Top Refurbished Mobile Phones in Australia

Top 7 Refurbished Mobile Phones in Australia

Are you in the market and looking for an affordable yet high-quality smartphone? Refurbished smartphones are the best option to look for as they offer affordability and advanced technology. That makes them the perfect solution for individuals seeking these two things. We have conducted thorough research in Australia and prepared a comprehensive list of the top 7 refurbished mobile phones in 2023. At a reasonable price, these smartphones provide all the features you love, including impressive camera capabilities and extended battery life. Get ready to explore Australia's top refurbished smartphones!

What Is a Refurbished Smartphone?

Refurbished phones are also known as second-hand smartphones. These devices are thoroughly tested and repaired to meet high standards. There are many professional retailers of refurbished smartphones in Australia, like Roobotech. The experts remove the previous owner's information and conduct tests to ensure the phone returns to a like-new condition for resale. All the components of the refurbished phones are tested and repaired properly. Even if any component or part gets damaged, reputable retailers replace it with genuine parts. When you purchase a refurbished mobile phone in Australia, you will get a phone with a warranty. It is an affordable and eco-friendly choice that helps both the buyer and the environment.

List of 7 Top Refurbished Mobile Phones in Australia From Roobotech

1) Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung Galaxy S23 is one of the latest Smartphones released in February 2023. This compact and powerful device comes with excellent advanced features. Budget-savvy buyers can purchase the refurbished version of this all-rounder device. It offers a long-lasting battery life with its non-removable Li-Ion 3900 mAh battery. 

This compact device is a complete powerhouse equipped with Qualcomm SM8550-AC Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 (4 nm) chipset. Enjoy capturing beautiful moments with its 50MP rear camera. The high-quality aluminum frame ensures the durability of this device, and 1080 x 2340 pixels resolution offers a clear and crisp display. Enjoy the refurbished version in attractive colors like lime, lavender, and phantom black.  

Samsung Galaxy S23

2) Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Another is from the reputable brand Samsung, with a unique flip-style model. The refurbished Samsung Z Flip is a very compact device that offers extreme convenience and portability to users. This pocket-sized device has a flexible glass and Aluminium frame that gives it the durability to stand rough use. It offers you a long-lasting battery life besides giving a solid performance. The camera quality is amazing as it features a 12MP rear and 10MP front camera. Its Dynamic AMOLED 6.7-inch display allows you to enjoy vibrant visuals. Just pop it out from your small pockets and enjoy the exceptional features of this device. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

3) Google Pixel 6 Pro 

Google Pixel series is getting competitive regarding features with Apple and Samsung smartphones. The good thing about them is that they offer high-end features at an affordable price tag. The refurbished Google Pixel 6 Pro comes with outstanding specs and is better than the Google Pixel 7 Pro in terms of user experience. It is just like the Pixel 7 Pro, but the major difference is the price tag. Like the 7 Pro, the Pixel 6 Pro has amazing software that works smoothly. 

Even with the heavy usage, its processor holds up very well compared to the top-tier flagship models. This good-looking device offers a nice display of 6.7 inches, which is highly responsive. The excellent camera qualities include a 12MP ultra-wide camera that captures beautiful moments. With all these amazing specs and price affordability, it is Australia's best refurbished mobile phone. 

Google Pixel 6 Pro

4) iPhone 12 

The iPhone 12 is one of the most reasonably priced iPhones. As a refurbished phone, it is among Australia's best all-around refurbished mobile phones. It has got one of the quickest speeds for the money, along with a sleek MagSafe design, two cameras, 5G connectivity, and low pricing. It has a high-end battery with fast charging capabilities. The Apple A14 Bionic (5 nm) chipset ensures users enjoy seamless gaming and streaming experience. Enjoy watching movies on its Super Retina XDR OLED display and 6.1-inch vibrant screen.

iPhone 12

5) Samsung Galaxy S22 5G

Another flagship model that is a perfect choice for a refurbished smartphone in Australia is the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G. This model boasts impressive features, including 8GB of RAM. It has a high-quality camera with a clear lens and fast wireless charging for extended battery life. The sleek design of this model has a build of aluminum frame that adds durability. The price of the refurbished version is suitable for budget-friendly buyers.

