember to turn it off once your battery is fully charged so that you may receive your network signals.

Turn On Airplane Mode 


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6. Enable Charge Mode 

In Android devices, an option allows you to specify the type of connection when you connect a USB cable to your device. Please ensure that the charging feature on your laptop or other device is enabled for fast charging. Navigate to Settings > Connected devices > USB preferences. Ensure the toggle for Charging linked devices is turned on in the list of choices. Your device must be connected to a USB cable to modify the options in this menu.

7. Use a Wall Socket

Charging your phone through a USB port on a laptop or car could be more efficient. USB ports not connected to a wall socket provide a power output 0.5A. However, wall socket charging provides a current of 1A. It can also vary depending on your specific device. 

Receiving a lower amperage won't harm your device, but it will result in a slow charging speed. Charging your phone through a USB port in your laptop or car is fine, but it is generally recommended for a partial charge rather than a full one. Otherwise, try to charge your phone completely on a wall socket. You will automatically see the difference in your charging speed. 

Use a Wall Socket

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8. Use a Power Bank

If you frequently travel, investing in a portable charger or power bank from a reputable brand is advisable. A power bank is highly beneficial during emergencies or while traveling. Power banks deliver equivalent or greater current output than a standard wall socket. Be careful when using a two-amp output, as it can lead to quicker charging for your phone. However, it is important to note that your USB cable may not be able to handle the extra power.

Use a Power Bank

9. Avoid Using Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is a fantastic innovation that offers incredible convenience and eliminates the need for numerous cables. Wireless charging typically provides a significantly slower charging experience than wired charging. Testing indicates that it can decrease the charging speed by up to 50%. Transferring energy through a cable is more efficient than using simple contact. Furthermore, the energy that could be utilized more effectively is evident in surplus heat. So it is better to use cable charging with genuine adapters and cables. 

10. Remove Your Phone's Case

Lithium-ion batteries are currently used in all smartphones. The efficiency of the charging process is significantly improved when the battery is cool. For fast charging, it is recommended to maintain the battery temperature within the range of 41 to 113 F (5 to 45 C). In that case, removing your case can assist in reducing it. 

Removing the case allows you to wait until the battery reaches normal temperature. You can keep the phone in a cool place but not in the refrigerator. Once it gets normal, you can put it on charge without the phone cover. It will likely increase the charging speed. 

11. Use a High-Quality Cable

You will find different charging cables in the market that can be used for charging or transferring data. Firstly we always recommend using the original cable that comes with your device. If you don't have that, you prefer to buy the charging cable from the same brand you bought your phone. It is because those cables are more compatible with your device. 

The number of amps the two charging cables can carry is determined by size. A 28-gauge cable has a capacity of approximately 0.5 amps, while a larger 24-gauge cable can handle up to two amps. Inexpensive cables tend to utilize the 28-gauge setup, which can lead to slower charging speeds. Try to consult with the dealer, that will guide you better about which cable suits your device best. 

12. Use Fast Charging Adapter

The charging adapter is as important as the cable in maximizing your phone's charging speed. We suggest investing in a faster power adapter paired with a high-quality cable. Some charger adapters have a power output of 45 watts or more. It is considerably faster than a standard charger. 

If your phone supports fast charging, it might be worth buying a charger to maximize its performance. Using a fast charger adapter that is compatible with your phone and of excellent quality will help prevent your battery from dying when charging. Verifying the fast charging status in your phone's settings and activating it if needed is advisable to ensure optimal charging.

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Slow phone charging can be extremely inconvenient, so knowing how to charge your phone faster is important to minimize low battery anxiety. By implementing the various tips outlined in this blog post, you will ultimately experience the benefits of efficient and secure charging. Remember to disconnect your phone from the charger once it reaches full battery to avoid overcharging, which can potentially harm its long-term lifespan. Use these practical tips to keep your device charged without worrying about its battery life!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check the phone charging speed? 

Brand-specific methods exist for determining how quickly a given phone may be charged. Huawei phones, for example, display a charging progress bar. However, some have indicators, like the Apple iPhone, which "dings" twice to indicate rapid charging. If your phone lacks charging progress indicators, you can download an app like Ampere.

Why is my phone charging so slow?

Common causes of a delayed charging phone include a damaged cable or a charger that is only partially plugged in. For the former, external damage might make the wire useless. When using the latter, power is not actually "coming in" because it is not properly connected. Overheating and programs operating in the background are also major causes of slow charging. 

Why do batteries charge slower when they are almost full?

The voltage and current used for charging can change, which may cause the battery to charge slower when it is almost full. In addition, phones are meant to be charged sparingly because of their specific charging cycle. It's best to charge your phone up to 80% to make your battery last longer. Phones now have improved battery charging features. These features let the phone slow down or decrease the charging speed when the battery is almost full.

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