How to Fix a Cracked TV Screen Without Replacing It?

How to Fix a Cracked TV Screen Without Replacing It?

We all know the screen is our TV's most delicate and expensive part. If you have cracked your TV screen accidentally, it can be quite a problem for you, especially when you don't have money to replace it. But sometimes, repairing your cracked TV screen is possible instead of replacing it. The possibility of repair depends on the type or size of the crack on the screen and how much damage it has done to the functionality of your TV screen. Minor cracks can be easily repaired at home through DIY methods.

However, if any severe damage happens to the TV screen that has affected its functionality, you should either replace it or get it repaired. It is believed that replacement is better because the cost of repairing is very high nowadays. In this article, we have given some ways to help you repair cracks in your TV screen by yourself rather than replacing your TV screen or whole TV. We have also provided you with additional information you may need during this process, so read on to get more knowledge about repairing your TV screen.

Can My TV Screen Be Repaired?

Unfortunately, you cannot repair all types of TV screens. The possibility of repair does not only depend on the type of crack, but it also depends on the kind of TV screen. In some cases, if you can't repair it yourself, you can get a professional to fix it or replace your screen. Below, we have mentioned the types of TV screens you can repair. 

Important Note:

Please note that while Roobotech specializes in smartphone, iPhone, iPad, tablet and MacBook repairs, TV repair services are not what we currently offer. But when it comes to repairing your TV screens, Roobotech recommends reaching out to reputable services such as TV Repair Melbourne or TV Guard, where you can find expert assistance for your TV screen repair needs.

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Types of TV Screens That Can Be Fixed

1) LCD

LCD screens and their repairs are very common in the market. But if the repair is impossible, you can replace the LCD screen. But when you replace it, you must replace the entire display panel. So it is better to get a new TV because it will be more affordable for you rather than replacing the whole LCD screen. 

2) LED

LED TV screens can be repaired because many spare parts are available. Every brand that makes LED TVs will keep a set of extra components for at least 5 to 7 years after they release the product. That is why it is easy for users to repair their LED screens. 


You can fix an OLED TV screen, but sometimes the issue is not with the OLED panel. If the problem is not just with the panel, you may need to replace the entire panel. That can be expensive, sometimes even as much as buying a new television. But it is the only way to fix the problem. So, it's essential to talk to a TV repair expert to find out what's causing the problem before deciding to get a new panel. 


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Different Kinds of Cracks Found on a TV Screen

You have to learn about different types of cracks to know their impact on the functionality of your TV. No matter what TC screen you have, the effect of crack will remain the same on all TV screens, whether OLED, LED, or LCD. Below, we have mentioned some common cracks or problems on your TV screen. The extent of the damage to your TV screen can vary based on the size and location of the cracks.

1) SpiderWeb Cracks

The first type is spider web cracks. These are tiny cracks exactly in a spider web pattern with a center point from which the cracks start and then impact the rest of the screen. The reason behind spider web cracks can be that you accidentally hit something on your screen. As we all know, TV screens are pretty fragile, so their glass can easily break. 

Now, you may wonder if these are repairable; it depends on how much these cracks have impacted your TV screen and if they have affected any interior part of your screen. If so, then you will not be able to repair it. But if these cracks are only on the exterior surface of your TV screen and they do not impact the functionality of your TV, then you can repair them. 

If your interior screen is destroyed due to spider web cracks, you can fix them too, but repairing them is very expensive. Because LCD or LED display repair costs are high enough in the market, in this case, you should not repair your TV screen but replace it entirely.

2) Shallow Hairline Cracks

Shallow Hairline Cracks are just like the lines traveling across your entire screen, which can disturb your viewing experience. If these cracks are only limited to your screen surface, you can repair them. But if they affect the cracked screen's internal components, they can be problematic for you. In that case, you have only one option to replace them, just like you will do if the spider web cracks affect your screen's internal components. These cracks often appear on your screen without any reason. To get rid of this situation, check if your TV screen is still under warranty and then get it replaced immediately.

