Refurbished Google Pixel vs. Samsung

Refurbished Google Pixel vs. Samsung: Comparison Guide

Google and Samsung are well-known brands in the market that sell high-end smartphones. Both brands use the Android operating system, but you will still find many differences. You may have used a smartphone from either of these brands before or are looking to shift from iPhone to Android or want to see which Android phone is the best in the market or which brand is the best to consider. So, for that, we have prepared this guide to provide you with a comparison of the two brands because the devices of both brands are top-rated in the Australian market. 

Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy are significantly different devices. At Samsung, you will get many advanced features, a variety of models, and a fantastic look. Still, Google Pixel will provide innovative camera technology and unique Google features. However, both these brands still offer high quality, and if you want a refurbished version, they are also available. With refurbished phones, all of these features are available at a lower price than a brand-new phone but offer the same quality and functionality as if you are using a brand-new phone. They also come along with a warranty. All the reputable sellers in Australia meet the Australian quality standards. Read further to know more about these devices in detail!

1) Design and Display: Google Pixel vs. Samsung

The most prominent feature of any mobile phone is its design and display. Both Google Pixel and Samsung continue to upgrade the display and design of their smartphones. Refurbished Samsung smartphones are more appealing in terms of design and display. Their smartphones usually feature larger displays with modern and sleek looks. 

If we talk about refurbished Google Pixel, the design of these smartphones is minimalistic and average. They will not give you a stylish look as compared to Samsung smartphones. Refurbished Samsung and Google Pixel smartphones offer durable smartphones with aluminum frames, glass backs, and edged displays. But Samsung's smartphones are also famous because they are more long-lasting and even better because of their water resistance quality.

If we compare the models, Google Pixel 7 and Samsung Galaxy S23, you will find the design of the Pixel more distinctive. Still, the Samsung Galaxy S23 is more stylish and durable. It uses a strong Gorilla Glass Victus 2 on the display and back. In contrast, the Google Pixel 7 uses a slightly older and slightly worse original Victus. Display-wise, Samsung's winner is because of its higher pixel density than Pixel smartphones. 

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2) Camera Qualities: Google Pixel vs. Samsung

The camera capabilities of refurbished Samsung and Google Pixel phones have consistently received high praise. The refurbished Google Pixel is widely regarded as the top smartphone camera available due to its advanced software algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. It consistently produces sharp, promising, vivid images even in low-light conditions. 

On the other hand, the refurbished Samsung Galaxy line offers a highly versatile camera system with multiple lenses and filters that provide users with enhanced creative control over their shots. When comparing their latest models, the Samsung Galaxy S23 features a 50MP primary camera with a 12MP ultra-wide and 10MP telephoto lens. Besides, its selfie camera offers a 12MP lens and 3x optical zoom. 

However, Google Pixel only provides a few lenses. It only comes with a 50MP primary and 12MP ultra-wide on the back. Besides that, the selfie camera features 10.8MP. Here, if the lens of the Google Pixel 7 looks less compared to the Samsung Galaxy S23, it does not mean that you will see any difference in quality. Google Pixel makes the pictures much more vibrant and bright than Android phones. So, regarding cameras, both Samsung and Google Pixel are competitive. 

Camera Qualities: Google Pixel vs. Samsung

3) Performance: Google Pixel vs. Samsung

Performance-wise, both refurbished Google Pixel and Samsung smartphones are reliable and fast. However, Google Pixel provides more responsive and smoother performance due to its Android operating system. However, refurbished Samsung Galaxy phones have proprietary software and some features that can slow down the system of Samsung smartphones.

Considering the latest smartphones from both ends, they are similar performance-wise. The refurbished Samsung Galaxy S23 and the refurbished Google Pixel 7 have 8GB of RAM. However, if we consider the chipset, there is a clear winner regarding raw power. The Samsung Galaxy S23 features the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, also available in many other popular Android phones in 2023. 

The refurbished Google Pixel 7 uses a particular Tensor G2 available only on Pixel phones. It focuses more on AI processes and machine learning rather than raw performance. The Samsung Galaxy S23 may perform better in some benchmarks. But when you are playing the most graphically intensive games, it will likely deliver fewer frames per second.

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4) Operating System: Google Pixel vs. Samsung

While both refurbished Pixel and Galaxy phones operate on the Android platform, there are notable differences in their software experience. The Pixel offers a near-stock Android experience and fully supports the Material You design theme. Samsung utilizes One UI, widely regarded as one of the top Android skins.

As a phone developed by Google, the Pixel is designed to enhance the usage of Google apps and services, surpassing other Android phones in optimization. It also doesn't have a lot of unnecessary apps, gets updates quickly, and brings new Pixel Feature Drops every few months to make it easier to use.

