New isn’t Always Necessary

New isn’t Always Necessary

Everybody wants the latest model smartphone but not everybody wants to pay for one. With prices in the thousands, a new phone can be a considerable investment. The alternative? Invest in a professionally refurbished phone. Now widely available, refurbished phones offer the feeling of a brand new phone at a significantly lower cost. has a wide variety of refurbished handsets and accessories for anyone in the market for a cheaper solution.

How does refurbishing a phone work?

Simply put, these are pre-owned phones that have been shown a little love and brought back to their former glory. The smartphones are acquired through various methods, assessed for quality and damage and then the appropriate repairs are made. Phone repair can involve anything from replacing a battery or screen to simply giving it a deep clean.

Why should I buy a refurbished phone?

To save money – and the environment! Reusing a phone has a positive impact on our carbon emissions. Keeping these products in circulation and out of landfill can reduce the CO2 that would have gone into the production of a brand new model. A refurbished phone from a reputable seller like Roobotech is also a safer option than purchasing blindy online. There are often no guarantees or accountability when buying directly from someone on the internet.

Does the quality vary?

Yes. The quality of the phone will be reflected in the price. Models with more visible wear will often be sold at a lower price than the best refurbished phones in better condition. The phones are graded by the seller’s individual system so there is no universal rating. You can rest assured, however, that any of the phone’s that don’t meet the minimum standards will not be put on sale.

Are refurbished 5g phones different from other smartphones?

Yes. 5G phones are classified as any smartphone that has 5G capability and refurbished models are no different. This means that the phone is capable of transferring data over the 5G network, which is considerably faster than the previous 4G network. The function of the phone itself depends on the internal specifications, but to achieve super fast 5G speeds a 5G compatible model is required. Roobtech offers many popular refurbished 5G handsets like the iphone 11 and the Samsung Galaxy s20.

Whether you’re after a refurbished Samsung, iPhone or something else, Roobotech has the phone for you. Have a not-quite-right phone that you think might be in need of repair or trade in? Why not head into our convinnient St. Kilda location to discuss the possibilities. The right phone for your budget and needs is waiting for you.

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