3) Scratches

Scratches often appear on the top of the screen, especially in regular usage. Primarily, the scratches do not affect the functioning of your TV because they usually remain on the surface of the screens. That makes it easy for users to remove them with the help of a non-abrasive cloth. You only need to rub the cloth on the scratches gently. When wiping the scratch, take caution and deal with any rough edges or broken glass that may be present. 

If scratching for a while does not remove the scratches, you can attempt to clear them by using a clean pencil rubber. Gently scrub it and thoroughly remove any residue while working in small areas. Keep rubbing until you have completely cleared the scratch. Consider using an LCD scratch repair kit if the previous two methods do not work. These kits are cost-effective and contain all the necessary tools and instructions to remove minor scratches effectively. 

4) Horizontal or Vertical Lines

TV owners who have experienced these line cracks dread them, as they result in horizontal or vertical lines appearing on the screen and significantly lower the viewing experience. That is because the lines divide the screen into two parts, one appearing dark while the other continues to function normally. Various factors, such as a damaged screen, power issues, or prolonged TV usage, can cause lines on the screen. 

Gently run your hand across the TV screen to check for any scratches. You can take comfort in the absence of visible damage on the screen, as it indicates that the issue is likely internal and can be resolved. To begin, ensure that you disconnect the TV from the power source. Give it rest for some time before reconnecting and powering it once more. 

Next, perform a comprehensive analysis, inspect the cables, and change the power source. If the lines persist, try performing a factory reset on the TV. That should help eliminate the lines. If none of these solutions work, it is recommended to have the TV inspected by a professional repair technician.

5) Dead Pixels

Dead Pixels are often confused with cracks, but they are not. They occur when the screen is stuck on a single color or displays predominantly bright colors. To fix a dead pixel, wrap a damp cloth around a pencil. Use gentle rubbing motions on the affected area to revive the pixel.

Dead Pixels

Easy Ways to Fix a Cracked TV Screen Without Replacing It

You may already know that you can only repair cracks limited to your screen's surface. But if the cracks have affected the functionality of your TV screen or its internal components, you will not be able to repair it yourself. Either you will get it fixed by a professional or replace your TV. Manufacturers discourage TV repairs due to the cost and fragility of LCD, LED, and Plasma screens, even for top-rated brands. We have given you a few specific methods above based on the types of cracks. However, now we will provide you with detailed information about the ways you can perform to fix a cracked TV screen without replacing it. 

1) Apply Petroleum Jelly

To begin, use a microfiber cloth to clean the scratched area thoroughly. Next, apply petroleum jelly to each visible crack. Let the jelly sit on the screen for a while, then use a clean cloth to remove any excess jelly. That will effectively eliminate the scratches.

2) Using Pencil Eraser

First, you must wipe the area with a damp cloth and move forward using a pencil rubber to clear the cracks. Make sure to handle the screen carefully to avoid causing additional damage. Continue erasing until you no longer see any scratches or they become less noticeable.

3) Isopropyl Alcohol

Mix the alcohol with water in a ratio of 1 part alcohol to 20 parts water. Gently clean the scratch by using a cotton cloth dipped in the solution. Let the solution sit on the crack for approximately 30 minutes, and then use a separate fiber cloth soaked in clean water to remove the alcohol. After following these steps, your screen should be clear, with the crack either completely gone or barely visible.

4) Apply Super Glue. 

Super glue, known as cyanoacrylate glue, can seal small cracks effectively. Apply a minimal amount and carefully remove any extra adhesive using a cotton pad or cloth.

5) Kit

Many TV brands offer screen repair kits that can be purchased and utilized to remove minor cracks and scratches from your TV screen effectively. The kits include a solution or paste along with a cloth and provide instructions to guide you while working on the screen.