On the other hand, Samsung offers a more excellent range of useful features, provides more customization options, and guarantees four years of major Android updates compared to Pixel's three. Both phones offer hardware-level security, with Samsung utilizing its Knox framework and Pixel employing its Titan security chips.

Refurbished Galaxy phones are compatible with Galaxy Buds and Watch, ensuring seamless communication between devices. Regrettably, Samsung phones are equipped with numerous pre-installed apps from the manufacturer. While we appreciate some of these apps, excessive bloatware remains one of the most unfavorable aspects of Samsung phones.

Operating System: Google Pixel vs. Samsung

5) Voice Assistant: Google Pixel vs. Samsung

Google Assistant is widely recognized as the leading voice assistant across different devices. It stands out on Pixel phones for obvious reasons. Google Assistant allows you to search for songs by humming their lyrics. Samsung's native voice assistant, Bixby, is limited in conversational abilities and often provides inaccurate search results. However, when it comes to device control, it outperforms Google Assistant.

Bixby provides various helpful features, including the option to modify your wallpaper, power off the screen, reboot your phone, verify for software updates, clear the device's RAM, initiate a voice or screen recording, and many other capabilities. We prefer using Bixby Routines instead of Google Assistant Routines. Bixby Routines is the superior choice for automating your phone due to its user-friendly interface, extensive range of actions, and effortless activation process. Both options offer phone automation, but Bixby Routines stands out.

When you're about to leave, you can set up a Bixby routine that will automatically turn on Mobile data and Location, increase the ringtone volume, play your favorite Spotify playlists, open Google Maps, and turn off Dark Mode, all without having to manually use your phone. Due to its exceptional level of control, Bixby Routines is widely regarded as one of the top features on Samsung phones.

Once again, Google outperforms its competitors in the realm of image recognition. Google Lens surpasses Bixby Vision's exceptional performance in scanning scenes and delivering precise outcomes, such as translating text, suggesting products, and providing details about nearby structures.

6) Battery Life: Google Pixel vs. Samsung

When selecting a refurbished smartphone, battery life is a crucial consideration. Both refurbished Samsung and Google Pixel phones offer satisfactory battery life. However, the Google Pixel line is known for longevity due to its energy-efficient processor and simplified software. The battery life of the Pixel 7 is decent, although it surpasses that of the Galaxy S23. The smaller size of the S23 results in a smaller battery, which is further impacted by the power requirements of its display and chip. 

Tensor G2 is also beneficial in this aspect, as it utilizes AI cores more efficiently for various phone functions instead of relying solely on the central cores of the processor. The Pixel is the top choice if you're looking for a smartphone that can reliably last you through the entire day. When it comes to charging, things are similar. The S23 can charge at 25W using a wired connection and 15W wirelessly. On the other hand, the Pixel 7 can charge at 20W for both wired and wireless charging.

Battery Life: Google Pixel vs. Samsung

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7) Price: Google Pixel vs. Samsung

Regarding the price, refurbished Samsung Galaxy smartphones have kept their product line very wide. They have almost all types of products available. Whether you want a budget-friendly device or a high-end product with advanced functionality, Samsung has it all. That is why the prices of Samsung models cover all types of buyers. But the Google Pixel lineup is not that broad. They only launch a few high-end products with market-competitive prices. You will not find a variety of devices with various budget types with Pixel smartphones. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of Refurbished Google Pixel Phones


1) Amazing Camera Technology

Google's cameras, enhanced by AI, frequently make spots on "best of" lists. Features like Top Shot, Night Sight, and dual back cameras with regular and ultra-wide lenses may enhance the beautiful image quality.  

2) Tensor by Google

Google's custom-designed chip enables machine learning on your mobile device, ensuring it stays up-to-date with the latest technological advancements. Google Tensor offers a wide range of valuable functions, such as directly translating text within chat apps eliminating the need to manually copy and paste into Google Translate.

3) Cost-Effective

The Google Pixel offers exceptional value for its capabilities, frequently priced hundreds of dollars lower than the Samsung Galaxy or iPhone. Purchasing a Google Pixel phone online results in a lower cost.


1) No Option for Expandable Storage.

Suppose you require more storage for your games, images, videos, or file saving than Google Pixel's internal memory. In that case, you will have to consider an alternative option. The internal memory of the Google Pixel is enough to meet the requirements of regular users. Still, for extra capacity, you must consider an option providing you with an SD card slot, as Google Pixel smartphones do not have an SD card available. So you will have to manage with internal storage which can accommodate you. 