Samsung Galaxy S22 5G

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6) Apple iPhone 12 Pro

If you want a new smartphone, you can go straight with a refurbished Apple iPhone 12 Pro. It's an affordable smartphone with a lot of useful features. However, Apple no longer sells the iPhone 12 Pro after the launch of the iPhone 13. In comparison, Australians may find excellent deals on refurbished cell phones from third-party sellers. It's still competitive in the market thanks to its smart layout, outstanding functionality, and high-end camera. 

Apple iPhone 12 Pro

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7) iPhone 13 Pro Max 

The iPhone 13 Pro Max, launched in 2021, continues to amaze with its technological advancements. Purchasing a pre-owned iPhone 13 Pro Max also makes it a more cost-effective option. The iPhone 13 Pro Max offers everything needed to delight any Apple enthusiast. It boasts a 120Hz ProMotion display with a smooth screen performance and a generous 6.7-inch panel. 

Additionally, it features Apple's most advanced camera, offering a 3x optical zoom and an impressive 15x digital zoom. Furthermore, its lightning-fast performance is driven by the powerful A15 Bionic chip. Moreover, this exceptional model offers a bright display, cinematic video mode, and long battery life, providing added benefits.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Which is the Best Refurbished Mobile Phone for You? 

Determining the best option among Australia's numerous refurbished mobile phones might be difficult. Many individuals debate about the traditional "iPhone vs. Samsung" issue. It is because both companies offer exceptional smartphones with outstanding features. Apple's strengths include the iOS ecosystem's user-friendliness, rapid software updates, robust security, and excellent ports. 

However, Android phones are highly adaptable to the user's preferences. They are compatible with various external devices, full of innovative functions, and protected by sturdy, advanced technology. Phones like Oppo and Google Pixel, among many others, are also available as refurbished options. 

Trying to discuss all of them and their advantages here would be useless. Ultimately, it depends on what kind of smartphone you want within a specific budget. Always prefer a retailer that gives you a good quality phone and doesn't waste money. Below, we have discussed some important factors. They will help you while purchasing a refurbished device. 

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Things to Keep In Mind While Buying Refurbished Phones

When you buy a refurbished mobile in the market, you can get confused at once with so many options available. You may need a guide according to which you can judge which refurbished mobile is best for you! To help you in this matter, we have mentioned below some factors you can consider to buy a suitable refurbished mobile. Let's get started!

1) Choose a Trusted Seller

The first thing to consider is to buy from a reputable and trusted seller. You may find many reputable sellers in Australia, but we recommend buying from Roobotech. They are the authorized and certified sellers in Australia. Also, ensure that whichever seller you select to buy your refurbished mobile strictly maintains its quality standards and provides you with flexible warranties and return policies.

2) Checking For Quality

Before buying a refurbished phone, it's important to check its quality carefully. Examine the item carefully for any small damages like scratches or marks. Also, make sure that all the buttons and functions are working correctly. It's a good idea to ask the seller about any problems the device had before. It will help you understand better about the condition of the phone.

3) Research About the Model

Doing homework about your preferred phone before buying it would be best. Learn about the experiences of other buyers by reading ratings and reviews. Look for problems or complaints that people often have and decide if they are important considerations for you. It will help you a lot when you buy a refurbished smartphone that has been repaired.

4) Comparing Prices

A reconditioned smartphone can save you a lot of money over the price of a brand-new one. However, it is still important to check the pricing of several sellers to get the best price possible. Remember that a used phone's cost might range widely based on its functionality, age, and condition.

