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Buy Refurbished iPhones in Melbourne With Roobotech 

Welcome to Roobotech! We are the top company in Melbourne, Australia, for selling excellent refurbished iPhones. At Roobotech, we have many refurbished iPhones for sale at low prices, but they are still good quality. We test and check our refurbished iPhones thoroughly to make sure they work like new ones and will perform well for a long time.

Why Choose Roobotech for Your Refurbished iPhone Needs?

1) Quality Assurance:

We understand the significance of having a dependable and cost-effective choice for purchasing a refurbished iPhone. That's why we're so confident in the quality and efficacy of the products we sell; we put them through extensive testing and certification. Our team of certified technicians conducts a comprehensive inspection of each phone to ensure optimal functionality and aesthetically pleasing design. We exclusively utilize genuine Apple parts for any required repairs. 

2) Extensive Selection of Refurbished iPhones: 

Our inventory includes a wide variety of refurbished iPhone models, including the flagship iPhone 15 series. Whether you're in search of an iPhone 7 or the latest iPhone 15 model, rest assured that we have what you need. You have the option to select from our wide variety of models that are tailored to meet your specific needs and budget.

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3) Secure and Easy Online Shopping:

At Roobotech, we are committed to providing a secure and seamless online shopping experience. Easily explore and buy your favorite refurbished iPhone model on our user-friendly website. Our payment options are secure, and we ensure that all orders are dispatched as soon as possible.

4) Affordable Pricing 

In addition to our outstanding refurbishment process, Roobotech is dedicated to offering affordable prices and ensuring top-notch customer service. We provide affordable prices for all of our reconditioned iPhones because everyone should be able to afford a high-quality gadget. You may find our rates more reasonable compared to other sellers.

5) Excellent Customer Support:

Our company is owned and operated in Australia. When you buy a refurbished iPhone from Roobotech, you are not only supporting local businesses but also making a significant contribution to the Australian economy. Our customer support team is committed to delivering top-notch assistance to you. They are friendly, professional, and always available to answer any questions you may have.

6) 14-day Return Policy and 1 Year Warranty:

Our company offers a 14-day return policy for all purchases made through our website. In other words, you have 14 days from the time you get the item to ask for a return. To initiate a product return, please ensure that the item is in its original, unused condition, complete with the box and original packaging as received. Please make sure you have an invoice or evidence of purchase with you. 

Moreover, our refurbished iPhones come with a warranty of up to 6-12 months so that you can feel confident and worry-free. For more information about a return, kindly reach out to us at If you receive a defective, damaged, or incorrect item, please get in touch with us right away so that we can promptly resolve the issue.

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“ Don't miss this chance to get an almost-new iPhone at an affordable price “ 

Roootech's Range of Cheap Refurbished iPhones in Melbourne:

Roobotech offers a wide range of refurbished iPhones in Melbourne, including:

iPhone 15 Series

iPhone 14 Series

iPhone 13 Series

iPhone 12 Series

iPhone 11 Series

iPhone X Series

iPhone SE Series

iPhone 8 Series

iPhone 7 Series

iPhone 7 Plus

Roobotech's Top-Selling Refurbished iPhones

Roobotech provides a diverse selection of refurbished iPhones that cater to various needs and budgets. We offer a range of top-selling refurbished iPhones, including the iPhone 15 series, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 11, and iPhone 8 Plus. These models provide exceptional features and performance at affordable prices. Furthermore, our refurbished iPhones are accompanied by warranty and support options, enhancing the overall value we offer to our customers.

Our utmost priority is to deliver unparalleled support and service to our customers, ensuring their satisfaction extends well beyond the initial sale. We provide warranty and support options for all our refurbished iPhones, which is why we offer them to our customers. Our warranty provides coverage for any defects or malfunctions in the device. You can also check out Top 5 Refurbished iPhones to Buy in Australia in 2023.

Is It a Good Decision to Buy a Refurbished iPhone?

Choosing to purchase a refurbished iPhone is a wise and eco-friendly decision for individuals seeking a reliable smartphone without compromising their budget or environmental concerns. Purchasing refurbished iPhones offers significant cost savings compared to buying a brand-new device without any compromise on the quality or functionality of the phone. 

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Moreover, purchasing refurbished products can effectively contribute to the reduction of electronic waste by prolonging the lifespan of devices that would otherwise be disposed of. For the best assurance of receiving a high-quality product with warranty coverage, it is recommended to make your purchase from a reputable seller like Roobotech.

By following this process, we guarantee that the phone you receive will be in outstanding condition, as we use only authentic Apple parts for any necessary repairs. By choosing this option, you can have confidence in the performance of your refurbished phone, which is comparable to that of a brand-new device but at a significantly lower price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Refurbished vs. Brand New iPhone - What's the Difference?

The main difference between the refurbished and brand-new phone is the price. Refurbished iPhone models are up to 40% cheaper. A refurbished iPhone is a pre-owned, second-hand, or pre-loved iPhone with cosmetic flaws affecting its value. Reputable sellers undergo all refurbished devices through rigorous testing to ensure all devices are 100% functional. Quality-wise, both refurbished and brand-new devices offer almost the same thing. 

Which iPhone Is the Most Suitable for You?

Each iPhone model has its unique specifications. In order to determine the most suitable iPhone for you, it is important to consider your daily needs and budget. The iPhone 8 Series supports fast charging to the latest iPhone 15 Series, while 5G is only supported by the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14, and iPhone 15 Series. Ultimately, your choice will depend on your specific preferences and financial constraints.

Where Can I Buy Authentic, Brand-New iPhone Accessories?

We not only carry the newest iPhones, but Roobotech also offers a range of new and refurbished iPhone accessories, such as charging cables, screen protectors, phone cases, and more.