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What Is a Refurbished Phone and Why Do You Need One in 2023?

Are you searching for a new phone but feeling overwhelmed by the high cost of purchasing a brand-new device? Luckily, an alternative solution can assist you in staying updated with the latest technology without spending a lot of money. Consider purchasing refurbished phones. In opposition to popular misconceptions, refurbished phones are not just second-hand devices. These phones are fully functional and of high quality, having undergone thorough testing and, at times, repairs. These phones are an excellent choice for individuals with limited funds but a desire for advanced technology. In this comprehensive guide by Roobotech, we will look into the details of refurbished phones, covering their definition, pricing, purchase sources, and overall value as a buying option. Let's get started!

What Is a Refurbished Phone?

Refurbished phones are those that are typically owned by an owner before. But, unlike a used phone being sold by an individual, a network, manufacturer, or retailer sells it after repairing it, conducting checks, and ensuring that it meets specific standards.

The phones could have also been defective and sent back for repairs or sold back to the company before an upgrade. Companies that resell refurbished smartphones will make them undergo a data wipe to remove any previous owner's data. Additionally, they come with a warranty to safeguard you against any potential faults.

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What Are the Grades of Refurbished Phones?

When refurbished phones are sold, they are typically categorized into different grades based on their quality, allowing you to understand the expected quality clearly.

  • Grade A- It should be comparable to purchasing a brand-new phone, as the device should be free of defects or scratches. It is likely to be accompanied by the original box and accessories. 
  • Grade B – You will notice that this handset is not brand new, as it may have a few marks or scratches. However, it will be fully functional; any damage should be purely cosmetic.
  • Grade C – These handsets in this category may have a used appearance but are expected to be fully functional.

You may also see somewhere phones are described as “like new,” “perfect,” or “nearly perfect,” these terms are self-explanatory.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Refurbished Phones

To assist you in making a decision, we have compiled a list of the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a refurbished phone.


  • They are more affordable than a brand-new smartphone, so one can save hundreds of dollars. You can also check out, How to Save Money to Buy an iPhone in 2023?
  • These refurbished phones go through several stages of testing to ensure their quality. Any issues with the handset are repaired before being sold. That is why they are fully functional.
  • If you experience any issues with the phone, most retailers typically offer a warranty period to address them. 
  • Refurbished phones, particularly newer ones, can last over three years, like brand-new ones.


  • You may need more accessories with your refurbished smartphone. Sometimes headphones are missing, or sometimes the charger only comes with the adopter ( buy the charging cable yourself)
  • You will need more time to obtain the latest model. Typically, retailers and phone owners do not sell phones that have just been released. If that is your desired outcome, you may need to wait a few months.
  • Some retailers offer shorter warranty periods. That may usually range less than 12 months.
  • You may see scuff marks on a refurbished device.

Refurbished Phones

Difference Between Refurbished and Repaired Smartphones

A refurbished phone is a device returned to the manufacturer by the consumer for damage or other reasons. These phones undergo a thorough inspection to identify any flaws, which are immediately repaired and cleaned if needed. Customers who buy these phones are often able to get a warranty. In most cases, phones have been used for a short time. The technicians assessing refurbished or repaired mobile devices are unlikely to have certifications. Before being reconditioned to appear brand new, some phones only need diagnostic and quality assurance tests. No repairs are needed for these phones. However, a repaired mobile phone has undergone fixes to resolve its problems. However, it may not always be covered by warranty, and the condition may vary.

What to Consider When Buying a Refurbished Phone in Australia?

Consider the following things before purchasing any Refurbished smartphone:

1. Buy From a Reliable Seller

Ensure the seller's reliability before purchasing refurbished phones. If you buy a refurbished phone directly from the manufacturer of the original model, you can have confidence that the repairs were done properly. You can also buy from third-party sellers by thoroughly examining their reviews or contacting them directly if any doubts arise. 

2. Check Out the Reviews

Always check for the rating or reviews of the sellers and products before buying them. Some websites typically include a quality rating of refurbished phones and may assign a score out of 10. On the other hand, some may use a letter grading system where an "A" represents excellent condition and a "C" indicates noticeable signs of use and wear. Examine these ranking methods' explanations to understand a retailer's quality grading system.