5) Consider Warranty

Refurbished smartphones typically come with a warranty. Checking all the terms and conditions is important before making the purchase. Additionally, it is important to keep track of the duration of the seller's warranty. The seller might offer you a longer warranty period. Having it will provide a higher level of security in case of any problems.

6) Read Return Policies

Remember to read and understand the seller's return conditions carefully. Different sellers may have different return policies. Some of these conditions may include restocking fees or timing constraints. It is essential to get familiar with these regulations. It will also benefit you when you need to exchange or return the phone.

Benefits Of Buying a Refurbished Smartphone

There are many benefits of buying a refurbished phone, some of which we have listed below: 

1) Cost- Effective Solution

Saving money is the primary benefit of purchasing a refurbished phone. The price of a refurbished phone is significantly less than the brand new one. Therefore, these cell phones also make it possible to save money while still enjoying high-quality standards. You can also read about How to Save Money to Buy an iPhone in 2023?

2) High- Quality Assurance

Refurbished phones have been tested and inspected to meet the original manufacturer's specifications. So, you can expect a phone that works well and is reliable.

3) Environmental Consciousness

When you choose a refurbished phone, you are also positively helping the environment. Refurbished phones help reduce electronic waste by making mobile devices last longer.

4) Warranty and Return Policies

Many refurbished or second-hand items come with warranties or return policies. However, it offers you added protection and relaxation. Make sure to review the terms and conditions of the return policy. That will assist you in comprehending your consumer rights.

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What Is the Grading System of a Refurbished Mobile Phone?

Refurbished phones are used so you might see the signs of wear and tear on some devices. In that case, all the reputable sellers in Australia honestly describe the condition of each phone and assign appropriate grades to each device. However, there is no such standard grading system for refurbished mobile phones. But we have presented below a basic grading system in which we will explain each grade. With the help of this, you can easily get an idea of the condition of refurbished devices: 

1) Open Box:

Open Box phones are not used, but their original packaging has been removed. These are like brand-new phones that come with their original accessories.

2) Like New or As New

These devices are used, but the technicians' factory reset them and remove all the previously installed programs. They also come with 12- months of warranty. 

3) A-Grade

These second-hand devices are in good condition. You may find minor scratches or faded areas in Grade-A devices, but it still offers a 12-month warranty.

4) B-Grade

These devices have been used a lot. After being repaired and tested, you can often see scratches or marks on their body. That is why their warranty period is only 3-6 months.

5) C-Grade

This lowest grade refers to phones used often and may show visible signs of scratches, scuffs, and dents. The warranty might be for three months or even less.


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Top 5 Places to Buy a Refurbished Phones in Australia

1) Roobotech:

Roobotech is the top retailer of refurbished smartphones in Australia. Besides selling refurbished smartphones, they also sell a variety of refurbished Macbooks, Tablets, Smartwatches, and various tech accessories. The technicians test all the devices carefully to ensure the users do not face any problems. Users will get a 6 to 12 months warranty on all the refurbished devices. You can check out their positive reviews on Trustpilot and Product Reviews.

2) OzMobiles

Another trusted place to buy refurbished smartphones in Australia is OzMobiles. Users from OzMobiles are happy with their purchase and left positive reviews on Trustpilot. Skilled technicians highly test the refurbished devices from OzMobiles to ensure they meet quality standards. Moreover, they offer a 12-month warranty, a 30-day Return policy, and free shipping.

3) Reebelo

At number 3, we presented Reebelo as Australia's best place to buy refurbished smartphones. It has a high customer satisfaction rate of around 4.7 stars at Trustpilot.  Their smartphones are thoroughly tested to ensure that their customers will appreciate the quality of the products. You will find refurbished Smartphones from various top brands like Apple and Samsung at Reebelo. 

