How to Add Rewards Card to Apple Wallet

How to Add Rewards Card to Apple Wallet

If you love collecting rewards cards but hate carrying them all around, then adding your rewards cards to Apple Wallet is the perfect solution for you! With just a few simple steps, you can have all your rewards cards easily accessible on your phone. No more digging through your Wallet or purse to find the right card – it's all conveniently stored in one place.

Steps for Adding Rewards Cards to Apple Wallet:

1) From Email or Website Link:

See if an “Add to Apple Wallet” link exists on your computer page or affects notifications. Just put the link into your Wallet app by tapping it conveniently.

2) From Notification:

Following a transaction with Apple Pay and providing your rewards card details, you might receive a notification on your iPhone. Tap on the notification and tap "Add" to include that card as a rewards card.

3) From Message:

If you receive a card in Messages, just tap on the card to add it to your Apple Wallet.

Utilize a Rewards Card with Your Apple Watch

Simply bring the Apple Watch close to the contactless reader, ready to enter your reward card details (whenever you see the Apple Pay logo); rest assured, within some centimeters of the reader is exemplary. The face of the Apple Watch is shown as the rewards card without needing to scroll.

How to Put Your Loyalty Card in Apple Wallet

For iOS11 and newer users

Step 1: Open your Camera on the iPhone from the home screen or Control Center.

Step 2: Point at the QR code to scan.

Step 3: Look at the notification banner on top; it shows QR code data.

Step 4: Tap the notification to open Safari.

Step 5: Enter info and tick the box if needed.

Step 6: Tap Join Now!

Step 7: Wait for your Loyalty Card to show up.

Step 8: Press Add at the top right. If you forget to press Add, your loyalty card won't be added to Apple Wallet.

Step 9: Your loyalty card is now in Apple Wallet; confirm it in the Apple Wallet app.

How to Put Your Loyalty Card in Apple Wallet

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In conclusion, adding your rewards and loyalty cards to Apple Wallet simplifies your shopping experience tremendously. No more bulky wallets or tiresome searches for the right card at the checkout counter. You can consolidate all your cards on your iPhone or Apple Watch by following a few straightforward steps. It’s all about making your life and shopping trips quicker and more enjoyable. Start adding your cards today and experience the convenience for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put my rewards card on Apple Wallet?

You can use the virtual card in our app or your Apple or Google Wallets if you've already added it.

Why can't I add my rewards card to Apple Wallet?

You need an electronic loyalty card with an Add to Wallet button. You can only add loyalty cards if the issuer has electronic loyalty cards.

Does Apple Pay work with rewards?

Yes, with contactless rewards cards in Wallet, you can get and use rewards when you pay with Apple Pay. It's a secure and straightforward way to pay compared to physical cards.

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