2) Less Number of Features

If you prefer many additional features, exploring alternative Android options would be more beneficial as the Pixel focuses on maintaining a streamlined experience.  

3) Less Variety

Unlike other mobile phone brands that release multiple models each year, the Pixel brand typically has a more limited number of devices available for purchase. If you prefer a straightforward purchasing experience, consider fewer Google Pixel phone models when purchasing online. This way, you can quickly evaluate the advantages and disadvantages without feeling overwhelmed.

Less Variety

Advantages & Disadvantages of Refurbished Samsung Phones


1) Additional Applications and Enhanced Features

Samsung phones consistently offer a plethora of valuable features. The pull-down menu provides convenient shortcuts to essential elements such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Flashlight, etc. 

The device offers a pre-installed application for capturing gameplay, the convenience of wireless printing from your mobile device, and a wide range of customization options.

2) Incredible Hardware.

With each new phone model, Samsung continuously pushes the boundaries of what is possible in current technology, exploring the cutting edge of innovation. The memory, RAM, processor, and cameras are all high quality in a Samsung phone. With proper care, Samsung phones are known for their reliability and long-lasting performance, often for years. 


1) Battery Life Can Be Limited at Times.

Sometimes, Samsung batteries may experience faster drainage than other models, especially after a few years of usage, mainly if apps and special functions are heavily used.

2) Reduced Storage Space and Minimized Bloatware.

Several smartphone models include Samsung-specific apps such as Samsung Assistant, E-mail, and more, which cannot be uninstalled. Referred to as "bloatware," this software can occupy a considerable portion of storage space that could be utilized for other purposes.

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What's the Difference Between Google Pixel and Samsung Smartphones?

The main difference between refurbished Google Pixel and Samsung is that Google Pixel embraces the concept of "less is more." Samsung believes in the philosophy of "more is more." Samsung offers a wide range of phones at various price points, with some models featuring large screens, multiple cameras, and many features. Samsung often prioritizes larger sizes. 

However, the user experience is typically more streamlined and minimalist when using a refurbished Google Pixel device. Although Google Pixels offer distinctive features not available on other devices, such as Samsung, they may need more quantity. The number of phones they release reflects this difference in approach. Samsung often introduces a large number of phones each year. In contrast, Google Pixel typically unveils two flagship models and one budget A-series device.

The other difference is the price. Compared to Pixels, refurbished Samsung Galaxy phones tend to be considerably pricier, mainly when they are brand new. When it comes to capturing high-quality photos, Google is unbeatable. The Google Pixel's camera is widely praised for its exceptional quality, making it one of its standout features. Purchase a Google Pixel phone online and experience unparalleled satisfaction with the outstanding quality of your photographs.

Google Pixel and Samsung Smartphones

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Samsung vs. Google Pixel: Which Should You Buy?

The Google Pixel phones provide excellent value and capture stunning photos. However, they have some flaws. Several Pixel users have reported issues with software malfunctions, connectivity problems, and non-functional fingerprint sensors. Furthermore, empirical tests have demonstrated that Samsung phones exhibit superior durability compared to Pixel phones when subjected to rough handling. Based on these complaints, Pixel phones may be perceived as less reliable than Samsung phones. The Pixel offers excellent value for its price. However, Samsung is known for its reliability and has a lower likelihood of encountering future issues. However, you can choose the one that best suits your requirements!

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Overall, the refurbished Google Pixel and Samsung smartphones offer outstanding features and capabilities, positioning them as leading competitors in the smartphone market. Ultimately, It is your choice whether you select Samsung or Google Pixel. You have to decide by considering your requirements and priorities. Take help from the above information and utilize it while choosing between these two choices!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Samsung superior to the Pixel?

Samsung is superior to Google Pixel in terms of build quality, battery life, performance, features, and display. Samsung phones are more reliable and durable in terms of overall quality. They manage to get everything right, or at least the majority.

What makes Google Pixels superior to Samsung?

The Pixel is renowned for its superior camera quality, making it the undisputed leader. Additionally, it consistently receives timely and significant software updates, further enhancing its performance. Moreover, they are widely recognized for their smoothness and responsiveness, which can be attributed to their Android operating system. 

Is the S22 worth it, or should I choose the Pixel 7?

The Pixel 7 is powered by Google's latest Tensor G2 chip, manufactured by Samsung. Although the Galaxy S22 may not match the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1/Exynos 2200 in raw power, both phones are equally capable of managing high-end usage. If you open a demanding game and increase the settings, you will observe a noticeable difference in performance.

What are the drawbacks of having a Google Pixel device?

You will experience slow charging speed, performance is not as fast as other phones, and it only supports a 90Hz refresh rate. 

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