Refurbished Google Pixel vs. iPhone

Refurbished Google Pixel vs. iPhone: Which One Is Best?

Apple and Google Pixel are well-known tech brands worldwide; almost everyone has used some devices and products. But if we specifically discuss smartphones, how can we weigh which one is better, Google Pixel or iPhone, depending on your budget and requirements? Those who are Apple lovers already know about Apple's smart modules. Apple products are famous for being user-friendly, high security, faster speed, and easy integration. Still, if we talk about Google Pixel, it is considered a competitive Android phone nowadays. These devices come with custom-built features that only Google can perform and provide. The difference between both of them is that the operating system of both is different. For more details, we have provided you with a valuable guide about comparing their features and prices to solve this query. Read more about the comparison and differences between Google Pixel and iPhone!

Why Do You Prefer Buying a Refurbished Google Pixel or a Refurbished iPhone?

If the users are concerned about the price or have to buy a phone within a specific budget, whether Apple or Google Pixel, we suggest you buy refurbished smartphones. Many reputable sellers in Australia are selling refurbished Google Pixels and refurbished iPhones. These phones come at a very low price compared to a brand-new device, but all the features are the same as a brand-new device. Professionals test refurbished phones; if any faults appear, refurbishers repair them and provide a warranty. That is why users can use refurbished phones easily. 

1) Design & Display: Google Pixel vs. iPhone

Regarding design and display, the devices of both brands hit the mark in their respective niches. Some users will find the design of the iPhone more modern and polished than the Google Pixel. If we compare the latest devices of both brands, for example, Google Pixel 7 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro, then build-wise, both offer the best in their respective places. 

In most of the Google Pixel smartphones, you'll see generation-to-generation change. They upgrade their devices in terms of design. The rear visor of the camera in the Google Pixel 6 generation was made of glass. However, in 7 generations, it is made of aluminum instead of glass. That was a major change in its design. But if we talk about the iPhone, there is no major change design-wise. You won't find noticeable changes in iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 displays. You will see only one extra feature, which is the dynamic island. Other than that, you will not see major upgrades.

iPhone 14 Pro has a Retina Display, and Google Pixels have an OLED screen that provides vibrant colors and a top-notch display. Display sizes are better in Google Pixel models than in iPhones. However, in terms of resolution, iPhone devices have a better resolution comparable to Google Pixel. The Pixel 7 can support a nice 90Hz refresh rate with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels. Conversely, the iPhone 14 supports 2532 x 1170 pixels at a 60Hz refresh rate.

Design & Display: Google Pixel vs. iPhone

2) Camera: Google Pixel vs. iPhone

Regarding the camera, both brands provide the best camera features. Google Pixel which is considered as the best Android camera phone. Google Pixel's latest smartphone, for example, Google Pixel 7 Pro, offers a 50-megapixel camera, but when it comes to the iPhone, it has a dual camera system. Now let's talk about the latest iPhones like iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone Pro Max so that you will get a lot of advanced camera capital. For example, ProRAW photo functionality and Cinematic mode will make your videos look amazing. DSL is unnecessary if you have the latest iPhone 14 Pro. No other Android phone in the market will show better results than the iPhone 14 Pro and even later series.

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3) Operating System: Google Pixel vs. iPhone

The iPhone operates on Apple's exclusive iOS operating system, whereas the Google Pixels operates on Android. iOS is renowned for its user-friendly interface and smooth Apple ecosystem integration. It allows iPhone users to connect with other Apple devices effortlessly. 

On the other hand, Android provides users greater freedom, a wide range of customization options, and many other useful features that significantly enhance the overall user experience. The debate over whether iOS is superior to Android in terms of security is ongoing, but the consensus currently favors Apple as the winner. iOS offers consistent updates for all devices, a closed ecosystem that is more difficult to breach, and a more stringent app store.

4) Battery Life: Google Pixel vs. iPhone

As brands introduce new smartphones, they enhance and upgrade their features. Similarly, the battery life of the iPhone and Google Pixel has been upgraded over the years. This time, if we consider the latest models, then Google Pixel 7 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have been considered to have better battery life than previous versions. The Google Pixel 7 Pro's battery is 5,000 mAh, while the iPhone 14 Pro offers a 4323 mAh battery. 