Fix a Cracked TV Screen

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How to Avoid the TV Screen From Cracking

It is more advantageous to prevent than to repair or replace your TV screen. Here are a few precautions you can take to avoid the crack on the screen of your television:

  • When cleaning, please avoid rubbing the screen and be gentle. It is recommended to use a fiber cloth. Additionally, be sure to check for any rough particles that may accidentally get stuck in the fabric.
  • Purchase a screen protector for your television. It will save your TV screen from damage, with the benefit that many are waterproof. These offer excellent protection against potential bumps and exposure to liquids from pets and children.
  • Try to put your TV on a wall mount so that its accessibility is reduced. Your TV will remain safe from accidental collisions or knocking by children and pets.
  • Always handle your TV carefully; if you ever notice even the slightest crack, immediately get it repaired before it does any more damage.

What Are Certain Repairs That Often Need a Professional to Do Them?

Some common problems that usually cannot be fixed at home are inverter repair, many LED TV repairs, control board swapping, power cord replacement, replacement panels, replacing the power supply board, a blank screen, and lamp burnout. Diagnostics testing can often find other problems with your device connected to the main problem.

Can You Fix or Replace Plasma TV Screens?

No, you cannot fix plasma TV screens. It can't be fixed if the plasma screen gets damaged or crashes. If this happens, you will have to replace the entire TV screen. That could be more expensive than what you initially paid for the TV. Moreover, Plasma screens are not made anymore, so it's hard to find components for them. Even if you find the components you need, installing them is difficult. It requires special equipment. So it is better to buy a new advanced TV. 

Can Flat-Screen Tvs Be Fixed?

Yes, repairing a flat-screen television or fixing a broken TV screen is possible. TV repair experts are trained to fix all kinds of televisions, such as LED, OLED, LCD, HDR, and HD. They can also fix other TV parts, like the power supply board and circuit board. If your television has a cracked screen, a black screen, or any other issue, it's best to seek help from a trustworthy professional at a nearby TV repair shop.

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You can fix cracks on your TV screen without replacing it with a new one by being patient and using the right tools. To save time and money, follow the steps mentioned above. If you need help, you can contact a skilled technician at a repair shop. They are experts at fixing many different problems. Also, ensure you do not damage your TV by taking good care of it and using it properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your TV display is cracked, what can you do? 

If you have a small crack on your screen, like a hairline or spiderweb crack, that doesn't go through, you can fix it yourself. There are a few do-it-yourself methods you can try, or you can buy a repair kit online. You may need to replace the whole screen if the damage is significant.

What is the cost of repairing a TV screen?

The price to repair a TV screen can vary depending on the type and size of the screen, as well as where you choose to have it fixed. Sometimes, the screen cannot be repaired, so you must buy a new TV. The screen is often the most costly component when purchasing a TV. Additionally, it is pretty delicate. If you want to know how much it will cost to fix your TV screen, it's best to contact a professional TV repair person near you. After they figure out what's wrong, they can tell you how much it will cost.

Is a cracked TV screen repair covered under warranty?

Many brands do not offer warranties for cracked TV screens. You will need to pay an additional fee if you want a warranty. This fee can range from 10% to 20% of the total cost. If your TV screen breaks while it's still under warranty, don't let anyone, not even a repair person, try to fix it. Doing so will cancel the warranty.

How do you decide whether to repair or replace the cracked TV screen?

Whether you should get your cracked TV screen repaired or replaced is best done by a professional. Go to a repair shop and ask an expert there; they will guide you better on whether you should get it repaired or replaced.

Can I fix a damaged TV screen?

Yes, you can fix the screen yourself. If there are minor scratches, you need to perform some DIY methods to eliminate them. But if your TV screen has a serious image, you must take it to a technician and repair it professionally.

What is the cost of replacing the TV?

TV repairs can cost between $400 to $4,200 on average. However, screen repairs tend to be pricier. Prices vary because of different factors like how much it costs to hire workers, the price of replacement parts, fees for diagnosing the problem, and the type of TV being repaired.

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