Refurbished MacBook Air

Buy High-Quality Refurbished MacBook Air in 2023

Apple is known for offering high-quality tech products. Their MacBooks come first when someone is looking for top-quality laptops. The MacBook Air is a powerful option powered by M1 or M2 chips. Its durable slim fit, pro-quality camera, mic, and long-lasting battery life make it a perfect choice for people who want a reliable device. Plus, this device has a fan-free design that does not cause any noise while working. The prices of the brand-new MacBook Air can be high for individuals. In that case, people can buy a refurbished MacBook Air that assures them of the quality. Read on to learn more about the refurbished MacBook Air!

Why Buy a Refurbished Macbook Air?

There are many good reasons to purchase a refurbished MacBook Air. The main reason is to save money on buying refurbished devices. Sometimes, you can save up to a thousand dollars or even more. Refurbished devices like laptops and smartphones work as well as new ones but cost much less.  Moreover, the refurbished MacBook Air has been repaired and restored and has zero faults. Make sure to buy your refurbished devices from a reputable retailer like Roobotech. These retailers professionally test the devices, repair them if needed, and provide a warranty for peace of mind. 

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Benefits of Buying Refurbished MacBook Air

1) Savings

If you purchase a brand new MacBook Air, it will be quite expensive. You might like your new product. However, you might also feel sad considering how much you spend. If you buy a refurbished MacBook Air, you'll get the advantages of both choices. You will get both the product and your money. Refurbishing can help you save a significant amount of money. You can use the money you save to buy another product.

2) Warranty

Apple products usually have a warranty. Other than that, the third-party sellers that refurbish products also provide a warranty. If you're buying a laptop for yourself or a child in school, the warranty will still protect you if anything goes wrong.

3) Works Like Brand-New

Many people mistakenly believe that a refurbished product is of lower quality.

But that is not the case. Refurbished laptops undergo different tests to ensure all parts are working properly. The systems have been reset to factory settings and packaged as new. Moreover, reputable refurbishers will ensure it's in great condition before bringing it home. 

Drawback of Buying Refurbished MacBook Air

1) Possibility of Minor Cosmetic Damages

Despite the company's best efforts, it is only sometimes possible to fix superficial scratches. The scratches will not affect the laptop's functionality. It is quite feasible to restore a product to its original flawless state. However, there is still a possibility that those small scratches could damage the surface of the MacBook Air. Roobotech exclusively offers devices of the highest possible standard. Thus, the possibility of a minor cosmetic scratch being a concern is extremely low.

2) Limited Customisation

You can only customize a MacBook Air in certain cases. In this situation, what you see is exactly what you will get. If you want to modify parts, it will be more difficult with a MacBook Air, whether it's new or used.

Limited Customisation

Things to Consider When Buying a Refurbished or Used Macbook Air:

The first thing to consider is understanding the distinction between refurbished and used MacBook Airs. Refurbished MacBook Airs are laptops that official Apple or certified technicians have inspected. Any MacBook that fails to meet this requirement should be categorized as a pre-owned laptop. Refurbished products are often repaired if a fault is found in them. However, if you want a used or secondhand mobile phone, you must buy it directly from the original supplier without any repair. If there are any technical issues, you may face in the future.

When purchasing a pre-owned MacBook Air from an online marketplace, it is important to consider the cosmetic condition grading. Typically, this consists of three to four grade categories: Excellent, Good, Fair, and Heavy Wear. The rating scale ranges from 1 to 10, with 10 representing a used Mac in excellent condition. Choose the state that is perfect according to you. 

Moreover, many reputable buyers in Australia are selling refurbished MacBooks and other devices. It would be better to compare prices from different sellers and select the seller with the best price.

Top 3 Refurbished MacBook Air Models in 2023

1) Apple MacBook Air 2022: Top Choice

The 2022 MacBook Air M1 offers all the essential features and additional capabilities that cater to the needs of professional users. The device features a high-quality Apple M-Series CPU with 8 or 16 GB of RAM. It boasts a stunning 13.6" Retina display and a lightning-fast SSD for optimal performance. While this particular used MacBook Air may come with a higher price tag, it also boasts the highest level of performance among its counterparts. If you're looking for a contemporary, top-notch Air without breaking your budget, the 2022 model is the ideal option. The same applies to a pre-owned MacBook Air from either 2020 or 2021. 

2) MacBook Air 2018: The All-Rounder

The MacBook Air 2018 was a big deal for the MacBook lineup. Apple laptops have finally received a much-anticipated update, with improvements made to their hardware. So, if you want to buy a used computer, the MacBook Air 2018 is still a good choice. The 2018 Air has good hardware and a great Retina display that still looks amazing after five years. That is the best option for a powerful and affordable MacBook Air. 

3) MacBook Air 2014: Affordable Choice

If you're a casual user, any MacBook Air model released between 2014 and 2017 is a good choice. These models can do everything you need on a desktop computer, like watching movies, organizing emails, and storing files online, even if you can't update to the newest macOS version. So, the MacBook Air 2014 is a great choice for students and casual users who want a small, strong, and affordable Apple laptop. 

MacBook Air 2014: Affordable Choice

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Buy a Refurbished Apple MacBook Air from Roobotech in Australia 

If you're looking for a reputable retailer in Australia for refurbished products, then Roobotech is at the top. Roobotech also offers refurbished MacBooks, smartwatches, smartphones, and other tech accessories to complete the package. All the refurbished products are highly tested and meet Australian standards. Get a 12-month warranty and 14-day return policy on refurbished products. Shop today for a better experience!


It's quite simple to choose a used or refurbished MacBook Air. To find what you're looking for, pick a trustworthy marketplace. Then, use filters to narrow your search by selecting the specific hardware and cosmetic conditions you prefer. Once you have completed this task, you can select the most suitable model and save considerable money. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a refurbished Mac Air a good option?

If you're looking to buy a small, sleek, and affordable used laptop, the MacBook Air is a great choice. When a trustworthy company, such as Roobotech, properly refurbishes a used MacBook Air laptop, it can maintain its value and be a good investment. These laptops can last for many years.

Do refurbished MacBooks make a good investment?

Refurbished MacBooks are just as good as new ones but cost much less, saving you hundreds of dollars.

What do refurbished MacBooks mean?

Refurbished MacBooks are MacBooks that have been checked and tested by a retailer like Roobotech to make sure they are in good condition. If any repairs are needed, they are fixed before being sold again.

Are the batteries in refurbished MacBooks new?

At Roobotech, we check all refurbished devices before selling them to ensure the battery lasts at least 80% of its full capacity. If something needs to be improved or meet high-quality standards, we will replace it.

How long do refurbished MacBooks last after they have been repaired?

The lifespan of the item can vary based on different factors. However, it should last around five to 10 years if it is well taken care of.

Which used MacBook should I purchase?

MacBooks are durable and long-lasting computers. They have technology that remains up-to-date for a significant period. There are numerous choices available. The answer to your question depends on how much money you have, what you like, and what you want to achieve. When it comes to choosing refurbished MacBooks, you have many options available. Select the one that is best for you. 

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