Capacity-wise, you might think Pixel wins here, but that is untrue. It is because Apple knows how to work well with efficiency. In particular, battery tests done by professionals, some iPhone and Pixel models had the same battery time, but in some cases, the iPhone is a winner as it lasts longer than the Pixel. However, if we consider the charging, the iPhone does not support fast charging. Pixel smartphones will charge in less time than iPhones. 

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5) Voice Assistants: Google Pixel vs. iPhone

Google Assistant and Siri are similar in their ability to answer everyday queries about the weather or your schedule. However, the first option is more efficient regarding responsiveness regarding tasks like sending text messages or checking notifications.

Google Assistant excels in natural language processing, enabling it to comprehend context, engage in conversations, translate voices, and provide responses more naturally. You can use Google Assistant to search for a song by humming it.

If you purchase an iPhone, you may be inclined to invest in other costly Apple products as well due to the intentional design of the Apple ecosystem. The experience remains consistent across all Android brands when using accessories with Pixel phones.

Additionally, it's important to remember that repairing iPhones can be quite costly, so you could face significant expenses if you accidentally damage your device. Fortunately, Pixel users don't have to worry about scary things. If you prioritize value, opting for a Pixel is better than an iPhone.

Voice Assistants: Google Pixel vs. iPhone

6) Price & Value: Google Pixel vs. iPhone

The price of the iPhone is usually higher than that of the Pixel. The starting price for Apple's smartphones is typically $699 for the base model, while the top-of-the-line model with all the features can cost up to $1,599. The base model of the Google Pixel starts at a significantly lower price of $599. It could provide better value for consumers who are on a limited budget. It is best to consider buying a refurbished smartphone, an iPhone, or a Google Pixel. People on tight budgets can also afford the latest version of iPhones and other expensive Android models. 

iPhone vs. Google Pixel: Which Smartphone is the Best Fit for You?

Are you trying to decide between the iPhone and Google Pixel? Let's analyze and determine which phone is most suitable for you. The Google Pixel might be ideal if you want more value for your money. The device provides various camera features, prompt Android updates, and an intelligent voice assistant. By integrating Google services into your phone, you'll have access to the top-notch offerings from Google.

Alternatively, if you are already dependent on Apple services and own other Apple devices, it may be advantageous to stick with an iPhone. iPhones are renowned for their superior power, extended durability, and excellent camera system. Additionally, iPhones offer enhanced optimization for third-party apps, allowing for a seamless experience when using all your favorite applications on a single device. It is important to mention that iPhones are known for their overall reliability, offering a sense of security in the face of technological mishaps.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your needs and personal preferences. Ensure that the phone you select fits your specific requirements and lifestyle. Regardless of which option you choose, you can expect to have a premium smartphone experience.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Pixel Phones


1) Google Tensor

Utilizing Google's custom-designed chip, you can seamlessly integrate the advantages of machine learning into everyday functions on your phone, including tasks like photo editing and messaging. Enhance your photography with Motion Mode and Face Unblur for clearer, high-quality photos. Improve the audio in your videos using speech enhancement and conveniently translate text messages with Google Translate. In addition to Titan M2, Google Tensor enhances your phone's security.  

2) Camera Technology

The custom image processor of Google Tensor enhances your pictures with exceptional clarity, intricate details, and remarkable accuracy that is hard to come by elsewhere. The image quality and camera technology of Google Pixels, including features like the ultra-wide lens and Magic Eraser, receive excellent reviews.

3) Affordability

Google Pixel phones are known for their affordability and outstanding photography capabilities, making them one of the most cost-effective options among smartphones available in the market. You can purchase a refurbished Google Pixel or a brand-new one at a significantly lower price than an iPhone.


1) Fewer Choices

While many smartphone companies release numerous phones yearly, Google only introduces one or two Pixel devices. It may be limited if you're accustomed to having a wide range of phones at different price points. However, purchasing a Google Pixel phone online can simplify your decision-making process if you need a phone urgently and don't want to be overwhelmed by numerous choices.

2) Fewer Features

Google Pixel phones have few fancy features. If you buy a Google Pixel phone online, you'll still get a good and dependable phone with all the necessary features. However, if you always want to try out new and enjoyable things on your phone, consider another more suitable option.