3. Read the Product Details

Always carefully review the description of the product provided by the manufacturer. Typically, you can find information about the specs of the product and its contents, including a charging cable and power adapter, as well as details about the phone's warranty, quality, and condition.

4. Out the Warranty Conditions

Typically, refurbished mobile phones are accompanied by a warranty. The refurbisher or reseller typically determines the duration of the warranty. Refurbished phones often come with warranties ranging from 6 to 12 months. The majority of warranties typically provide coverage for defects and malfunctions of refurbished products. However, they generally do not cover intentional damage, liquid damage, or repairs performed by an unauthorized third party that was improperly executed. The details of warranties are typically available on retailers' websites. Choose the best warranty option for the safe side. 

Where Should You Buy a Refurbished Phone in Australia?

1. Roobotech 

One of its notable features is the wide selection of refurbished phones available from different brands. Additionally, it provides refurbished devices at affordable prices, including the latest releases in the market.

2. Frank Mobile 

It is notable for its strong dedication to promoting eco-friendliness and carbon-neutral shipping, its warranty choices, and its assurance of battery health.

3. OzMobiles 

It stands out for its wide range of refurbished phones and highly skilled technical team. Moreover, it is a reputable and trusted pioneer in the Australian refurbished industry. 

4. Reebelo 

Its commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices distinguishes it, making it an excellent option for environmentally conscious consumers. 

5. Amazon Renewed 

The platform provides various refurbished smartphones from different brands, offering customers various choices through its marketplace model. Nevertheless, it is advisable for buyers to proceed with caution and only engage with trustworthy sellers who have received positive ratings and reviews. 

6. Green Gadgets 

The company sells refurbished cell phones sustainably and provides a wide range of accessories and watches. Customers who subscribe will receive a discount on their initial purchase.

7. Kogan 

Kogan distinguishes itself from other retailers by offering highly competitive prices on refurbished iPhones and allowing customers to earn Kogan First rewards points when making purchases. 

Buy a Refurbished Phone in Australia

Why is Roobotech the Best Place to Buy Refurbished Smartphones in Australia?

Roobotech is the best place to buy refurbished smartphones in Australia. It is because they offer smartphones from top brands like Apple & Samsung. They don't only sell smartphones; you can also buy refurbished tables, iPads, Laptops, and many tech accessories. The prices are highly competitive in the market. For the ease of the buyers, we provide them with a grading system through which they can understand the device's condition. We also offer a warranty of 6-12 months based on their grading. Our payment plans are secure, and we deliver your products on point. Buy your new refurbished smartphone today from Roobotech!


Finally, a refurbished phone is a device that has undergone a comprehensive and meticulous inspection, testing, and repair process to restore it to its original condition. That enables the phone to operate as if it were brand new and available at a more budget-friendly price. It is a wise choice for individuals seeking to save money while indulging in the latest technology. Buying a refurbished device from a trustworthy seller is worth considering if you're in the market for a phone. Take the chance to get a top-notch phone at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are refurbished phones reliable? 

Yes, refurbished phones are reliable. Purchasing them from their original manufacturer is recommended because they have tested and repaired them professionally, so you will not face any problems later. Third parties are also considerable because they have good reviews.  

Is a refurbished product superior to the original?

Refurbished products undergo thorough testing to identify and repair defects or faulty parts. They function as effectively as new ones and are offered at a discounted price due to their refurbishment status. But that doesn't make them superior to the new ones because they have unseen scratches. Moreover, their battery percentage is less than 100 percent. 

Do refurbished iPhones come with a 100% battery? 

The battery condition is not 100% because refurbished devices have been given a second life. These devices typically retain a battery capacity of at least 85% or more than that. That's why it's more sustainable to refrain from immediate replacement, as it avoids generating electronic waste.

What is the average lifespan of a refurbished cell phone? 

Retailers typically offer a warranty period to address any issues that may arise with the phone. Refurbished phones, particularly newer ones, have a similar lifespan and typically last over three years.

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