4) Kogan:

Kogan is a retailer in Australia that sells the latest refurbished smartphones. It has a grading system like "very good" and "excellent" that explains the condition of its devices. That is helpful for users to understand the condition of the devices they are going to buy. Kogan is one of the retailers in Australia that sells refurbished smartphones at the cheapest rates. The only drawback is that all products do not have a warranty, and some are from third-party sellers.

5) Frank Mobile:

Frank Mobile is also a reputable retailer of premium refurbished smartphones in Australia. You can get the latest iPhones, Samsung phones, and other Android phone collections. Besides that, they also sell refurbished laptops and other devices. Enjoy a 12-month warranty on all the refurbished smartphones, and the plus point is that their express shipping methods are free.

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Get the Top Refurbished Smartphones in Australia at Roobotech

If you are looking for refurbished smartphones in Australia, Roobotech is the right place. Roobotech will provide you with all the latest and previous collections. You can find all of them if you want the latest refurbished iPhone like the iPhone 14, the best second-hand Samsung smartphone, or any other highly advanced and budget-friendly Android phone. 

Roobotech is an Australian-based company, and all our devices are rigorously tested to ensure high-quality standards. The prices of our refurbished smartphones are highly competitive with the market prices. For buyer's convenience, we provide a grading system explaining the right condition of the gadget they will purchase. 

Moreover, the warranty period we offer is around 6 to 12 months. It depends on the grade of your device. Rather than buying a brand-new device, you can get a refurbished device at a lower cost. We also offer highly secured payment methods and the fastest delivery of your orders. 

Besides refurbished smartphones, you can also check out our collection of refurbished laptops, tablets, smartwatches, and many other Tech accessories you can use daily. So check out our website today and get your hands on your favorite refurbished device! 


Purchasing a refurbished smartphone in Australia is quite trendy. It is a wise choice to save money while getting a high-quality device. The rigorous testing of these refurbished devices ensures that your device will last long while functioning at its best. Moreover, the warranty of these devices gives you the confidence that you can get your devices fixed if anything goes wrong. So now you don't need to worry! Go to a reputable retailer in Australia like Roobotech to get your refurbished Smartphone today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the popular mobile phones in Australia?

Apple iPhones are considered to be the most selling smartphones in Australia. Samsung is another brand that is widely used among Australians. It offers different models with different features that fulfill the requirements of all kinds of buyers. 

What are the Australian-made mobile phone brands?

Aspera Mobile is one of the Australian brands that is the best in Sydney and offers high-quality smartphones according to your interests. 

What is the best grade to consider when buying a refurbished smartphone? 

Grade A is considered the best because it offers the best quality. You will find the grade A smartphones like the brand new ones. These mobile phones are rigorously tested and come without faults or technical problems. 

Are Refurbished Smartphones Unlocked?

Yes, if you buy a refurbished device from any retailer in Australia, you will find all their refurbished phones unlocked and ready to use. Moreover, all the phones are tested, including all their components and operating systems. The testing is important to ensure they work best in the users' hands. 

How much can I save if I buy a refurbished smartphone? 

Refurbished smartphones have different grading systems and the price changes with every grade. Moreover, the price will also depend on the model. But you can also expect a 50% decrease in the price of some models compared to their brand-new variants. 

What are the top-selling mobile phone brands in Australia?

Top-selling brands in Australia are Samsung, Apple, Oppo, and Google smartphones. Go to a reputable retailer of refurbished smartphones, for example, Roobotech, and get your favorite mobile phone from them. 

What are the drawbacks of refurbished smartphones? 

There are a few drawbacks that you can face if you have a refurbished smartphone. Usually, refurbished smartphones have a limited stock of different variants. Moreover, you may also find some cosmetic defects in grade B & below-grade devices. They also do not come with all the original accessories, so every time, you may have to find a reputable seller to ensure that you purchase a good mobile phone in good working condition that is worth your money.

What is the average lifespan of a refurbished smartphone?

Refurbished Smartphones usually last for around 3 years. However, they also come with a warranty period, which you can use if you face any problems.

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