3) No Expandable Storage

Google Pixel phones lack SD card slots, which can be problematic for most users. However, doing activities requiring a lot of RAM can become challenging, such as downloading large files.

No Expandable Storage

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Advantages and Disadvantages of iPhones


1) Easy-To-Use Interface

The iPhone has a user-friendly interface that is the same on all Apple devices. That is why graphic designers prefer to use Macs. Aesthetically pleasing and intuitively designed, the iPhone UI hasn't changed much, even while newer iPhones have added advanced functionality.  

2) Apple ecosystem

iPhones are specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with other Apple devices, such as iPads or Apple Watches. That proves to be useful in various ways. With iCloud, you can synchronize files on your Mac and iPhone simultaneously, enabling seamless file management. Additionally, iCloud allows you to send and receive messages across all your devices and conveniently access your photos from anywhere. These are just a few of the remarkable features iCloud offers.

3) Excellent Security

Apple iPhones are highly desired for their exceptional security features. The robust firewall implemented by Apple effectively prevents hackers from gaining unauthorized access to your personal information, ensuring its protection. In addition, the iPhone is equipped with various built-in security features and safeguards.


1) Expensive

The prices of Apple's iPhones, particularly the newer models, are considered the most expensive in the smartphone market. However, numerous individuals argue that the costs are justified, and one can save money by purchasing refurbished iPhones.

2) Less Storage

If you want to obtain an iPhone with additional storage, it is necessary to purchase the upgraded model, as SD card slots are not included. That can also add up a bit in the price tag. 

3) Hard to Integrate With Other Devices

Syncing your iPhone with your Apple devices is a simple process. Integrating devices from different brands can be challenging for seamless compatibility.

Hard to Integrate With Other Devices

Major Differences Between iPhone and Google Pixel

The primary distinction between the two is that the Google Pixel operates on the Android platform, whereas the iPhone utilizes the iOS operating system. iOS is renowned for its intuitive nature and ability to maintain user-friendliness even with numerous upgrades. The apps and other features consistently excel on new devices.

The top-selling points of Google Pixel and iPhone are their high-quality cameras and innovative photographic technology, with Google's cameras being particularly notable. A significant factor contributing to this is the implementation of the Google Tensor chip, which leverages machine-learning techniques to capture the perfect shot.

When comparing the latest models, such as the Google Pixel 7 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the competition becomes intense, making it challenging to assert that one is superior. The Google device provides a larger screen and quicker refresh rate, whereas the iPhone 14 boasts a vibrant and precise Retina display with excellent camera capabilities. The iPhone boasts an extended battery life and exceptional camera and photography features. Keep these differences in mind while selecting any smartphone!

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Google Pixel and iPhone are both the top smartphone brands in the industry. Deciding which device to purchase can take time due to the pros and cons of both options. The Pixel is known for its outstanding camera and stock Android operating system, while the iPhone excels with its impressive app store and streamlined user interface. Ultimately, deciding between these two devices is a matter of personal preference. No matter which device you select, you can be certain that both renowned brands will provide you with a top-notch smartphone experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is recommended, iPhone or Google Pixel?

If you want more value for your money, camera options, top Google services, fast Android updates, and a more intelligent voice assistant, choose the Pixel. However, if you have already used Apple services and devices, choosing the iPhone is best.

What is the key point that makes me prefer the Pixel over the iPhone?

The camera is competitive, and some users may also find it improved if they have not used the iPhone 14 Pro series. The battery life is also amazing in some Pixel phones, which can last hours. Lastly, the Vanilla Android feature refers to the pure version of the Android operating system without any modifications. This argument is specifically for other Android smartphones. With Vanilla Android, you can enjoy the best services provided by Google.

Would it be worth switching to Google Pixel?

If you want to upgrade your Android without any extra software that can be found on some other devices, the Pixel lineup is the best choice. Android 13 is so stable and smooth that even the most loyal iPhone fans might consider switching.

What are the drawbacks of Pixel?

The major drawback of the Google Pixel phone is the lack of a headphone jack, absurd screen touch, and expandable memory.

How long can a Google Pixel last?

Google Pixel phones can support guaranteed software updates for up to 3 years. The latest Google Pixel 7 Pro comes with at least five years of security updates. However, the Android phone usually offers this commitment for mainly 3 years.

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